Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Objectivity is Reality!!

Time flies and i am witnesssig watching it go by.few days are left now when i have to finally pack my bags and leave for my coll.and as the date of departure is coming closer ,innumerable thoughst ae crossing my mind.i am attending dinners at my relatives place each night and evenings are mostly spend with meeting family freinds and relatives..

So it was yesterday i met with my dad's freind who had visited us.off late i have become taciturn is socializing with people whom i scarcely know or with whom i dont share a common topic to discuss with but here he was,i dont know but somehow we hit it off, because he took pains in discussing my favourite topic called PHILOSOPHY.we discussed all range of topics like power of reason,ego,morality,ethics,culture ,values and law of nature etc etc and i must say it was very enlightening.but there were few issues which i differed with him outright but i dared not be critical with him then.but since morning my mind is swaying back and forth on those issues and making me perplexed.so below is the the letter which i wanted to write to him which will never reach him:

Hello uncle,
I sincerly thank you for engaging me in such a enlightening and fruitful discussion we had last evening.i am astonished and flabbergasted to know the richnesss and deep insight of your knowledge on these issues but please spare me my ignorance but i beg to differ with you on few issues.

I still believe that reason should be the hightest moral principle and guiding force of mankind.there is no limit on the horizon of reason and should never be because reasoning clears the doubt and shows the truth.

Your ideology says:if the husband and wife live a life of reason and they both are equal in terms of knowledge then there are bound to be ego hassles and the strength of institution of marriage gets weaker because the ego comes mid way and man will be hurt because his ego will hurt.

I think the premise of your philosophy is flawed because if the ego is hurt and the cause of ego is unreasonable then the ego is invalid.its a wrong emotion and the reason why we get hurt is because from centuries man has always believed and lived with the false assumption that female is the lesser soul and she deserves to be dominated and that is why she was deprived of education and awareness.she has always been dominated and her desires suppressed in the name of male go,and now when they are empowered and they ask for their rights we are hurt!!

We need to change our orthodox values.civilization and society changes with time and changes for the good.i am of the belief that if a person lives a rational life then reason will make him find the cause of this unprecedented emotion and will auto correct it based on this objective reality.if you go and look down the history you will come to believe that whatever advancements society has achieved is because of the men of reason.we always move ahead and not backward.

Please excuse me for my naivety but my beliefs are based on the practical truth which i see now and everywhere and which is here to stay!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outliers- Review!!

We all are very much aware that to achieve success we need to do lots of hard work,we must have the will power,perseverence and dedication to achieve that goal.and if we go and find out the IQ of all the succesful people we will see that they have a greater level of IQ than most of the people.so far so good but what we havent observed is that there are still a large group of people living amongst us and largely unheard of but they have an IQ ranging too high and some times the value is above the IQ of highly accaomplished dignitaries.
for example there is a guy called Chris Langan whose IQ when tested came to be close to 180 which is way above Einstein's IQ but wait a minute..is it not contradicting our premise about the succes and high IQ analogy.

Why are some people successful and why some people are not when both of them are equally intelligent?
What are the factors which help make a person successful or lets put the question in its fundamental way that what is the story of success?

This is not my eureka query but this is what has been explained in the brilliant book called OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell.i just finished reading it and i am totally impressed by it.its a wonderfully written book in true Gladwell style with full of real life examples.the stories are very well researched and well analysed so the way Gladwell has presented the facts it makes a compelling understanding of what he means to say and helps make his point ingrained in our psyche.

To help understand what this book is all about,Outliers basically means the people who lie differently from the rest of the people in the same group from the set of common parameters like efficiency, success rate etc and etc.

In Outliers we come to know what makes these people so different and and trust me this book very well explains that there are some other factors apart from dedication,will power which has helped them become an Outlier and thus it forces us to think in a very unusual but rational direction to understand it better.

It is a very crisp and light read in a very no nonsense manner.no wonder why i found this book in the reading lists of most of the MBA grads of Harvard and Wharton.i liked his Tipping Point and this book made me a even stauncher fan of gladwell.

