Monday, December 28, 2009

Enlightenment in Holy City

Coming to home is like servicing your sluggish mind.home gives me peace,time to think on life with a larger perspective and lets me see through it in retrospect.we are all so busy in our professional lives that we tend to forget that we need some time to let the mind take its natural course of thinking and watching the thoughts switch between the abyss of the reality and meta state is like a blessing.

I like my birthplace Varanasi because of the spiritual vibe which is all present here.I like the peace and serenity prevailing on the banks of Ganges where i would always like to go and sit with a smoke or two and ponder about myself ,my identity while gazing at the stillness of the flowing river,absoluteness of the energy emanating from holy Ganges and the happiness radiating from the smile of person rowing the wooden boat on the river.

Being in Varanasi and experiencing the same vibe is a blessing for me.i can think about myself more clearly,i can attempt to answer those questions which i had always been delaying because of lack of peace,think about my future and past and derive important lessons from it.

It was one of those rare visits to ghats yesterday evening which gave me a great sense of peace and insight about myself.i was actually siting at the bank on the staircase of Shiva temple under a banyan tree chatting with my friend that something struck me and after digging a bit into it i realized that importance of character in a person's success in career.i am of the view that no matter how intelligent a person is but if he cannot display a consistent character,cannot meet the deadlines, cannot hold true t his promise,cannot accept and deliver responsibilities then he cannot win anybody's hear and will fail to impress just's not that i didn't knew this but this part of values is something which i know i had always been lacking and that has always reflected in my shoddy assignments,my outlook towards my MBA and i have to change myself and change for the good.

So i may say that i got my enlightenment and i have made my new year's resolution that i will not fail in any of my assignment deadlines ever,i will always deliver what i have promised,i will bring more quality to my assignments and i will show the highest level of my commitment to any responsibility i have agreed to.

I hope i stand by what i have just said..AMEN!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art of Living- A Blessing

I feel blessed after coming from Art of Living course. Though summing it up in few words would be unfair to it but if I have to use it I would say it to be marvelous, refreshing, rediscovery and invigorating.

I had never seen such a fun filled workshop like Art of Living. Before going to the workshop i had it my mind that the workshop is actually a meditation course where we would be taught breathing techniques but after coming to Vrindavan, my perception totally changed. The program was a mix of meditation techniques, some yoga asanas, streching exercises and loads and loads of fun filled activities. It was thrilling, engaging and very refreshing. In those 5 days our batch of 50 came too much close than we were till joining this program.

We now share a very good bonding, trust, respect and understanding of each other. Honestly this part of learning is the most helpful to me keeping other things at par because I believe the essence of a happy campus life is the strong bond between your colleagues with whom you sleep, eat and study. We were so close to each other that there was nothing called privacy except when you attend nature's call. I am serious. It was a bit of culture shock for most of the class as we have strict rules in the campus regarding the boys and girl’s hostel, timings etc and here we are totally on our won. Imagine a sight where all the boys and girls are in same room till 5am playing games and enjoying.

The workshop was a blessing in disguise as we were able to go to different temples like ISKON, Banke Bihari, do the boating in Yamuna River, visit Taj Mahal and best of all gorge on sumptuous food in Vrindavan which we were all craving because of pathetic campus mess.

ISKON was magical experience. No offense but I have never found myself so better, happy and joyous in visiting other temples than ISKON.we were literally dancing on the fusion tunes in the temples with people chanting Radhe Krishna rhymes. It was a transcendental and cosmic experience. I really felt one with god and danced like nobody was watching me.

And what to say about Tajmahal visit, I was simply struck in awe watching the magnificence and epitome of beauty. It was a marvellous.watching taj mahal made me doubtless of the fact that this is highest form of any material which anybody can gift to his loved ones. The place is so much romantic with yamuna flowing in its backyard, vast carefully manicured Shalimar gardens. The sight was splendid and it feasted my eyes. I now understand why it was once one of the 7 wonders of the world.

i am now at home unwinding and relaxing with home made food, my books and snail's pace of my activity. This 'nothing to do' feeling is really needed and it will rejuvenate me when I will join the campus on 1st Jan. as per now, its time to think about my new year's resolution.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best class in IBA today

I had the privilege of learning from one of the best teachers of marketing in the campus. Today we had a class at 11pm by him which was scheduled all of a sudden and only 9 people were selected for this class. Before the class nobody even had a faintest idea as to what the class was all about.

He is leaving for IIM, Bangalore tomorrow for submitting a paper presentation and he will be visiting IBA Bangalore for presenting his business plan. So he decided that he should take a class with us before he goes for the final presentation. Instead of presentation he actually put forth a situation where we were made into focus groups and made to brainstorm for the business plan. We actually engaged in a very intellectually simulating and intense discussion about actually formulating a business plan. He is such a great discussion driver that he made us think hard about each and every subtle nuances and very beautifully contradict each other views. I had never had such a great class.
Imagine the class went up till 1AM and nobody even realized the time. The methodology he used is called BRAIN MAPPING. He had used the tag stickers and used the flowcharts and tree diagram to make a comprehensive plan. This gave us a real feel as to how to formulate an actual business plan and what are the fine details which could come into play.
I am feeling very happy and thoughtful after coming back from his lecture. Wishing such good surprises to shower us from time to time.

On another front, few guys from our batch have been selected to represent IIM-A for an event in january.IIMs had been Dream College for me and I always wanted to know how the life in IIMs would be. I can see my dream come true no matter in which ways. Can’t just wait to go there.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Victim of Emotional Exploitation

What would be the kind of feeling when you go to B school for an inter collegiate event with excitement and fervor only to feel your perceptions totally shattered. I woke up today at 6AM for the first time in my MBA ,braved the cold water and compromised my sleep only because I had one thing in my mind that I am going to go to a Business school for an event and I will be bringing accolades back home.

Please excuse me if I am sounding too critical and harsh but I cannot just describe my experiences in any other way than it rightly deserve. I had never ever visited any B school as unproffesional, informal and unorganized as this one. We reached the venue an hour before and nobody was there in the campus even to tell us where to wait. The MBA students were wearing low waist jeans, T shirts and some of them even had pony tails and it made me question if I have really come to an MBA college or some Bcom or Bba college.

You can now expect the quality of the students there. Absolute chaos and conundrum in organizing and handling the event, it reflected on their lack of planning. Funnily the teachers didn’t even know if students belonged to their college or not. That was just enough. The events were substandard and not even worth participating and they kept on delaying. We just got frustrated to such an extent that we decided that it's time we should take a leave and not demean our self anymore.interstingly,while we were moving out there was a huge drama outside the gate. The cops and municipal corporation people had come with their bulldozers to demolish the college (demolish, are you kidding me, its college right???) because there was supposed to be a flyover constructed over there.

But anyway it was a good and necessary lesson for us that next time we will decide and investigate well where we should go and where not.

The only thing we appreciate throughout our stay there were the chief guests there. I specifically mean one gentleman who was the Vice President of Bharti Walmart.his speech just moved me, it was so refreshingly inspiring. He gave some very deep insights about life, its treatment and our focus. Those words are still lingering in my ears and they really forced me to think about it. A very subtle and thoughtful dose of philosophy which I feasted on.

It’s time that I should now focus on my studies which I have been neglecting from quite some time now. We have a Corporate Finance quiz tomorrow and I am yet to begin...Time to get serious!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Age of Turbulence

I luckily had the opportunity to explore the labyrinths of our rich library due to the free schedule today. I had been contemplating from long ago that I don’t get enough time to do some serious reading and today I made sure that I would give my best attempt to quench my insatiable appetite for reading books. I don’t know why but when I see a rich library stacked with good books I get the feeling that I should leave all the worries of my life at one side and sit down in a comfortable place in a library with nobody to disturb me and read the books for hours and hours. I wish this could be true.

Any which way, I picked up a book by Alan Greenspan called Age of Turbulence whose few pages I read while I was in a bookstore few days back. I just skimmed through first few pages and I decided that this is the exact book which I had been looking for. This is a very good book about the autobiography of the former Federal reserve Chairman of United States. He is revered in the international community and extolled in the hallowed clique of world’s leading economists for giving very accurate forecasting. He is the one who has saved the United States into going into recession and the 1992-93 economic slump. He had advised numerous us presidents and no wonder why he has served the fed chairman for 5 consecutive terms.

The book is detailed into two parts, in the first part he is talking mostly about himself, about his upbringing, his infatuation with music, passion for mathematics and knowing the world from the macro view and his intelligent discussions and life changing experience with the famous author Ayn Rand.Coincidentally I have also read the book of Ayn Rand and I am really floored by the ideas, thoughts and the eloquence of the writings of Ayn Rand.

From what I have deduced no matter how naïve, I have no doubts that Greenspan is the one the most progressive thinkers of 21st century.

I have borrowed the book from library and as I am writing this book this cover page of the book is staring at me which is neatly placed next to me and it is kind of tacitly saying to me to please read me. I can’t control my urge to dive into the realms of Age of Turbulence.

