Thursday, October 29, 2009

Campus Back to its Life!!!

After coming back from home post diwali I have noticed something phenomenal and unusual which I had not experienced till the mid terms. The loads of classes and assignments has significantly reduced and we get sometimes lots of classes cancelled,rescheduled,less assignments and what more the subjects are also becoming more interesting..I am just wondering how and if at all what I am perceiving is true or just my mind is contrived.

may be I am so used to these things that the deadlines just don’t seem to straining me anymore and the grueling schedules are getting accepted to me. No doubt my pace of activities is also increasing with so much time available with me. The senior batch has also come back to the campus from their vacations and the campus is again back to life with all the action happening everywhere. The atmosphere in the campus after dinner is just worth watching. You will see different club meetings happening somewhere in the campus with large group of students in a huddle(now that reminds me that I have to do something for operations club as well) ,people playing badminton and football under flood light,freinds and seniors just chilling out at the cafeteria enjoying the hot sip of triple strong coffee and of course no of couples trying to just spend some intimate moments with each other..

And where do I find myself.well unlike them I finish off my dinner, go to cafeteria, have my bournvita,talk to few worthy people and discuss about some things and directly come back to my room racing toward the assignments ,competitions, projects and my certificate study. With so many things having to finish, my nights do stretch till 5 am more or less. My average hour of sleep has reduced to 4-5 hrs and still I crib why we have got only 24hrs a day.

good thing is that we have 2 days of holiday this weekend and I am planning to take a break from college and go to my friends place, have some beer, do masti and roam delhi.just been waiting for the power packed weekend to come. But having said that I have to wind up some high priority work before I take a leave.

Looking forward for good fun!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vital Vs Trivial!!!

I am beginning to wonder if B school lifestyle and culture is making me lazy or more active. at times there seems to be a conflict in my mind because if I consider my pace in executing my tasks and completing the assignments then I would rate myself to be fairly active guy but when it comes to doing my daily chores and trivial things I am just too diffident to do anything. And this just reminded me that I have to:
Change my wound dressing which I was supposed to change a long back,
Wash my briefs and handkerchiefs (which if I don’t do tonight my getting ready for tomo would be in jeopardy),
Have to take my medicines which I should have taken during lunch,
Get the washed linens from laundry (else the jeopardy for getting ready will change to a sure shot 0 probability of attending my stats class).

In spite of knowing that the weightage of my laziness overpowers my activeness I still am too lazy to believe I should change my presumptions. I have a one liner for this by which I go by "vital few-trivial many"..That means you tend to go for only vital things and leave trivial things. But I guess my threshold level has reached.

Well if u haven’t figured that out yet, what you have been reading till now was 'trivial many’ from my perspective.Here comes the vital few.

Feeling happy that I have taken initiative in completing my essay which is going to be a part of the competition I am participating in. Luckily I had done a fair amount of research and I am happy that I had been able to put those things in coherent and logical manner.
Am currently able to devote some part of my time for APICS prep as well and I am just wondering, tensed and curious if I will actually be able to keep my prep going as I expected to. If I actually be able to do so,i'd be the happiest guy.

Just changed the layout of my blog and read some really really nice blogs from students of ISB and WHARTON. Thankfully something motivated me to think and write my blog. My nonexistent readers will surely like this.

See yaa soon!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

5 AM works!!!

At 5 in the morning what do you expect a normal person to be upto.A normal sane person would be dead sleep but here in Mba I realized the figure of 5 is too exciting and that is why I chose to write a blog rather than catch-up up on my sleep.

And its not that I am a compulsive blogger (though I have started doubting on that off late), but it’s because I have a strong thinking ingrained in myself that this is the two years in my life when I can choose to live the life of out its max.these are few moments which I am going to take with myself when I pass out of this b school and probably few years down the line I might like to just think back about all those crazy things we had done.

No wonder you can imagine the state of a guy who has attended Lectures till 8 pm and then busy firefighting with the tons of assignments till 4.30.if this feels daunting then yes it did to me as well but once you become part of the whole crowd then its just a mad rush to meet deadlines, to do maximum things in a day and believe me it’s fun. And at the end of the day when it’s time to hit the bed and you try to think what you did since morning then there will be innumerable things. I am coming to realize that Mba is not a course which will give you some exclusive and specialized knowledge but the whole purpose is to reinforce the idea of team work, time, strategy and of course few doggone subjects like MANAC.

I don’t know what occurred to me suddenly that I thought I should rather write something. For most of my waking hours I have been either watching something on MS OFFICE or working on some MS office. So the idea hit me that why not use ms office at 5 am. (yes, this can sound silly to you because my weary mind).