To avoid the void i have just bought 'Story of Philosophy' by Will Durant and 'Vedanta Philosophy' by Swami Vivekananda.needed a change from the management and light reads so picked philosophy.
I hope i finish it soon as i cant keep my hands off this one!!1

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind at its Maximum Waywardness !!

after a long time relishing at home the time has finally come when i have to pack my bags and leave for my MBA i am making myself prepared completely what's lying in store for me in the coming days and years.there's lots of emotions and feelings squandering my mind as the days are passing over.1 year back at this time i did not even had the faintest idea where i am going for my Mba.

those days were so tough for me with tensions of all sorts looming in my mind about my future.each day was different and with each day i was fighting for paving my way for securing a seat in Mba.
and it is now that my dream for Mba has come true and in some days ill just pack my back and start my struggle for getting the top placements like just everyone else.things have been so different and has changed so fast that it had hardly left me any time to think about it.

but the feeling right now is very different and i assume this feeling will be the same with the people who are exactly at my position.people who have done nothing substantial and ground breaking in graduation,people who took their engg casually,could not get a bright career at start,realized the reality little late and fought with the time and gave their best with what resources they had,landed in a fairly descent Mba coll,believing that they are different from others and they have the capability to outperform others, believing that they have the so called 'outliers' traits,willing to put in the hard work and trying to best use their little time to undo all the odd deeds,people who have fire in their bellies,but surrounded with normal and average IQ people and still determined to prove the worth...this is what i mean by how i think and what's giving me mixed emotions..

at one time i see that after endless and frantic days of filling zillions of admissions forms,giving so many group discussions and interviews its satisfying and encouraging that some college has given me the chance and realized my potential but on the other side i am nervous by thinking will i be able to deliver what i am thinking,will i be able to make myself counted among the best students in IBA,will i become a better man and prepare myself to start a successful corporate life..
will i be able to deliver and fulfil the expectations of my parents and relatives who are counting so much on me when i will be encircled and living with people who are just about average students ,studying by just average teachers and an normal environment..

i think its just a part of negative wave which passes within my mind occasionally because the bottom line which i know is that no atmosphere can be challenging if you don't see it that way and to see it that way you have to be extremely focussed and must be willing to work hard no matter what comes in between..

someone rightly said "winners never quit,quitters never win".

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kaminey Review!!

guess what??i treated myself on sunday by watching KAMINEY.this was one movie for which i was waiting for a long time as it seemed promising from its trailers.and i happy to make my decision worth evry penny by watching it.

true to vishal bhardwaj's style,it proved itself as what i had been anticipating.it was very faced paced,gripping and no nonsense thriller movie.well,the movie was diferent from the others and it appealed to me in the sense because it was little unpredictable and most part of the story was moving in the way that it was left upto the viewers to figure out what was going around.

during the first half of the movie i am very sure most of the people must have kept guessing where the head and tail of the movie is.it was very mixed with different stories moving parallel and seemingly intertwined.

to put simply in a a nutshell,you need to bring brains with you to figure out whats going around.and that was the beauty of the whole movie that it kept the audience totally in control of the story and it was very gripping.

i remember watching lots of blank faces in the washrtoom during intermission.
the screenplay was also just superb.very contrast scenes lurching waywardly and the various shades of the characters added more to its out-of-leak style.
though i would say the story was a typical Ram and Shyam story but the way the director has moulded itself that it was old wine in a new bottle.

full marks to KAMINEY!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

In The Middle Of Rapid Change

i want to avoid being platitudinous and cliched but this deserves acknowledging the fact that with time people do change.

same is true for me.being at home without the pressures of study and work,it has given me enough opportunity to retrospect myself and take a trip down the memory lane.its a general phenomenon that the maximum change happens to a person during his very early years but i have come to believe that things are little different on my side.i had experienced such a drastic change in my perception and outlook within last 2 years and that too so fast which i really couldn't have expected it.

well,i was really not able to figure out what exactly am i into and on a macro side what phase of life am i going through currently.the more i tried to delved deep into this question,the more obfuscating it became.after bit of pondering i coined a phase and can safely say that it aptly suits me and it goes like 'in a middle of rapid change'.