God please keep all the distractions away from me, atleast for today.i will write the full review after reading the book and i wish i do it soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

APICS-My Asset

There was a day when I was frantically searching on internet for some certifications regarding operations management desperately and there I got to learn about APICS course. After some time of goggling I came to the conclusion that APICS is one of the most sought of courses for OPS guys, somebody who wants to build a solid career in supply chain industry, some body who dreams of becoming a business process consultant, APICS is a surest way to reach there. Ever since then I had only been dreaming about doing APICS day in and day out. That day I had not even believed that I would someday come this far and so close of being in it.

today, on December 12th 2009 I wrote my second module of CPIM exam called MPR(MANUFACTURING PLANNING AND RESOURCE).when I think back about clearing the first module, when I tell people that that I am doing a course on supply chain and when I sit amongst the top notch business process consultants and the best minds and write my Apics exam then I feel very empowered, I feel very motivated, I feel that I am well on the way to be a member of that elite clique of supply chain professionals. As I was giving my 2nd exam today in IMI, i was having the same feeling. My vision, mission and my goal had become more clear, direct and objective. I felt more determined than ever, more resolute than ever and made me to accept that this exam had actually given me a better meaning of my life. I now know where I want to go, what to I want to do to reach there and when do I have to reach there.

Today, I know, and I dream of becoming of Business Process Consultant. I know it will take time it will be tough, I will meet with failures and sometimes I will feel very dejected but I will keep on walking. I may be late but one day I will reach there.

I want people to recognize me as a consultant. As I was answering those 75 questions based on supply chain I realized that I was damn engrossed in solving them, I could think of nothing else for those 3 hrs and when I finished my exam I felt a kind of competeness, a kind of high which is unexplainable, I realized that I too have the bent of bent which is needed for those people, I could think analytically and could implement those concepts.

From now on APICS is my way of life. I will eat, sleep, and drink APICS.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yamaha Factory Visit

Today we had a special chance to visit the Yamaha factory based in surajpur, was a very good experience and a great exposure for us. I would say that it was a treatise for people like me who have planned to take Operations management .I had a firsthand experience in seeing the actual assembly line of Yamaha bikes. Till now I had read about things like shop floor, assembly line, job shop, work in process, finished goods etc in the books and I had only been imagining as to how those things would actually be in the shop floor but the visit to Yamaha gave me the real view and it changed my perspective too.

I was totally mesmerized by watching the technology, aumomation, the precise and intricate planning of the whole factory. Each and everything is perfectly planned and quality is given the utmost priority.

The interior designing of the administrative building reminded me of old oriental style with the teak wood embedded and enveloped walls and brown wood furnitures.must be a Japanese style of architecture.

The shop floor was huge and impressive couldn’t digest the fact the factory had 2000employees working on a given day working on 2 shifts from 8AM till 2AM.People in the factory seemed to be very busy, focussed, happy and relaxed. The work culture is very open and fair to all. Everything right from the time taken by an employee to fix a screw till the no of bikes to be produced per time was programmed and they had quality checks in place at each and every part of the cell.

This visit gave me a reality check and confirmed what I had been studying and imagining as to how the ideal factory would be.

Honestly I was actually getting Goosebumps by seeing the energy,life,noise,activity,humdrum in the work place ,I wish I would get a chance someday to work for a company like this.

I came back to my campus with loads of information in my mind, with a more clear understanding of the manufacturing plant, with a resolute will to make a career in Operations and a hungry soul craving for more.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NTPC Quiz-A Disaster!

I am feeling dejected, stripped down and made to look into the mirror. And I see myself nude, totally nude with bare feet on the ground embarrassed to see myselfself. This is the exact feeling which I am experiencing right now. Today I had gone for a quiz conducted by NTPC in its B school called Power Management Institute. There were 52 colleges who participated in the event having big shots like IMT, FMS, NSBIT, and LBSIM etc.
I had very great learning experience there, some good ones and some bad ones but one thing is certain that this experience has opened my eyes and made me realize today that where I am, who I am and where do I have to go. The exposure and the self check exercise were necessary and this event showed me my true picture undoubtedly.

The hard part: we couldn’t qualify the eliminations and we just sat amongst the audience to see the big guys take over the scene. The questions were challenging and very thoughtful .I realized the importance of reading newspapers and came to believe that there are enough reasons to always keep your eyes open and keep a check on what’s happening in the suroundings.the questions were bit tricky and they needed bit of hard thinking and analytical reasoning.
I remember a question which I would like to share with you.

Q: what web page does internet takes you when you type of us would stop thinking that since we haven’t ever tried opening that page so it’s out of question but wait a minute how many of us have ever tried to give a thought that what could be that site, or for that matter what page could ESCALATOR take you to..Easy if I give you clue but hard to reach to that clue. How abt some escalator company like OTIS???
You can give a shot, guy from IMT pressed buzzer and guess what, he said OTIS and bagged cool 10points.

So one thing I learnt that always use your mind which is free to use.You won’t lose anything after all, isint it.
Anyway it was nice experience because this was my first experience of a quiz at such level, nicely organized, good quiz master, extremely well thought out questions and splendid performance by the laudable participants. I was relieved from attending today's classes and had free breakfast and chicken curry in lunch. A nice respite from canteen food is always welcome.

Bad part: felt bad that I couldn’t even clear the qualifying round. Felt very bad when I was coming back from there. I was thinking all the time what will I say to my freinds, they must be expecting some good news. Can’t I win a quiz? I have to work hard, read newspapers and increase my retention power. That means I have to remember the things which I read like which product was released in market yesterday, who created the zoo zoo ad, which firm he belonged to and stuff like that.

All in all it gave me a good exposure and made me motivated to take part in quizzes and inter college events as much as possible. The real learning lies in these things. Looking forward for a better performance in Jagruti 09' on 19th and another event in Delhi Business School on 17th, 18th.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World's AIDS Day @Ansal Plaza!!

Today is world’s Aids day. To support the cause of the AIDS patients, our college had taken a small initiative by organizing a street play which was held in a shopping mall in greater noida. The street play was focused on creating awareness amongst people about AIDS, what causes AIDS, how can we stop it and what are the common myths about it. I was the main protagonist PAPPU who was the aids patient.pappu is a small town boy who goes to city for higher studies, meets some wrong people and gets spoilt, induges in all unfair activities and contracts aids through aids worker. He is tested positive and later he dies. It was a very powerful character with mix of emotions from being a spoilt brat to a kid who dies of very young age.
The skit was very well organized and everybody put their best performance and people appreciated the show very much. I was personally approached by few people who congratulated me and told me that I put a very good show. Something I have a reason to be proud of. Now I explored other side of myself, a guy who can act well, a guy who can do a good show hosting and public speaking.
After the good show and the hard work we had put in for the numerous nights before the event ,we definitely needed a treat .and treat we got in mcD.some hopeless non veggies like me needed some more stuff and we headed to kfc..
Al in all it was a nice evening out with college mates!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life's Reality!!

I don’t to how to start this blog, so many things have been happening in my life both emotionally, academically and non academically. We had a convocation ceremony held in college few days back. Well I am not here to write a memoir of that event. Few learned personalities were present to give away the mementos. They said some wonderful things which are still lingering in my mind. I was dead busy with so many activities there, sitting at the last row, couldn’t even see who that gentlemen was but amidst so much chaos I just heard few things and trust me I will never forget that.

“Now that you have stepped up in the corporate world, as you move up the ladder you will meet lots of challenges, but remember that you build your character and never and never compromise on that. Because you may fail once or twice but if you have a strong character you will be recognized for that and you will be valued. So always have a character of repute, be a man of commitment and always be honest to yourself.”

Those words touched me and I have locked them in my heart. I don’t know what happened there after that, whom I met with, what I ate and what I did. But when I see those things in retrospect I just remember those powerful words.

When I see myself who I am now, where I was few years back and where I am moving, I know that I may be little late in life but I will reach there, not today ,not tomorrow but one day no matter what it takes. Life is taking its turns and at the same time it’s giving me valuable lessons.

Love-Hate Analysis!!

There are things which are like in this college and things which I hate.

•I don’t get enough time to read. I haven’t done some serious reading from a long time. Wondering how people in B schools find time to read.

•I like the speed of the course. As I am writing this blog, I am just 1 paper away from my 1st term to end. Life is flying; I am riding on it and just enjoying the whole journey. Speed is something which keeps me going.

•I like my library because of its richness but hate its rules. Why can’t I borrow books after 5.30? Why can’t I borrow reference books? Why don’t we have reading room to study peacefully?

•Like everybody does this good-bad analysis of college I will also not spare my canteen. Not that it’s customary but the fact is our canteen is really bad. The menu is same from last 3 months without any change.

Networking is Key to Success!!

One thing I have learned in my MBA is the importance of socializing. I have come to believe that networking is very crucial to your success in your career. Hard work does pay off but having good contacts improve your chance of success by a big margin. Till some time back I used to ignore it a lot but as I am beginning to get exposed to the corporate reality I am dead assured that to get the job you want you need help and you have to take help. People are there to help you only you have to just approach them.