Anyway, coming back to few issues.i got my score card of my APICS exam and I got 93 % result. Well if you feel it’s a wonderful job then it’s an illusion because the passing score is 300 out of 330 so getting 307 is no big deal and I am scared as to what will happen to me in the coming exams when my level of prep is anytime going to be lesser than what I gave to BSCM.moreover because I had prepared very hard for this exam during my vacations. This clearly shows how much more smart people in this world are.

Looking forward to enrolling myself for next APICS module and buying materials. Will have to go to noida to buy this book and it is lots of money.

Today we had a guest lecture; it was a lady from National entrepreurship network. The lecture was just to make us aware that there is a society and a organization which works for nurturing the prospective entreprenuers.they have something called E Cell in all good engg and mba colleges which is run by students who are deeply passionate about entrepreneurship .they conduct some events and workshops from time to time and they are also mentored by industry people if they find that the ideas have some potential.

The presentation really moved me and it gave me a good food for thought. I really think now that if I calculate how much money will I be able to earn in my whole life time which working for somebody and how much money will I be able to earn if I am an entrepreneur.

Time will see which way I am moving as for the ppt today has changed my outlook and forced me to come out of my closet and think something bold.
I am looking forward for my honest participation towards this cause.

Time to take a nap.Have to wake up at 8am.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali-Before & After!!

If I’d not written this blog during this time then I would have been totally unfair to myself because of so many developments happening recently. I am guessing if this is supposed to be long one.allright first things first.

I got my much needed vacation for diwali from college for 4 days and I somehow managed to get my tickets and came home. When I say that I somehow managed to get my tickets I am trying to underplay the whole adventure and the so called thrill attached with it. To be honest and little daring, (at least while blogging),I had my first brush with the Delhi thugs and in a real costly way.i paid 2200 for a waitlisted AC ticket which actually costs 1350bucks.on the top of that I spent my 7hrs just for that and bribed another 200 to the TTE and ended up getting a place to stretch my legs in train at 4 AM. Is that how to take ‘good and sound ‘decisions? I am too upset to write something more on this.

On the good part, I came to the place called HOME, met my sis RICHA whom I haven’t met for a long time. The feeling is so special when the whole family is together after such a long time and you are celebrating diwali together, playing pranks on each other is just undescribable.i just love my holidays.

But the big things are that on Dhanteras when people buy valuable assets, I bought an invaluable book called ‘My Years at General Motors’ by the legendary ALFRED SLOAN. Unfortunately I am not getting enough time to finish the book and I am struggling to complete it. For those who want to buy the book, my piece of advice is buy it only when you are very serious management reader and you are looking for minutiae intricacies of corporate mangement,structure,policies and governance.

I am very sure that this book will provide me the much needed insight to take a look at management in a new and broader way, let’s see how things go.

Now comes the best part, as you all by now must have heard a lot of times that I had been preparing for my APICS exam, so day before yesterday I got my result that I have successfully cleared the exam. My first foot forward to career in Operations has proved to a a best one. I am very elated, confident and relived. My will has become much much stronger that I am not less than anyone, I do posses those capabilities which people in Operations have and I must and must pursue my next module at any cost. When I say that I am very resolute in continuing my next module with my MBA,I will have to give a lot of effort ,meaning thereby managing time very well, doings things faster and efficiently and sleeping less.

Sleep is my bottleneck and I generally tend to give up if I lose my sleep for few days. I have to show consistency in my effort.

Looking forward to finishing eBook on Leadership by JACK WELCH. Can’t believe book reading can also be given as an assignment, though I love reading books and I would be very forthcoming in reviewing the book.

I have too many things in my head, just trying to figure out how to plan it out.
There is an essay writing competition on business topics for which I have to give good time on research, then I am also participating in paper presentation competition, have to maintain my GPA for end term, study for MPR as well. And I am still wondering how to do it.

Am sure with days passing by, things will formulate and I will be able to see things happening more clearly.

As of now going to help mom in preparing my favorite breakfast and editing this text.

See ya!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

celebrating 45days in IBA!!!

Finally a big sigh of relief has come knocking to our door after we gave today our last paper of the mid terms. The exam went quite smooth with most of them as sitters. It’s been 1 and half month in the college and honestly saying we haven’t got the time to think and the time has flown. To mark the end of the midterm we gave away with our last paper as well today.

Today is the first day when I am so much relaxed in the college otherwise there was not a single time when I had nothing to do and I was sitting idle in the college (that is different issue that I don’t like sitting idle and I would find time to do something constructive). In my previous posts I have mentioned that I am longing for the day when I would be peacefully sitting on the staircases of roof top with all my batch mates just chatting over random topics and today I have witnessed it.

