Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kaminey Review!!

guess what??i treated myself on sunday by watching KAMINEY.this was one movie for which i was waiting for a long time as it seemed promising from its trailers.and i happy to make my decision worth evry penny by watching it.

true to vishal bhardwaj's style,it proved itself as what i had been was very faced paced,gripping and no nonsense thriller movie.well,the movie was diferent from the others and it appealed to me in the sense because it was little unpredictable and most part of the story was moving in the way that it was left upto the viewers to figure out what was going around.

during the first half of the movie i am very sure most of the people must have kept guessing where the head and tail of the movie was very mixed with different stories moving parallel and seemingly intertwined.

to put simply in a a nutshell,you need to bring brains with you to figure out whats going around.and that was the beauty of the whole movie that it kept the audience totally in control of the story and it was very gripping.

i remember watching lots of blank faces in the washrtoom during intermission.
the screenplay was also just superb.very contrast scenes lurching waywardly and the various shades of the characters added more to its out-of-leak style.
though i would say the story was a typical Ram and Shyam story but the way the director has moulded itself that it was old wine in a new bottle.

full marks to KAMINEY!!

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