I know some people who are smart and talented but they lost the opportunity just because they were loose in making contacts, somebody got a good job in a big MNC only because he had 'good contacts’, someone was able to do internship in a good company in a good profile only because he had right contacts.
You have to learn to connect with people, you just can’t ignore it, no matter how smart and hard working are you but to make it to 'THE PLACE’, you need an opportunity and that can only be possible if you are recommended.

Now that seniors are leaving the campus slowly and slowly to join their companies am beginning to feel the need of mentorship more than ever. I can tell you one thing for sure that it really gives you a sense of emotional support to have seniors in the campus because you know that you can always reach out to them for help.

Luckily I am in the Placement Assistance Team,will be in constant touch with reality and the edge of business communication. Having said that I also have to admit the fact that I am bit hesitant in communicating with people. You can use the word as shy, introvert or anything but the fact is I have to talk to people. Especially those from operations background. I must and must have an excellent rapport with them.

Till some time back in engineering I was under the belief that your success is only because of your knowldege, talent and skills. Hard skills were in demand there. I have to shed this belief because the conditions and scenario is completely diffrent.Mba does not teach you any specialized knowledge but it makes you mould into a socialist, thinker, stress handler and team player. You need to give considerable more weightage to soft skills now and shed inhibitions, meet people, know them, build relations and keeping all that in mind always and always build a positive character.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things which Mba makes you to do(PART 1)

•When the tube in the bedroom goes fuse, you have to use the toilet shit pot as your sit pot to write your blog. Well I have been studying information systems half inside the bathroom from last 1 hour and believe me I could actually concentrate more. Remember the famous line by alquee padamsee’I carry a notepad and pen in the toilet when I go to loo because that’s when I think more clearly. Shah Rukh khan has said in an interview that his favorite place in his grand mansion ‘mannat’ is his palatial bathroom. After solving so many case studies and analysis I am feeling very tempted to do some analysis on ‘toilet think therapy’. Wondering what does Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan would be thinking in toilet during the recession.

•You feel terribly thirsty and still don’t waana go to get your bottle filled and find for drops of water in your neighbor’s rooms. If you’re unlucky and very desperate you take the bottle and climb 20stairs to fill your bottle and when you come back to your room, you again get to drink only drops of water because by that time other people come to know that you are going to get water and they are waiting for you like devils.ofcourse you can’t say no,’ every dog has his day’..

•You know some wonderful, close and old friends who live nearby and they call you on weekend to meet with them, have fun and you still have to stay strong and have to say no to them because ‘you have to study’. you turn them upset, dislike it, you hate doing it, you feel really bad and then you keep figuring out the entire Sunday whether your decision was right or wrong and because you think on it for the whole day you just don’t do any study..

•You have a event waiting for you where you are selected, you have to take your dinner and you are least bothered about all of that and sitting in your loo writing this blog happily..

•You wear your mba’s shoe at e9 in morning and remove it at 4 in the next morning.

•You have slept for just 4hrs in the night and you wake up at 9.25 in the morning and have class at 9.30 and find the bathroom already occupied, you somehow manage to reach in class at 9.36 only to discover that its accounts class. You fight too hard to differentiate between 'proposed dividend' and 'dividend payable’. Since you have to avoid falling into your much needed sleep you fill the class with unwanted, irrelevant discussions on its differentiation knowing fully that what you have been saying it’s just plain stupidity (or is it not)!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winner of the Week!!!

This week has been pretty busy and stressing for me. Though I have found enough reason to slip under my bed around 3 am and I just wonder how. The classes end at 4 pm and the pressure with the assignments have also reduced considerably. We had a great event this week called INSPIRO 09’ by the seniors of international business stream. Luckily I got a piece of Cake by bagging the first prize. The competition consisted of general awareness quiz, treasure hunt, rapid fire round and followed by wheel of fortune(I delivered extempore in the final round).

The event was a refreshing for us especially the treasure hunt. It was simply maddening with students running helter skelter all over the campus in night searching for the clues. The sight was worth watching. For the first time in my life I realized the importance of, appreciated the invention of Wi-Fi and my irresistibleness. I cleared all the rounds easily except the treasure hunt and that too because of a goof up in the question but finally ended up with the 1st runner up. Kudos to all the seniors and the volunteers from our batch, who worked for late nights, skipped their meals to make this event possible. It was a very well managed and interesting thing was there were just no glitches and no tensions about anything. I need to learn event management from these smart guys.

I would say the tasks were pretty easy and it just needed little bit of awareness to clear the round. Though I don’t want to boast about myself but I just wonder how low is the GK of my collegues.what they don’t seem to realize is that this lack of habit of newspaper reading will only come to haunt them in the future.I learnt the hard way but they need to wake up.

Today we had a qualifying round for the essay writing competition organized by Noida management academy. We all had to prepare the presentation on that and present it in front of our coll director, seniors and faculty. This time again my luck was with me and I was selected to represent my college for the competition. I am honored and very grateful to the jury for giving me such an opportunity. This will mean that I will now have to work more harder, think more logically and continue improvise on my content because the stakes are high as there will be students of lots of business schools who will be my competitors and most of all I have to ensure that my college comes to be the winner and I will fight till my last drop of blood to make it possible. And even if I fail to do so my competitors are going to have really tough time to win it from me.

If any of my batch mates are reading this then I want to give some feedback (though u may justify my naivety).I saw that participants were reading from the slides and were not clear with the topics. They just dint knew the subject from the deep and had a superficial knowledge. In fact that just made me to think that why do people just fail to think or why don’t people think that they should think. I see them indulging in all sorts of activities in hostel apart from what they should actually be doing. I might be harsh but I think they lack something called ‘common sense’. You need to be focused, know why you are here, and why have you spend such large amount of money. They laugh at me because I am different while I laugh at them because they’re all the same. Is that my problem? When will I see the quality, my idol??I’ll wait for that day when ill meet the person and I can tell myself that this is the person whom I want to be.

Coming back to the essay, I knew my topics very well and could have answered any damn question on it very well. This helps to boost your confidence when you know that what you know is good enough. I too faulted in my presentation because my ppt lacked the facts and data to back my claims which is very essential to make a lasting impact but I just loaded my ppt on slideshow, went to the audience and delivered it without looking at the ppt. I don’t know if that was a right thing to do or not but I have a problem and that is that I can either talk or I can read from the slides. I can’t read from my slides and talk at the same time. I simply embed the points in my mind and say as it comes and I feel very natural and comfortable that way. I believe that if you don’t remember the points and only refer to the slides now and then, then you just lose the attention of the audience and you tend to lose the quality of your presentation too.

That being said, I know that I have a long way to go and there is lots of work to be done, I am thankful to myself that I like to experience things.
One thing I can safely say that this 2 yrs of MBA will make me a good public speaker, good listener, more understanding and ability to handle my ego. Remember all that can be taught in b school but handling ego and ability to handle the pressure situations is what makes the MBA different from others.

May be now I am beginning to realize what is that MBA makes out of you and why companies are ready to pay high salaries to Mba.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Delhi-A TriPPy Sunday!!!

Ever since I have come to Delhi never ever my stay here was as much happening as it was today. Two reasons:
1. It was a weekend and I was terribly frustrated and needed a much needed break.
2. It was my long time friend’s b’day who coincidently happens to work in noida.
So I decided that this weekend I am not going to stay in the campus and I will go to my friend’s place, have fun and see the real Delhi. It was amazing. Lots of experiences and a nice change.

How should I go about writing about it? Okay so first things first:

Akshardham temple:
I was accompanied by my buddy and his girlfriend and nice thing was we had a car so no bike hassles. I found Akshardham temple to be huge and marvelous. It’s a temple of Swami Narayan who was an ascetic born in 17th century. The temple is made by donations from rich NRIs,gujjus and its trustees. The whole area is spread in 100acres and the intricate craftwork done on its temples is just worth watching. I was mesmerized by the whole concept of temple more as a mode of amusement than for some religious reasons. The temple is one of the most tightly secured, well administered temples I have ever visited. They had well manicured sprawling gardens and fountains.
Bad thing is I am feeling pity that I couldn’t get a chance of watching the movie which is shown in its audi.I have heard that if you go to Akshardham then watching its movie in its giant screen is a must do. But fate had other plans and little later I came to the realization that the plans were for the better for mine.

Castle 9:
yes the nouns of these two headings do appear very unanalogous and you guessed it right. After so much of bhakti and spiritual realism we needed some salvation. So upon advice of pallavi we went to this lounge called castle 9 which is in Connaught place. To just sum up how this place was, after divine blessing from Akshardham this place was a nirvana and an abode of moksha(plzz excuse me for too much spiritual jargons, just an odd combination of deity and booze concoction).

honestly it was one of the best lounges I have been in delhi.And what else could you expect when it’s your friend’s bday treat, sitting in a upscale lounge amongst beautiful Delhi women on a sunny winter noon, having your crisp, chilled foster beer, watching over the entire CP from your table window and splurging over a great sumptuous meal consisting of Lasagna,Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Rogan josh and I have every reason to believe that I felt very luxuriously treated. Not to mention the happy vibe quotient was added by pallavi (ankit’s girlfriend).she was such a sweat girl to talk with and one of the rarest intellectual and sensible person still alive on earth. We all had great great time driving all over Delhi, pulling ankit’s leg (which was pretty expected), having a meal, strolling over CP and enjoying metro joy ride.