It’s such a good feeling especially when you have been slogging till late nights firefighting with your group for completion of the assignments and at the same time attending the lectures which is followed by presentation by seniors for various group activities and then do your own study till the exams that you hardly get time to breathe and one day you find yourself sitting on rooftop with your entire batch after dinner with very cool breeze flowing and you see all your friends just very happy ,relaxed ,all giving good vibes with somebody pulling somebody’s leg for some reason and here you are sitting amidst them all and you see all these things happening in front of you and then you feel just so peace at large that you just give a sweet smile looking at such a scenario of friends jelling up with each other and the bond of friendship already sowing and the kind of feeling which you get is simply indescribable.

This very feeling is so much precious for me especially because it reminded me of that day when few months back I used to prepare for my Mba entrance exams sitting in my 6by6 feet room for 12hrs working harder only by motivating myself because I wanted myself that one day I am also going to join Mba and I will be sitting with my batch mates and chilling with them and then I would retrospect the hard times I had been through in my past and today is the day when I see that dream coming true. I feel blessed today. Unlike others my experiences make me more positive in my life and have made me more determined that if you want something very desperately then you will get it.

When I am writing this I am also having nagging thought that the way we have seen 1 and ½ months flying from our face we won’t realize how we will see the end of our Mba.I can imagine the intensity of togetherness and unity among our batch mates within this time that parting away from our family is surely going to be a very emotional affair. We all will be stepping into corporate world and few years down the line when will meet some of our batch mates and take a trip down the memory lane we will surely miss those wonderful lifetime memories.

Before I get more senti I would sign off with the line:

You don’t just gain your MBA, you life an experience!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama as Nobel Peace Prize Winner???

Yesterday night while preparing for my exam I just took a break for few mins and thought that I should be good idea to take a look at the current news. I opened TOI and I was taken aback by knowing that Barack Obama has been given Nobel peace prize for 2009 for his ‘untiring initiatives’ in nuclear disarmament. In words of Nobel committee he is given award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”..

I am really surprised and puzzled as to how come obama figure out in the lists of Nobel prizes awardees for peace prize. What really is intriguing is the fact that it has just been months that Obama has taken the highest position of the US and the initiative which he has undertaken for making the world nuclear weapons free is disputed too. At one point us is thinking of making the world nuclear weapons free under the leadership of Obama and on the other hand under his gun us is supplying weapons, arms and ammunition to countries like Pakistan,Israel,Georgia.How could we justify obama to be seen as a leader working towards peace!

I believe it is too premature to recognize Obama for his so called achievements because evidence has shown that his contributions is mere a bold initiative and still no substantial development has taken place not to mention that when we recognize Obama with Nobel peace prize we are putting him in the league of marrthi attisaari,mohammed younus,IPCC,Mother Teresa who have devoted their entire life in doing some ground breaking and some extraordinary work and there is little dispute and no second thoughts between their achievements and the recognition.

Putting Obama in that league is rather immature and it just shows the lack of vision and mission from the Nobel panel. There are still people who are actively working hard in uplifting the poverty and contributing their efforts in bringing the society towards world peace in the jungles of Africa, deserts of Sahara and as far as in Korea but it is really astonishing and saddening to know that obama has been recognized those people who actually deserve the recognition have been harshly overlooked..

In the words of Obama he has himself shown his humblity by ackoledging that he does not deserve to be in this elite group. If we consider the achievements of last year’s Nobel awardee we will find:
Marrthi ahtisaari:
After 13 years of UN Namibia involvement, Mr. Ahtisaari's position as Under-Secretary General ended on June 30, 1991. His first peacemaking task resulted in the independence of Namibia. This experience has had crucial importance in his later work.
During this time Finland joined the European Union and overcame a severe economic recession.
Together with the Crisis Management Initiative facilitated the peace process between the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement.
Facilitating the withdrawal of Yugoslav/Serbian military and security forces from Kosovo and the establishment there of an international security and civil presence.
Promotes youth employment and entrepreneurship through the Imagine Nations Group.

I understand that a person who has taken a very bold initiative of making the world nuclear weapons free must be given the support and recognition because curbing this menace means saving the world from doomsday and bringing the world towards eternal peace and it should be applauded when this volunteering comes from none other than the world’s most powerful person Barack Obama .But I want to take a step back and ask the most fundamental question ,is the Nobel prize awarded to people who have already achieved this hiatus or its objective to support somebody in its initiative whether is past records qualify him for that or not?

Are the Nobel committee not diverting from its objective of honoring people than taking responsibility and using its status in satisfying its objective.
If I have not gone too far than I have started to believe already that in my view MAGSESAY awards are more valuable than Nobel.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Silence is the Loudest Sound!!

To give you a fair idea about how intensive and rigorous is the course, let me give you an example of yesterday.we had classes till 8 in the evening followed by assignments which went on till 1 in the morning.mid terms are coming so had to slog out for that too .hence we studied till 5 in the morning. Woke up at 9 sharp and in 30 mins I outdid by best timing by getting ready, having breakfast till reaching the class in 30 mins.The craziest fact that 9 am is the prime time for bathroom occupancy and you literally have to run around the whole hostel treasuring for some vacant bathroom.