and i completely agree with it as i have every reason to believe it.
that change has made me more receptive,understanding,patient,i have started analysing things differently and to some extent goal oriented..
i know there are a lot of my Friends who tell me that i have changed a lot and i am different or i don't talk all that much now.i say that yes they are right and i do enjoy my this state very much.its just that i am still trying to figure out my real self and who i really am,what is my comfortable zone what are my liking and dis likings..as the days pass by,i am able to unravel my quests and am able to figure out abt the things.

so to those who think that i am not the one whom they knew in college days,its 'work-in-progress!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ready to begin my MBA

hey after months of long wait ,my MBA journey is finally going to begin from 29th of august.i had been waiting for this very day from a long time since year and a half.i started as my dream to get enrolled in the best college with my MBA prep but fate had its own plans and i am destined to graduate from INDIAN BUSINESS ACADEMY.

though its not among the big wigs but the management running this organisation is very aggressive and i am very glad to find the same level of professionalism and seriousness in their attitude which is enough to justify my decision.at a time due to my scores and amazing acads there were no colleges who were offering me admission which made me start to think at one point of time if i will be able to get admission. atlast IBA showed faith in me and here i am proudly admitting to be a student of class 2011.

have to do all sort of shopping before then,prepare my resume ,organize my documents ,gets some passport sized snaps before i reach there.excitement has already started to unfold and i am really very eager to start a new phase of my life. until now i have been reading blogs of B-school students but in a course of time i will also join the big league and into the race towards corporate world.

i wish myself all the best!!

on a typical day!!

its going to be close to 2months since i am at home.i must say that i am very sure that in future never am i going to get such a long holiday until i retire.long holidays can start becoming boring especially when the destination is home and you have no freinds,no place to hang out.

well i am not grudging about this vacation.i had been longing for this time since last 1 year.yeah its been bit streched though.

so what is my idea of holiday..well ,on an average day i wake up at 9,prepare my breakfast and study till 2(thats because there's no power at home and i am left with no option). of course it can be rightly presumed that my CPIM prep is keeping me on my toes.then have lunch,bathe and do some surfing.if there is any further desire,i do some more of study.but by the time sun starts to set my mom starts to push me to go for jogging(which i find tough because i am too lazy) and i am again left with no option because if i don't go then i am not allowed to open my fridge stocked with all delicacies.

come home,make myself an amazing ginger-lemon-honey tea,have bath and do some serious study until dinner is ready.post dinner is my leisure time and i usually spend that time in reading a good novel(peter drucker currently) or solving CAT material(which ironically is my latest fad).and believe me now i can solve in sec(or 30sec) how much is 58796*32468/97856..

if it seems daunting,then one should wait for my blog after i join my MBA..life there dosent stop by night and its hard work,smart work and living at its max..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dichotomy between Occidental & Oriental

this is something over which i have been pondering from quite a long time,did some reseach,made some logical guesses and now i am ready to share some of the ideas and thoughts about issues behind the dichotomy between the developed world and developing world.

well,as Charles Darwin rightly presented his ideas in his book ORIGIN OF SPECIES which led to deep understanding about the survival of the fittest.it is very interesting to relate the race among the humans to lead the eternal combat to just survive.it is very evident and common sense that everyboidy needs some way for the survival which in turn can be achieved by economic activity.economic activity and production of resources develops human society.

The society is recognised by its culture,its history,is lineage,values and the progress.the quality of the society is directly related to the quantity and the quality of the creation by the very society.

if you go by the crude way then this process of production and creation of the product by addition of value to the raw materials by the constitution of society is called technology.

my definition of technology does sound different from the definition we know now.the stark difference is because the defintion of technology is itself evolving in nature. centuries ago say around 1700s the technology was centred mostly mechanical i.e the source of income of the people was mainly by physical work through innovations in mechanical work.i can vouch for that because ages ago there were no industries and nothing was automated ,the economy was almost agrarian and the gross national prodcution was mostly due to agricuture and blue collar work.hence in olden times everyone was equally rich and equally poor across demographics.