I simply can’t stop praising E SHREEDHARAN for his vision, unflinching dedication and his effort in putting Delhi in the world map and giving delhiiites a gift for a lifetime. He is going to be remembered by generations and generations for giving people such a fast, hassle free and cheap mobility. I found the metro infrastructure and its shuttles of truly international standard. Everything is just superbly planned and the best thing which I noticed is that people too have such a great civic sense, you don’t find any maddening rush and scuffle anywhere, nobody is littering the floor and platforms. Everything is such well organized that it’s very easy to find the train and platform.i can say that Sheila dikshit’s govt is chosen to power again only because she had shown results and with commonwealth games approaching, infra development is at a fast pace with a plan to connect noida and other neighboring places to delhi.delhi is going to take a quantum jump in years to come.

Came back to hostel and got the news that tomorrow we have economics class from 10 to1 and all my dreams of waking up late have just dashed. But feeling very rejuvenated after such incredible Sunday. My heartiest thanks goes to ankit for giving me such a magnanimous bday treat and to pallavi for offering to drive us down to Delhi and showing temple, for suggesting us CASTLE 9 and last but not the least for being such a sweat and nice girl!!

Bon la viva!!!Adios!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Campus Back to its Life!!!

After coming back from home post diwali I have noticed something phenomenal and unusual which I had not experienced till the mid terms. The loads of classes and assignments has significantly reduced and we get sometimes lots of classes cancelled,rescheduled,less assignments and what more the subjects are also becoming more interesting..I am just wondering how and if at all what I am perceiving is true or just my mind is contrived.

may be I am so used to these things that the deadlines just don’t seem to straining me anymore and the grueling schedules are getting accepted to me. No doubt my pace of activities is also increasing with so much time available with me. The senior batch has also come back to the campus from their vacations and the campus is again back to life with all the action happening everywhere. The atmosphere in the campus after dinner is just worth watching. You will see different club meetings happening somewhere in the campus with large group of students in a huddle(now that reminds me that I have to do something for operations club as well) ,people playing badminton and football under flood light,freinds and seniors just chilling out at the cafeteria enjoying the hot sip of triple strong coffee and of course no of couples trying to just spend some intimate moments with each other..

And where do I find myself.well unlike them I finish off my dinner, go to cafeteria, have my bournvita,talk to few worthy people and discuss about some things and directly come back to my room racing toward the assignments ,competitions, projects and my certificate study. With so many things having to finish, my nights do stretch till 5 am more or less. My average hour of sleep has reduced to 4-5 hrs and still I crib why we have got only 24hrs a day.

good thing is that we have 2 days of holiday this weekend and I am planning to take a break from college and go to my friends place, have some beer, do masti and roam delhi.just been waiting for the power packed weekend to come. But having said that I have to wind up some high priority work before I take a leave.

Looking forward for good fun!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vital Vs Trivial!!!

I am beginning to wonder if B school lifestyle and culture is making me lazy or more active. at times there seems to be a conflict in my mind because if I consider my pace in executing my tasks and completing the assignments then I would rate myself to be fairly active guy but when it comes to doing my daily chores and trivial things I am just too diffident to do anything. And this just reminded me that I have to:
Change my wound dressing which I was supposed to change a long back,
Wash my briefs and handkerchiefs (which if I don’t do tonight my getting ready for tomo would be in jeopardy),
Have to take my medicines which I should have taken during lunch,
Get the washed linens from laundry (else the jeopardy for getting ready will change to a sure shot 0 probability of attending my stats class).

In spite of knowing that the weightage of my laziness overpowers my activeness I still am too lazy to believe I should change my presumptions. I have a one liner for this by which I go by "vital few-trivial many"..That means you tend to go for only vital things and leave trivial things. But I guess my threshold level has reached.

Well if u haven’t figured that out yet, what you have been reading till now was 'trivial many’ from my perspective.Here comes the vital few.

Feeling happy that I have taken initiative in completing my essay which is going to be a part of the competition I am participating in. Luckily I had done a fair amount of research and I am happy that I had been able to put those things in coherent and logical manner.
Am currently able to devote some part of my time for APICS prep as well and I am just wondering, tensed and curious if I will actually be able to keep my prep going as I expected to. If I actually be able to do so,i'd be the happiest guy.

Just changed the layout of my blog and read some really really nice blogs from students of ISB and WHARTON. Thankfully something motivated me to think and write my blog. My nonexistent readers will surely like this.

See yaa soon!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

5 AM works!!!

At 5 in the morning what do you expect a normal person to be upto.A normal sane person would be dead sleep but here in Mba I realized the figure of 5 is too exciting and that is why I chose to write a blog rather than catch-up up on my sleep.

And its not that I am a compulsive blogger (though I have started doubting on that off late), but it’s because I have a strong thinking ingrained in myself that this is the two years in my life when I can choose to live the life of out its max.these are few moments which I am going to take with myself when I pass out of this b school and probably few years down the line I might like to just think back about all those crazy things we had done.

No wonder you can imagine the state of a guy who has attended Lectures till 8 pm and then busy firefighting with the tons of assignments till 4.30.if this feels daunting then yes it did to me as well but once you become part of the whole crowd then its just a mad rush to meet deadlines, to do maximum things in a day and believe me it’s fun. And at the end of the day when it’s time to hit the bed and you try to think what you did since morning then there will be innumerable things. I am coming to realize that Mba is not a course which will give you some exclusive and specialized knowledge but the whole purpose is to reinforce the idea of team work, time, strategy and of course few doggone subjects like MANAC.

I don’t know what occurred to me suddenly that I thought I should rather write something. For most of my waking hours I have been either watching something on MS OFFICE or working on some MS office. So the idea hit me that why not use ms office at 5 am. (yes, this can sound silly to you because my weary mind).

Anyway, coming back to few issues.i got my score card of my APICS exam and I got 93 % result. Well if you feel it’s a wonderful job then it’s an illusion because the passing score is 300 out of 330 so getting 307 is no big deal and I am scared as to what will happen to me in the coming exams when my level of prep is anytime going to be lesser than what I gave to BSCM.moreover because I had prepared very hard for this exam during my vacations. This clearly shows how much more smart people in this world are.

Looking forward to enrolling myself for next APICS module and buying materials. Will have to go to noida to buy this book and it is lots of money.

Today we had a guest lecture; it was a lady from National entrepreurship network. The lecture was just to make us aware that there is a society and a organization which works for nurturing the prospective entreprenuers.they have something called E Cell in all good engg and mba colleges which is run by students who are deeply passionate about entrepreneurship .they conduct some events and workshops from time to time and they are also mentored by industry people if they find that the ideas have some potential.

The presentation really moved me and it gave me a good food for thought. I really think now that if I calculate how much money will I be able to earn in my whole life time which working for somebody and how much money will I be able to earn if I am an entrepreneur.

Time will see which way I am moving as for the ppt today has changed my outlook and forced me to come out of my closet and think something bold.
I am looking forward for my honest participation towards this cause.

Time to take a nap.Have to wake up at 8am.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali-Before & After!!

If I’d not written this blog during this time then I would have been totally unfair to myself because of so many developments happening recently. I am guessing if this is supposed to be long one.allright first things first.

I got my much needed vacation for diwali from college for 4 days and I somehow managed to get my tickets and came home. When I say that I somehow managed to get my tickets I am trying to underplay the whole adventure and the so called thrill attached with it. To be honest and little daring, (at least while blogging),I had my first brush with the Delhi thugs and in a real costly way.i paid 2200 for a waitlisted AC ticket which actually costs 1350bucks.on the top of that I spent my 7hrs just for that and bribed another 200 to the TTE and ended up getting a place to stretch my legs in train at 4 AM. Is that how to take ‘good and sound ‘decisions? I am too upset to write something more on this.

On the good part, I came to the place called HOME, met my sis RICHA whom I haven’t met for a long time. The feeling is so special when the whole family is together after such a long time and you are celebrating diwali together, playing pranks on each other is just undescribable.i just love my holidays.

But the big things are that on Dhanteras when people buy valuable assets, I bought an invaluable book called ‘My Years at General Motors’ by the legendary ALFRED SLOAN. Unfortunately I am not getting enough time to finish the book and I am struggling to complete it. For those who want to buy the book, my piece of advice is buy it only when you are very serious management reader and you are looking for minutiae intricacies of corporate mangement,structure,policies and governance.

I am very sure that this book will provide me the much needed insight to take a look at management in a new and broader way, let’s see how things go.

Now comes the best part, as you all by now must have heard a lot of times that I had been preparing for my APICS exam, so day before yesterday I got my result that I have successfully cleared the exam. My first foot forward to career in Operations has proved to a a best one. I am very elated, confident and relived. My will has become much much stronger that I am not less than anyone, I do posses those capabilities which people in Operations have and I must and must pursue my next module at any cost. When I say that I am very resolute in continuing my next module with my MBA,I will have to give a lot of effort ,meaning thereby managing time very well, doings things faster and efficiently and sleeping less.

