Saturday, December 12, 2009

APICS-My Asset

There was a day when I was frantically searching on internet for some certifications regarding operations management desperately and there I got to learn about APICS course. After some time of goggling I came to the conclusion that APICS is one of the most sought of courses for OPS guys, somebody who wants to build a solid career in supply chain industry, some body who dreams of becoming a business process consultant, APICS is a surest way to reach there. Ever since then I had only been dreaming about doing APICS day in and day out. That day I had not even believed that I would someday come this far and so close of being in it.

today, on December 12th 2009 I wrote my second module of CPIM exam called MPR(MANUFACTURING PLANNING AND RESOURCE).when I think back about clearing the first module, when I tell people that that I am doing a course on supply chain and when I sit amongst the top notch business process consultants and the best minds and write my Apics exam then I feel very empowered, I feel very motivated, I feel that I am well on the way to be a member of that elite clique of supply chain professionals. As I was giving my 2nd exam today in IMI, i was having the same feeling. My vision, mission and my goal had become more clear, direct and objective. I felt more determined than ever, more resolute than ever and made me to accept that this exam had actually given me a better meaning of my life. I now know where I want to go, what to I want to do to reach there and when do I have to reach there.

Today, I know, and I dream of becoming of Business Process Consultant. I know it will take time it will be tough, I will meet with failures and sometimes I will feel very dejected but I will keep on walking. I may be late but one day I will reach there.

I want people to recognize me as a consultant. As I was answering those 75 questions based on supply chain I realized that I was damn engrossed in solving them, I could think of nothing else for those 3 hrs and when I finished my exam I felt a kind of competeness, a kind of high which is unexplainable, I realized that I too have the bent of bent which is needed for those people, I could think analytically and could implement those concepts.

From now on APICS is my way of life. I will eat, sleep, and drink APICS.

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