Friday, December 18, 2009

Best class in IBA today

I had the privilege of learning from one of the best teachers of marketing in the campus. Today we had a class at 11pm by him which was scheduled all of a sudden and only 9 people were selected for this class. Before the class nobody even had a faintest idea as to what the class was all about.

He is leaving for IIM, Bangalore tomorrow for submitting a paper presentation and he will be visiting IBA Bangalore for presenting his business plan. So he decided that he should take a class with us before he goes for the final presentation. Instead of presentation he actually put forth a situation where we were made into focus groups and made to brainstorm for the business plan. We actually engaged in a very intellectually simulating and intense discussion about actually formulating a business plan. He is such a great discussion driver that he made us think hard about each and every subtle nuances and very beautifully contradict each other views. I had never had such a great class.
Imagine the class went up till 1AM and nobody even realized the time. The methodology he used is called BRAIN MAPPING. He had used the tag stickers and used the flowcharts and tree diagram to make a comprehensive plan. This gave us a real feel as to how to formulate an actual business plan and what are the fine details which could come into play.
I am feeling very happy and thoughtful after coming back from his lecture. Wishing such good surprises to shower us from time to time.

On another front, few guys from our batch have been selected to represent IIM-A for an event in january.IIMs had been Dream College for me and I always wanted to know how the life in IIMs would be. I can see my dream come true no matter in which ways. Can’t just wait to go there.

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