Sleep is my bottleneck and I generally tend to give up if I lose my sleep for few days. I have to show consistency in my effort.

Looking forward to finishing eBook on Leadership by JACK WELCH. Can’t believe book reading can also be given as an assignment, though I love reading books and I would be very forthcoming in reviewing the book.

I have too many things in my head, just trying to figure out how to plan it out.
There is an essay writing competition on business topics for which I have to give good time on research, then I am also participating in paper presentation competition, have to maintain my GPA for end term, study for MPR as well. And I am still wondering how to do it.

Am sure with days passing by, things will formulate and I will be able to see things happening more clearly.

As of now going to help mom in preparing my favorite breakfast and editing this text.

See ya!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

celebrating 45days in IBA!!!

Finally a big sigh of relief has come knocking to our door after we gave today our last paper of the mid terms. The exam went quite smooth with most of them as sitters. It’s been 1 and half month in the college and honestly saying we haven’t got the time to think and the time has flown. To mark the end of the midterm we gave away with our last paper as well today.

Today is the first day when I am so much relaxed in the college otherwise there was not a single time when I had nothing to do and I was sitting idle in the college (that is different issue that I don’t like sitting idle and I would find time to do something constructive). In my previous posts I have mentioned that I am longing for the day when I would be peacefully sitting on the staircases of roof top with all my batch mates just chatting over random topics and today I have witnessed it.

It’s such a good feeling especially when you have been slogging till late nights firefighting with your group for completion of the assignments and at the same time attending the lectures which is followed by presentation by seniors for various group activities and then do your own study till the exams that you hardly get time to breathe and one day you find yourself sitting on rooftop with your entire batch after dinner with very cool breeze flowing and you see all your friends just very happy ,relaxed ,all giving good vibes with somebody pulling somebody’s leg for some reason and here you are sitting amidst them all and you see all these things happening in front of you and then you feel just so peace at large that you just give a sweet smile looking at such a scenario of friends jelling up with each other and the bond of friendship already sowing and the kind of feeling which you get is simply indescribable.

This very feeling is so much precious for me especially because it reminded me of that day when few months back I used to prepare for my Mba entrance exams sitting in my 6by6 feet room for 12hrs working harder only by motivating myself because I wanted myself that one day I am also going to join Mba and I will be sitting with my batch mates and chilling with them and then I would retrospect the hard times I had been through in my past and today is the day when I see that dream coming true. I feel blessed today. Unlike others my experiences make me more positive in my life and have made me more determined that if you want something very desperately then you will get it.

When I am writing this I am also having nagging thought that the way we have seen 1 and ½ months flying from our face we won’t realize how we will see the end of our Mba.I can imagine the intensity of togetherness and unity among our batch mates within this time that parting away from our family is surely going to be a very emotional affair. We all will be stepping into corporate world and few years down the line when will meet some of our batch mates and take a trip down the memory lane we will surely miss those wonderful lifetime memories.

Before I get more senti I would sign off with the line:

You don’t just gain your MBA, you life an experience!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama as Nobel Peace Prize Winner???

Yesterday night while preparing for my exam I just took a break for few mins and thought that I should be good idea to take a look at the current news. I opened TOI and I was taken aback by knowing that Barack Obama has been given Nobel peace prize for 2009 for his ‘untiring initiatives’ in nuclear disarmament. In words of Nobel committee he is given award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”..

I am really surprised and puzzled as to how come obama figure out in the lists of Nobel prizes awardees for peace prize. What really is intriguing is the fact that it has just been months that Obama has taken the highest position of the US and the initiative which he has undertaken for making the world nuclear weapons free is disputed too. At one point us is thinking of making the world nuclear weapons free under the leadership of Obama and on the other hand under his gun us is supplying weapons, arms and ammunition to countries like Pakistan,Israel,Georgia.How could we justify obama to be seen as a leader working towards peace!

I believe it is too premature to recognize Obama for his so called achievements because evidence has shown that his contributions is mere a bold initiative and still no substantial development has taken place not to mention that when we recognize Obama with Nobel peace prize we are putting him in the league of marrthi attisaari,mohammed younus,IPCC,Mother Teresa who have devoted their entire life in doing some ground breaking and some extraordinary work and there is little dispute and no second thoughts between their achievements and the recognition.

Putting Obama in that league is rather immature and it just shows the lack of vision and mission from the Nobel panel. There are still people who are actively working hard in uplifting the poverty and contributing their efforts in bringing the society towards world peace in the jungles of Africa, deserts of Sahara and as far as in Korea but it is really astonishing and saddening to know that obama has been recognized those people who actually deserve the recognition have been harshly overlooked..

In the words of Obama he has himself shown his humblity by ackoledging that he does not deserve to be in this elite group. If we consider the achievements of last year’s Nobel awardee we will find:
Marrthi ahtisaari:
After 13 years of UN Namibia involvement, Mr. Ahtisaari's position as Under-Secretary General ended on June 30, 1991. His first peacemaking task resulted in the independence of Namibia. This experience has had crucial importance in his later work.
During this time Finland joined the European Union and overcame a severe economic recession.
Together with the Crisis Management Initiative facilitated the peace process between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement.
Facilitating the withdrawal of Yugoslav/Serbian military and security forces from Kosovo and the establishment there of an international security and civil presence.
Promotes youth employment and entrepreneurship through the Imagine Nations Group.

I understand that a person who has taken a very bold initiative of making the world nuclear weapons free must be given the support and recognition because curbing this menace means saving the world from doomsday and bringing the world towards eternal peace and it should be applauded when this volunteering comes from none other than the world’s most powerful person Barack Obama .But I want to take a step back and ask the most fundamental question ,is the Nobel prize awarded to people who have already achieved this hiatus or its objective to support somebody in its initiative whether is past records qualify him for that or not?

Are the Nobel committee not diverting from its objective of honoring people than taking responsibility and using its status in satisfying its objective.
If I have not gone too far than I have started to believe already that in my view MAGSESAY awards are more valuable than Nobel.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Silence is the Loudest Sound!!

To give you a fair idea about how intensive and rigorous is the course, let me give you an example of yesterday.we had classes till 8 in the evening followed by assignments which went on till 1 in the morning.mid terms are coming so had to slog out for that too .hence we studied till 5 in the morning. Woke up at 9 sharp and in 30 mins I outdid by best timing by getting ready, having breakfast till reaching the class in 30 mins.The craziest fact that 9 am is the prime time for bathroom occupancy and you literally have to run around the whole hostel treasuring for some vacant bathroom.

The situation was made more worse when we realized that the class is for ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR. The subject seems interesting as long as there is some group activities in the class but when you have slept for just 4 hrs and reach the class dreary eyed with less than half class attendance imagine what trauma you have gone through.
To add salt to our wound, the Understanding Behavior class in which we were supposed to show case our PPT got cancelled for which we burned the midnight oils. But you don’t sit back and agonize but u just accept it as it comes knowing that it’s part and parcel of the course. This entire situation just makes you get a feel of real life situation and lets you handle each and every minute of yours.

With classes getting cancelled, the message which faculty seems to be giving is very loud and clear. I interpret it as 'fasten your belts guys because this is the silent before the storm'.
So that after mid terms we won’t have enough reason to complain about the PLs which we rightfully deserved.
talking about my priorities, well I am very clear from my mind that I am not going to spend any more energy on completing assignments till exam, all my focus has to be on my subjects especially the monster ones STATS and ACCOUNTS as they are the ones I am unfamiliar with. All in all sleep has to be the sacrificial lamb.

I hope I just do as I have planned. Updates will follow as for now time to go into the depths of probability cases!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

24hrs,full power!!!

To say that 24hrs is less is an understatement.i just wished someday that the earth would stop moving and i will get enough time to wind up my work,complete my studies and will have plenty of time to sit lazily in the campus garden in the evening and watch the evening football match leisurly with absolutely no worries going in the back of my head.
but i just forget that this is an MBA program where time is of essense.i have realized that for most of the time what i do is i spend 53%(this figure is also the result of my deep thinking) in planning my matter why its said that to be a better manager what you need to learn is how to plan your own time.
i have been spending my sunday today in a very MBA way.woke up at 9AM and since then i have not moved from my bed except lunch and dinner.all my time passed in either preparing for my mid term exams or reading some nice business articles or thinking about some marketing that usual or unusual??

came back from hospital yesterday after having my surgery done was a one day affair.thanks to my freinds who were with me for all the day taking care of everything and relieivng my parents of the tension which would have caused them otherwise.the very day when i got discharged from hospital,i had to attend my economics can imaging the condition of a guy who has just got operated and can barely walk,who is still unbale to overcome the high dose of anesthesia a nd being made to sit in ECONOMICS was real hard to keep my eyes open,felt like just dozing of there and then.
just got done with my accounts assignment.feeling ecsatatic by thinking that i am the only one in my class who has cracked this case study that means ill be the only one who will be presenting the case in the class tomo,inspite of the fact that i am from non commerce background.feel pity for these commerce people and my belief has become more stronger that these people dont think from their head,thy're just crammers..

will have to leave this blog at here because i have to again go back for my statistics thing..tough case to crack!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 month in IBA

It’s going to be almost a month since I first joined the campus. And this 1 month has been tremendous in terms of experience and learning. I faced lots of ups and downs in this 1 month.

