Sunday, October 4, 2009

24hrs,full power!!!

To say that 24hrs is less is an understatement.i just wished someday that the earth would stop moving and i will get enough time to wind up my work,complete my studies and will have plenty of time to sit lazily in the campus garden in the evening and watch the evening football match leisurly with absolutely no worries going in the back of my head.
but i just forget that this is an MBA program where time is of essense.i have realized that for most of the time what i do is i spend 53%(this figure is also the result of my deep thinking) in planning my matter why its said that to be a better manager what you need to learn is how to plan your own time.
i have been spending my sunday today in a very MBA way.woke up at 9AM and since then i have not moved from my bed except lunch and dinner.all my time passed in either preparing for my mid term exams or reading some nice business articles or thinking about some marketing that usual or unusual??

came back from hospital yesterday after having my surgery done was a one day affair.thanks to my freinds who were with me for all the day taking care of everything and relieivng my parents of the tension which would have caused them otherwise.the very day when i got discharged from hospital,i had to attend my economics can imaging the condition of a guy who has just got operated and can barely walk,who is still unbale to overcome the high dose of anesthesia a nd being made to sit in ECONOMICS was real hard to keep my eyes open,felt like just dozing of there and then.
just got done with my accounts assignment.feeling ecsatatic by thinking that i am the only one in my class who has cracked this case study that means ill be the only one who will be presenting the case in the class tomo,inspite of the fact that i am from non commerce background.feel pity for these commerce people and my belief has become more stronger that these people dont think from their head,thy're just crammers..

will have to leave this blog at here because i have to again go back for my statistics thing..tough case to crack!!!

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