Saturday, August 8, 2009

more effort required!!

its been quite some time since i have blogged.actually my life from last few days has become very stereotyped and bland..i had been busy preparing for my exam for most part of the day and the only solace which i get is jogging in evening.this same schedule is been followed from last couple of days..

yesterday i gave me practise test of the BSCM module and the result shattered me completely and made me taste the curent reality.i fared badly in the test with only 74% marks.
this is really not going to help me and i must work hard and try to find my weak areas otherwise i am calling my doom.
this exam is not only testing my subject knowledge but the prepartion is making me realize where do i stand,what is the good strategy ,how to focus,how to build the priorities,how to endure all adversities and keep moving inspite all odds.
but i sometimes wander away and i feel some times i am bit less enthused which is really bad and it hurts...

bottomline:i need to work hard and keep going on no matter what because passing this exam is very crucial for me and i cannot afford failure come what may..god give me some willpower!

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