I didn’t realize that it would take me some time to settle here in this campus compared to my peers. One reason what I can attribute to this is that I see them very happy and satisfied. As if that’s what’s they wanted and they got. There I differ, I am happy because I am doing MBA which I dreamt of and I have got a good college but I am not satisfied and still believe that I deserve something more. This month has uncovered numerous aspect of my personality by exposing me to different situations and I have come to find that I have so many skills which I can hone them in good direction.

For e.g. I never knew that I am a good public speaker, I can converse with people intelligently, think deeply and critically. I can handle the work pressure and I can meet deadlines .I can work hard and I have a tremendous ability to adjust with the situation. With so many group activities going on I can even say safely that I am good team player and I am a good coordinator.

On an academic front, I find that there are few subjects who I find interesting but before joining MBA I never knew that .I have got a good liking about marketing. My prejudice for marketing has come to shatters because marketing involves so much of logical and deep analysis that sometimes its mind boggling. The level of high you get when you think something strategically cannot be described. Then finance is another area which I am scared of. I thank my careful decision to not press myself for pursuing finance as my major. It’s not because it’s not my cup of tea but it’s mainly because it involves too much of accounting and lots of analytical ability which is one area I lack in.

Supply chain has been one subject which always makes me sit up. Whenever I hear this word I feel that it’s something of my domain. I wished we had some subjects which were more intense and requires more thinking ability. We have few subjects which though I do not doubt about their worth but they don’t require much of your thinking.i crave for knowledge and yearn for thought.

I really think almost all the day except sleeping. My friends are right when they spot me thinking over something. They think that I am lost but I wished had they been bit smarter to understand how much important is thinking and analyzing over minutest things in your surroundings.

One more thing has been bugging me since long. I have been thinking that I should been undertaking any research work for e.g. working on some paper presentation or case study.i have always tried to position myself as different from others and this project will give me that edge which my peers which not have.

Let’s see how things work!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just a bad day!!

yet another bad day today..i was knowing right from morning something's going to be wrong today and my intution was right.we had a group activity for organizational behaviour where we were exposed to a quiz and then dumb charade.we played pathetically all because of some goof ups and we ended up coming 4th group.such a loser were we..
the activities were divided in 3 1 st part we were supposed to nominate 1 person from our group and he had to speak on 1 minute keeping in mind 3keywords.i failed miserably on that.i could'nt even rememeber those words and i just got 3 marks.i have to improve my listening skills a lot.
then we had a marketing presentaion where we were grilled was failed show because :1)i was not prepared and confident enough about what i was speaking.2)i was not sure what exactly we were supoosed to speak and what should our PPT consist of.
as a result we ended up making something which was totally irrevelant.all hopes were broken,felt very dejected.
but i am waiting very eagerly for any other presentation so that next time i dont give any body any chance on any issues and we come home as a winner.people see me as a leader and i must show results in equal spirit.i have to work more hard.

mid terms are just next week and i still dont have any idea about what is accouinting and stats.those are the two areas where i need to work a lot.that being said,i have to give lots of effort,hard work and time apart from my regular a nutshell,stay awake for longer hours and give it to the best.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday or Satan day!!!

How bad can somebody’s Saturday be?i had witnessed the worst Saturday in the last few days.I had wasted my 1and half days and I already know that I am going to do nothing productive till Monday.

I couldn’t participate in SPANDAN only because I was supposed to undergo surgery but when I reached the hospital after taking the leave from college and abstaining myself from all the college activities ,in less than an hour I found myself left in the middle of nowhere.

I reached hospital only to discover that the doc who was supposed to operate on me had taken an urgent leave till dussehra without bothering to intimate the patients meaning thereby that I have to live with a metal screw half inside my left knee for few more days. Its tough to concentrate on things when you have seen this metal protruding outside your skin and still you have to walk, work ,do things, focus on your priorities. But you have to do it.

I felt so dejected and frustrated after coming back to college, I saw my friends busy since morning in organizing the event. Somebody is handling the guests and somebody is hosting the show and here is me who has just come back to hostel empty handed with nothing to do. The busy environment of the college is making me guilty all the more. It’s as if I am standing still in the middle of a busy railway station.
When I came to the function, the awards were being distributed.SPANDAN awards were held to recognize the achievements of individuals who had done something remarkable for the human society in terms of social work. It was a 3rd annual award. Now though I couldn’t see the whole function from the beginning but I observed something very clear from the perspective of a manager. The function was very loosely arranged with the least sense of formality. Volunteers were just roaming here and there randomly with everybody moving in a state of confusion. Absolute lack of coordination and planning.i believe the event should have been planned more in advance with delving into more details like how should the seating arrangements be, when should the lamp be lighted, by whom, who should preside, how should the events be scheduled in what order. It simply was lacking. And I was dismayed ,though know that it is easier said than done but I know that had I been there I would have given my inputs to make sure that they are all well in place.

Now the controversy part: the winner of the award was the founder of an MBA institution who had never taken any unethical and illegal means in setting it up. It’s a huge challenge and needs lots of will power and determination to go against the system. The attitude should be like a crusader and I respect him.

And there is another gentleman who is from Chennai, a businessman of high stature and very respectable in chennai.he has worked for a noble cause in which he would himself lift the dead bodies and burn or cremate them at his own cost on behalf of those people who cannot afford to do it or who are unable to do it for different reasons. He would go at length by going to USA and bring the dead body of somebody whose families are unable to get there. And mind it, he does it himself and at his own cost. He was given a memento for his invaluable work for society. He left his seminar in Chennai and came all the way to noida at his own expense just for this and this is the reward he got. He felt humiliated and frustrated and he left the function with a bad note.

What does it mean? What were the factors on which the participants’ were judged on? And does opening a college is a social cause at all? Can you judge somebody’s social work and create a merit? If the social work is for truest altruistic means and is done with utmost dedication, how can you just weigh it and proclaim that somebody’s work is better than other when both of them cherish the same sense of purpose and have the same feeling for the society.

I believe that SPANDAN should take a relook on its fundamental objectives and should take it to the next level next year with a higher order of purpose!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

will miss SPANDAN badly

My ligament tear is still not leaving me.i have to get a small surgery done tomo because the metal screw which is there in my leg has come to the skin surface and needs to be surgically removed.i have to stay in the hospital for the whole day that means missing the SPANDAN event which is scheduled for tomo. Almost half of the class in involved in some or the other kind of activities associated with that event. The event promises to deliver so much of experience in terms of public speaking, handling the delegations, chance of interacting with the corporate dignitaries and of course an opportunity to interact with so many intellectual people.

Now with my emergency operation to be done means I am about to miss all of that. This very feeling is making me so arresting and frustrated. I just can’t tell that I had been waiting for these opportunities to showcase my talents but with this operation (and hope it’s a final one) I have to take an off from tomo’s academic life.i am equally concerned because my parents sitting at home are more worried about it than I am, not to forget that the operation is going to cost some 10grands which is steep by any chance.i wished I could have contributed some part atleast,being a burden at this age on your parents is really painful.

Had a talk with my bhabhi yest and I was delighted to know that my cousin is going to be here in Delhi on Sunday for dussehra,hoping to have a get together on Sunday with all of them. Looking forward for a rocking dussehra but with a caution of finishing loads of assignments before the Tuesday deadline. That translates to the fact that my dussehra is complemented with my lappy most of the time.

This course is so much intensive that I hardly get time to study on my own let alone the newspapers and journals like Harvard business review. Insomnia is cluttering the mind most of the time but I believe this is the order of the day. People in B school are being prepared for this kind of life style which is very much aligned to corporate life, I am no different and I must accept that I should get used to it and as soon as I can.

One thing I am realizing here in IBA is that I am unlocking my hidden talents like strategy building, leading teams, and public speaking and most of all believing once that you are right and sticking to it no matter what the case.

Have to rush for my class, will be back soon with my experiences..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in narrow retrospect!!

It’s been really long time since I have written my blog. Honestly telling you I missed writing blog the most. That was one hobby which I developed when I was at home and I really loved. it was very consistent with my blogs back then and I realized the power of writing something. It gave me a sense of satisfaction that there is a medium where I can put down my thoughts and memories and can share it with people.i discovered that I am quite good in writing and I can express things more easily by writing than by saying. Though I still have to work on my grammar and my vocab but I believe that with time I will be better off.

Today evening I got my laptop and to prove how much I missed writing blogs, this is my first blog on the day of my laptop. So I will first try to recapitulate all those major events which took place within last few days, pardon me if I go at length delving on something particular and but it will be due to the fact that when I write I think freely.