but the western countries started seeing the change in the technology from mechanical to information.slowly and slowly the technology became information and most jobs started shifting to information.as i said before,this again resulted in formation of a group or society.as a result most of the high paying jobs went to information technology which was a brain child of the west,most of the innovations came from western world and hence the quality of the society started growing better in western countries.

when industrial revolution started and took place in europe,the oriental were still living in mechanical technolgy and were still busy with mechanical innovations which were low in demand.so oriental or third world remained poor cousins of west and hence we were left with abundence of blue collar people.

as a result we will see in coming times when western countries will find shortage of blue collar workers due to higher education imparted to them and the chances of better standard of living as compared to jobs in agrarian work or blue collar and we will accept industrialization by shifting from kingdoms and vying for white collar jobs.

if this seems convincing or even if does not then one can try to juxtapose my views with the historical incidents and once will come to believe that they all seem relevent to what am saying here.

my ideas became more solidified when i read peter drucker.he had explained some very interesting theories which has contributed to my analysis.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

reasons why reading is better than watching TV

below are some of the reasons why i prefer reading a good book than watching TV:

1>reading is a serious hobby while TV is not.
2>reading opens your mind while TV makes you more dump.
3>reading lets you think, analyse and develops your mind frame while TV is fast medium and makes you sit dumbstruck.
4>reading is a constructive hobby while TV is destructive.
5>you have infinite options to choose your subject while TV does not.
6> reading makes you more patient,logical,helps improve concentration while Tv does the opposite.
7>reading improves your vocabulary while Tv does not.
8>reading motivates you to write and helps develop a writing style while Tv does not.
9>its a socially acceptable and helps form a good image with people while Tv does the opposite.

some more ill think and post as for now these are sufficient to prove anybody why they should rather read something than watch nonsense.i know there are few people who label me as a book worm ,may be they're right but i think its not a bad to be when you know there are so many advantages of having reading as a hobby!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

more effort required!!

its been quite some time since i have blogged.actually my life from last few days has become very stereotyped and bland..i had been busy preparing for my exam for most part of the day and the only solace which i get is jogging in evening.this same schedule is been followed from last couple of days..

yesterday i gave me practise test of the BSCM module and the result shattered me completely and made me taste the curent reality.i fared badly in the test with only 74% marks.
this is really not going to help me and i must work hard and try to find my weak areas otherwise i am calling my doom.
this exam is not only testing my subject knowledge but the prepartion is making me realize where do i stand,what is the good strategy ,how to focus,how to build the priorities,how to endure all adversities and keep moving inspite all odds.
but i sometimes wander away and i feel some times i am bit less enthused which is really bad and it hurts...

bottomline:i need to work hard and keep going on no matter what because passing this exam is very crucial for me and i cannot afford failure come what may..god give me some willpower!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

face the reality!!!

well,why is there so much furore over these reality shows suddenly .i was watching this talk show where all these famous personalities were debating with each other over the issue of morality,censorship,parental control etc..

let me take the case of this show called sach ka saamna.there were some speakers in the talk show who were bickering over the fact that this show is just a mockery of humans sentiments and is crossing the sacred line of privacy and morality.so much so that they have announced that it should be banned!!

well,from my point of view,i see that there is nothing wrong in the show which is being aired.the supreme court has itself given the verdict that it they are not sitting there to choose what's moral and what's not.all i say is if you find something which is unacceptable to you than you can simply switch off your idiot box.nobody is forcing you to watch that channel and accept that 'vulgarity'.

as a matter of fact,the people who come on the show are very much responsible and mature to understand the level of questions and their breach hood of privacy,they know how dangerous it could be ,yet in spite of knowing all and weighing their decisions they come on the show.so basically they are ready to compromise on their privacy at the cost of getting richer by good handsomely amount.so if they do not have any problem then who are we to enforce our ideology of right and wrong on them.there is this brouhaha over this show because we find these questions too sharp and agonizing and sensitive.

but look at other side,the reason why this show is getting such hight TRPs is because people like this,in the sense that we all are inherently sadistic and voyeuristic.so we like experiencing the situations which are too bold and exciting.lets face it,the show producers have become very smart and they know how they can hold the audience.

its human psychology!!