The situation was made more worse when we realized that the class is for ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR. The subject seems interesting as long as there is some group activities in the class but when you have slept for just 4 hrs and reach the class dreary eyed with less than half class attendance imagine what trauma you have gone through.
To add salt to our wound, the Understanding Behavior class in which we were supposed to show case our PPT got cancelled for which we burned the midnight oils. But you don’t sit back and agonize but u just accept it as it comes knowing that it’s part and parcel of the course. This entire situation just makes you get a feel of real life situation and lets you handle each and every minute of yours.

With classes getting cancelled, the message which faculty seems to be giving is very loud and clear. I interpret it as 'fasten your belts guys because this is the silent before the storm'.
So that after mid terms we won’t have enough reason to complain about the PLs which we rightfully deserved.
talking about my priorities, well I am very clear from my mind that I am not going to spend any more energy on completing assignments till exam, all my focus has to be on my subjects especially the monster ones STATS and ACCOUNTS as they are the ones I am unfamiliar with. All in all sleep has to be the sacrificial lamb.

I hope I just do as I have planned. Updates will follow as for now time to go into the depths of probability cases!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

24hrs,full power!!!

To say that 24hrs is less is an understatement.i just wished someday that the earth would stop moving and i will get enough time to wind up my work,complete my studies and will have plenty of time to sit lazily in the campus garden in the evening and watch the evening football match leisurly with absolutely no worries going in the back of my head.
but i just forget that this is an MBA program where time is of essense.i have realized that for most of the time what i do is i spend 53%(this figure is also the result of my deep thinking) in planning my matter why its said that to be a better manager what you need to learn is how to plan your own time.
i have been spending my sunday today in a very MBA way.woke up at 9AM and since then i have not moved from my bed except lunch and dinner.all my time passed in either preparing for my mid term exams or reading some nice business articles or thinking about some marketing that usual or unusual??

came back from hospital yesterday after having my surgery done was a one day affair.thanks to my freinds who were with me for all the day taking care of everything and relieivng my parents of the tension which would have caused them otherwise.the very day when i got discharged from hospital,i had to attend my economics can imaging the condition of a guy who has just got operated and can barely walk,who is still unbale to overcome the high dose of anesthesia a nd being made to sit in ECONOMICS was real hard to keep my eyes open,felt like just dozing of there and then.
just got done with my accounts assignment.feeling ecsatatic by thinking that i am the only one in my class who has cracked this case study that means ill be the only one who will be presenting the case in the class tomo,inspite of the fact that i am from non commerce background.feel pity for these commerce people and my belief has become more stronger that these people dont think from their head,thy're just crammers..

will have to leave this blog at here because i have to again go back for my statistics thing..tough case to crack!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 month in IBA

It’s going to be almost a month since I first joined the campus. And this 1 month has been tremendous in terms of experience and learning. I faced lots of ups and downs in this 1 month.

I didn’t realize that it would take me some time to settle here in this campus compared to my peers. One reason what I can attribute to this is that I see them very happy and satisfied. As if that’s what’s they wanted and they got. There I differ, I am happy because I am doing MBA which I dreamt of and I have got a good college but I am not satisfied and still believe that I deserve something more. This month has uncovered numerous aspect of my personality by exposing me to different situations and I have come to find that I have so many skills which I can hone them in good direction.

For e.g. I never knew that I am a good public speaker, I can converse with people intelligently, think deeply and critically. I can handle the work pressure and I can meet deadlines .I can work hard and I have a tremendous ability to adjust with the situation. With so many group activities going on I can even say safely that I am good team player and I am a good coordinator.

On an academic front, I find that there are few subjects who I find interesting but before joining MBA I never knew that .I have got a good liking about marketing. My prejudice for marketing has come to shatters because marketing involves so much of logical and deep analysis that sometimes its mind boggling. The level of high you get when you think something strategically cannot be described. Then finance is another area which I am scared of. I thank my careful decision to not press myself for pursuing finance as my major. It’s not because it’s not my cup of tea but it’s mainly because it involves too much of accounting and lots of analytical ability which is one area I lack in.

Supply chain has been one subject which always makes me sit up. Whenever I hear this word I feel that it’s something of my domain. I wished we had some subjects which were more intense and requires more thinking ability. We have few subjects which though I do not doubt about their worth but they don’t require much of your thinking.i crave for knowledge and yearn for thought.

I really think almost all the day except sleeping. My friends are right when they spot me thinking over something. They think that I am lost but I wished had they been bit smarter to understand how much important is thinking and analyzing over minutest things in your surroundings.

One more thing has been bugging me since long. I have been thinking that I should been undertaking any research work for e.g. working on some paper presentation or case study.i have always tried to position myself as different from others and this project will give me that edge which my peers which not have.

Let’s see how things work!!