I had given my CPIM exam last week for which I had been preparing from last 3 months. the exam was held in IMI.The weekend was a power packed for me because In those 2 days I did something unconventional which is unlike me.i stayed at a new found relative’s place.i hate pretending and being unnecessarily formal but at times you have to do. Went to Imi for my exam next day, must say that I was totally in awe when I visited IMI campus. It’s located in such peaceful location of Delhi with brick red buildings, lush green landscapes they were just awesome. Met my old buddy from pune in panipat.we boozed after such along time.completed all my assignments and finally after long time I found some time to do some self study. Otherwise during our normal days we are mostly busy doing our assignments and if time permits do some pre readings. Tomorrow is stats class and from last class’s experience I have vowed that no matter what I am not going to sit in that class without doing the pre reading because he teaches so fast that to grasp them one has to go through the basic funda of the contents.

We have an event called SPANDAN coming up this weekend.Spandan is an award ceremony for people who believe and have worked keeping some human values. For this event our college needed some volunteers for comparing, hosting and courting the visiting faculty.i desperately wanted to be a part of it but to a minor knee operation I will have to give it amiss am so saddened to know that I will not be there while lying idly in hospital bed. It’s frustrating at time when you see that some great opportunity is on your way and exactly when it’s knocking at your door, you have locked the door.

On a good note, today we had a presentation on Lee Iacocca in Understanding Behavior class. Each group had to present their case and guess what; we were classified to be the best among all. The prof complemented me especially for giving the presentation and handling those terse questions so well.i am so satisfied. One thing I always know and believe that when you are there at the podium presenting something ,understand the fact that you are the best and the people who are sitting listening to you are just dumb, they don’t know a thing and you’ll have to teach them like you’ll teach the laymen and trust me in each and every presentation ,you’ll be the winner.i must give credit to this skill to my friend from MIT.he was just awesome in presenting his case, no matter what our work was but he always knew that he will present thing in such a way that they will be impressed.
Have to again go back to finishing my accounts assignment, regret why I dint go for any accounts classes during my holidays, had I have attended classes I would have been at the forefront of the class.

Will keep the updates coming!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

life @ IBA!!!!

well,never ever believed that i will get so much busy in my MBA that i will find it hard to even write a blog.i was at home for close to two and half months which is supposedly my longest holiday ever.and after such a great vacation i have finally joined my dream course MBA.its been 2 Weeks since i have joined my campus and trust me the journey till now has been absolutely amazing and very fulfilling.i am feeling so complete here that i cannot just say.the campus is small but very well managed with all the amenities and infrastructure.we have close to 300 people living together in the campus with so many things happening all around at all times that you don't just get enough time even to think and time flies away.

i had been longing to share my experience on this blog from a long time but because we haven't been provided with the laptops still i could not get net connection.the first week was very new for us and a lot of emotions and activities were going through with everything new and fresh experience but the teachers ,seniors and my fellow batch mates made the whole experience very easy for me.everybody from seniors,faculty and my batch mates are very friendly and cooperative here.we have excellent teachers here who have fair share of industry experience under their belt and thus the kind of knowledge and their experience they bring into the classroom is just outstanding ,not to mention the energy and the kind of brainstorming we have in our class.

unlike engineering,here the teaching style is very different,not being a pedagogical one but very active and mutual participative.having 1-1/2 hours for each lecture,everybody gets an ample amount time to share their opinions and they are welcomed to do so..the class participation usually goes with lots of brainstorming,arguments,counter arguments ,case studies .and believe me it is so much fun and experiential that u don't realize that u need ur much needed sleep when u have just slept for 4 hours previous night completing your assignment.

life at IBA is just doesn't end,its always on the move and fast.we have classes from 9.30 in morning which generally goes till 5pm.then group meetings with seniors for groups follows or we discuss our assignments with our class groups or if somebody feels like just taking a change (only if time permits) they visit nearby hangout places.dinner is usually at 9 and after then presentations by seniors for the all in all,we are busy till 12in night.but that's not the end..after then we have to complete our class assignments for next day,do pre reading,post reading and sleep(if u find time) it scaring to you??

well it did to me too when i was also going thru the post of seniors before joining but honestly telling you that with so many people as friends we have here all the time it is just so much of fun and lively that work is never boring and pressure.i am loving my stay at campus.

as for teachers,we have some amazing faculty out here,some of them are who actually bring case studies from the morning's newspaper,such is their level of commitment to teaching and exposure.i am really blessed with having such friendly and cooperative faculty here,they are ever approachable in their faculty blocks and even be reached at 2am for any experience can be complete without Ragging..the dreaded work..

before coming here ,even i had some reservations about this thing but trust me i found not even an R of ragging,seniors are very warm and friendly,some mild intros followed and we all are looking forward for having a wonderful time in freshers party.
coming back to academic talk,i must confess that i never received so much of exposure from my engg what i have got here even during my 2 weeks with such eminent personalities coming here for guest lectures every weekend.we get real feel of corporate world,all because of the hard work and dedication of our seniors and dedicated faculty behind this.we have seminars here,students are given responsibilities of clubs,groups and this experience and lessons which we get from this can not be taught in books and is possible only if you live in a residential B school.

piece of advice i would like to give,be proactive,participate as much as you can,never lose your focus,do pre readings before class,try to push limits and most of all try to imbibe all good things from everywhere.this 2 years will never be back.not everybody gets into IIMs but thats not the end of world,people who have reached there have lived through difficulty and challenged everytihing.if you want to make a difference too,don't bother about what you've got,think how can you turn it into an opportunity.

i hope i can be more regular blogging,but for few days it will be tough as i have my CPIM exam coming soon and need to prioritize lots of things..catch you all soon.!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Objectivity is Reality!!

Time flies and i am witnesssig watching it go by.few days are left now when i have to finally pack my bags and leave for my coll.and as the date of departure is coming closer ,innumerable thoughst ae crossing my mind.i am attending dinners at my relatives place each night and evenings are mostly spend with meeting family freinds and relatives..

So it was yesterday i met with my dad's freind who had visited late i have become taciturn is socializing with people whom i scarcely know or with whom i dont share a common topic to discuss with but here he was,i dont know but somehow we hit it off, because he took pains in discussing my favourite topic called PHILOSOPHY.we discussed all range of topics like power of reason,ego,morality,ethics,culture ,values and law of nature etc etc and i must say it was very enlightening.but there were few issues which i differed with him outright but i dared not be critical with him then.but since morning my mind is swaying back and forth on those issues and making me below is the the letter which i wanted to write to him which will never reach him:

Hello uncle,
I sincerly thank you for engaging me in such a enlightening and fruitful discussion we had last evening.i am astonished and flabbergasted to know the richnesss and deep insight of your knowledge on these issues but please spare me my ignorance but i beg to differ with you on few issues.

I still believe that reason should be the hightest moral principle and guiding force of mankind.there is no limit on the horizon of reason and should never be because reasoning clears the doubt and shows the truth.

Your ideology says:if the husband and wife live a life of reason and they both are equal in terms of knowledge then there are bound to be ego hassles and the strength of institution of marriage gets weaker because the ego comes mid way and man will be hurt because his ego will hurt.

I think the premise of your philosophy is flawed because if the ego is hurt and the cause of ego is unreasonable then the ego is invalid.its a wrong emotion and the reason why we get hurt is because from centuries man has always believed and lived with the false assumption that female is the lesser soul and she deserves to be dominated and that is why she was deprived of education and awareness.she has always been dominated and her desires suppressed in the name of male go,and now when they are empowered and they ask for their rights we are hurt!!

We need to change our orthodox values.civilization and society changes with time and changes for the good.i am of the belief that if a person lives a rational life then reason will make him find the cause of this unprecedented emotion and will auto correct it based on this objective reality.if you go and look down the history you will come to believe that whatever advancements society has achieved is because of the men of reason.we always move ahead and not backward.

Please excuse me for my naivety but my beliefs are based on the practical truth which i see now and everywhere and which is here to stay!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outliers- Review!!

We all are very much aware that to achieve success we need to do lots of hard work,we must have the will power,perseverence and dedication to achieve that goal.and if we go and find out the IQ of all the succesful people we will see that they have a greater level of IQ than most of the far so good but what we havent observed is that there are still a large group of people living amongst us and largely unheard of but they have an IQ ranging too high and some times the value is above the IQ of highly accaomplished dignitaries.
for example there is a guy called Chris Langan whose IQ when tested came to be close to 180 which is way above Einstein's IQ but wait a it not contradicting our premise about the succes and high IQ analogy.

Why are some people successful and why some people are not when both of them are equally intelligent?
What are the factors which help make a person successful or lets put the question in its fundamental way that what is the story of success?

This is not my eureka query but this is what has been explained in the brilliant book called OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell.i just finished reading it and i am totally impressed by it.its a wonderfully written book in true Gladwell style with full of real life examples.the stories are very well researched and well analysed so the way Gladwell has presented the facts it makes a compelling understanding of what he means to say and helps make his point ingrained in our psyche.

To help understand what this book is all about,Outliers basically means the people who lie differently from the rest of the people in the same group from the set of common parameters like efficiency, success rate etc and etc.

In Outliers we come to know what makes these people so different and and trust me this book very well explains that there are some other factors apart from dedication,will power which has helped them become an Outlier and thus it forces us to think in a very unusual but rational direction to understand it better.

It is a very crisp and light read in a very no nonsense wonder why i found this book in the reading lists of most of the MBA grads of Harvard and Wharton.i liked his Tipping Point and this book made me a even stauncher fan of gladwell.

To avoid the void i have just bought 'Story of Philosophy' by Will Durant and 'Vedanta Philosophy' by Swami Vivekananda.needed a change from the management and light reads so picked philosophy.
I hope i finish it soon as i cant keep my hands off this one!!1

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind at its Maximum Waywardness !!

after a long time relishing at home the time has finally come when i have to pack my bags and leave for my MBA i am making myself prepared completely what's lying in store for me in the coming days and years.there's lots of emotions and feelings squandering my mind as the days are passing over.1 year back at this time i did not even had the faintest idea where i am going for my Mba.

those days were so tough for me with tensions of all sorts looming in my mind about my future.each day was different and with each day i was fighting for paving my way for securing a seat in Mba.
and it is now that my dream for Mba has come true and in some days ill just pack my back and start my struggle for getting the top placements like just everyone else.things have been so different and has changed so fast that it had hardly left me any time to think about it.

but the feeling right now is very different and i assume this feeling will be the same with the people who are exactly at my position.people who have done nothing substantial and ground breaking in graduation,people who took their engg casually,could not get a bright career at start,realized the reality little late and fought with the time and gave their best with what resources they had,landed in a fairly descent Mba coll,believing that they are different from others and they have the capability to outperform others, believing that they have the so called 'outliers' traits,willing to put in the hard work and trying to best use their little time to undo all the odd deeds,people who have fire in their bellies,but surrounded with normal and average IQ people and still determined to prove the worth...this is what i mean by how i think and what's giving me mixed emotions..

at one time i see that after endless and frantic days of filling zillions of admissions forms,giving so many group discussions and interviews its satisfying and encouraging that some college has given me the chance and realized my potential but on the other side i am nervous by thinking will i be able to deliver what i am thinking,will i be able to make myself counted among the best students in IBA,will i become a better man and prepare myself to start a successful corporate life..
will i be able to deliver and fulfil the expectations of my parents and relatives who are counting so much on me when i will be encircled and living with people who are just about average students ,studying by just average teachers and an normal environment..

i think its just a part of negative wave which passes within my mind occasionally because the bottom line which i know is that no atmosphere can be challenging if you don't see it that way and to see it that way you have to be extremely focussed and must be willing to work hard no matter what comes in between..

someone rightly said "winners never quit,quitters never win".

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kaminey Review!!

guess what??i treated myself on sunday by watching KAMINEY.this was one movie for which i was waiting for a long time as it seemed promising from its trailers.and i happy to make my decision worth evry penny by watching it.

true to vishal bhardwaj's style,it proved itself as what i had been was very faced paced,gripping and no nonsense thriller movie.well,the movie was diferent from the others and it appealed to me in the sense because it was little unpredictable and most part of the story was moving in the way that it was left upto the viewers to figure out what was going around.

during the first half of the movie i am very sure most of the people must have kept guessing where the head and tail of the movie was very mixed with different stories moving parallel and seemingly intertwined.

to put simply in a a nutshell,you need to bring brains with you to figure out whats going around.and that was the beauty of the whole movie that it kept the audience totally in control of the story and it was very gripping.

i remember watching lots of blank faces in the washrtoom during intermission.
the screenplay was also just superb.very contrast scenes lurching waywardly and the various shades of the characters added more to its out-of-leak style.
though i would say the story was a typical Ram and Shyam story but the way the director has moulded itself that it was old wine in a new bottle.

full marks to KAMINEY!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

In The Middle Of Rapid Change

i want to avoid being platitudinous and cliched but this deserves acknowledging the fact that with time people do change.

same is true for me.being at home without the pressures of study and work,it has given me enough opportunity to retrospect myself and take a trip down the memory lane.its a general phenomenon that the maximum change happens to a person during his very early years but i have come to believe that things are little different on my side.i had experienced such a drastic change in my perception and outlook within last 2 years and that too so fast which i really couldn't have expected it.

well,i was really not able to figure out what exactly am i into and on a macro side what phase of life am i going through currently.the more i tried to delved deep into this question,the more obfuscating it became.after bit of pondering i coined a phase and can safely say that it aptly suits me and it goes like 'in a middle of rapid change'.

and i completely agree with it as i have every reason to believe it.
that change has made me more receptive,understanding,patient,i have started analysing things differently and to some extent goal oriented..
i know there are a lot of my Friends who tell me that i have changed a lot and i am different or i don't talk all that much now.i say that yes they are right and i do enjoy my this state very much.its just that i am still trying to figure out my real self and who i really am,what is my comfortable zone what are my liking and dis the days pass by,i am able to unravel my quests and am able to figure out abt the things.

so to those who think that i am not the one whom they knew in college days,its 'work-in-progress!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ready to begin my MBA

hey after months of long wait ,my MBA journey is finally going to begin from 29th of august.i had been waiting for this very day from a long time since year and a half.i started as my dream to get enrolled in the best college with my MBA prep but fate had its own plans and i am destined to graduate from INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY.

though its not among the big wigs but the management running this organisation is very aggressive and i am very glad to find the same level of professionalism and seriousness in their attitude which is enough to justify my a time due to my scores and amazing acads there were no colleges who were offering me admission which made me start to think at one point of time if i will be able to get admission. atlast IBA showed faith in me and here i am proudly admitting to be a student of class 2011.

have to do all sort of shopping before then,prepare my resume ,organize my documents ,gets some passport sized snaps before i reach there.excitement has already started to unfold and i am really very eager to start a new phase of my life. until now i have been reading blogs of B-school students but in a course of time i will also join the big league and into the race towards corporate world.

i wish myself all the best!!

on a typical day!!

its going to be close to 2months since i am at home.i must say that i am very sure that in future never am i going to get such a long holiday until i retire.long holidays can start becoming boring especially when the destination is home and you have no freinds,no place to hang out.

well i am not grudging about this vacation.i had been longing for this time since last 1 year.yeah its been bit streched though.

so what is my idea of holiday..well ,on an average day i wake up at 9,prepare my breakfast and study till 2(thats because there's no power at home and i am left with no option). of course it can be rightly presumed that my CPIM prep is keeping me on my toes.then have lunch,bathe and do some surfing.if there is any further desire,i do some more of study.but by the time sun starts to set my mom starts to push me to go for jogging(which i find tough because i am too lazy) and i am again left with no option because if i don't go then i am not allowed to open my fridge stocked with all delicacies.

come home,make myself an amazing ginger-lemon-honey tea,have bath and do some serious study until dinner is dinner is my leisure time and i usually spend that time in reading a good novel(peter drucker currently) or solving CAT material(which ironically is my latest fad).and believe me now i can solve in sec(or 30sec) how much is 58796*32468/97856..

if it seems daunting,then one should wait for my blog after i join my there dosent stop by night and its hard work,smart work and living at its max..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dichotomy between Occidental & Oriental

this is something over which i have been pondering from quite a long time,did some reseach,made some logical guesses and now i am ready to share some of the ideas and thoughts about issues behind the dichotomy between the developed world and developing world.

well,as Charles Darwin rightly presented his ideas in his book ORIGIN OF SPECIES which led to deep understanding about the survival of the is very interesting to relate the race among the humans to lead the eternal combat to just is very evident and common sense that everyboidy needs some way for the survival which in turn can be achieved by economic activity.economic activity and production of resources develops human society.

The society is recognised by its culture,its history,is lineage,values and the progress.the quality of the society is directly related to the quantity and the quality of the creation by the very society.

if you go by the crude way then this process of production and creation of the product by addition of value to the raw materials by the constitution of society is called technology.

my definition of technology does sound different from the definition we know now.the stark difference is because the defintion of technology is itself evolving in nature. centuries ago say around 1700s the technology was centred mostly mechanical i.e the source of income of the people was mainly by physical work through innovations in mechanical work.i can vouch for that because ages ago there were no industries and nothing was automated ,the economy was almost agrarian and the gross national prodcution was mostly due to agricuture and blue collar work.hence in olden times everyone was equally rich and equally poor across demographics.

but the western countries started seeing the change in the technology from mechanical to information.slowly and slowly the technology became information and most jobs started shifting to i said before,this again resulted in formation of a group or a result most of the high paying jobs went to information technology which was a brain child of the west,most of the innovations came from western world and hence the quality of the society started growing better in western countries.

when industrial revolution started and took place in europe,the oriental were still living in mechanical technolgy and were still busy with mechanical innovations which were low in oriental or third world remained poor cousins of west and hence we were left with abundence of blue collar people.

as a result we will see in coming times when western countries will find shortage of blue collar workers due to higher education imparted to them and the chances of better standard of living as compared to jobs in agrarian work or blue collar and we will accept industrialization by shifting from kingdoms and vying for white collar jobs.

if this seems convincing or even if does not then one can try to juxtapose my views with the historical incidents and once will come to believe that they all seem relevent to what am saying here.

my ideas became more solidified when i read peter drucker.he had explained some very interesting theories which has contributed to my analysis.