Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind at its Maximum Waywardness !!

after a long time relishing at home the time has finally come when i have to pack my bags and leave for my MBA i am making myself prepared completely what's lying in store for me in the coming days and years.there's lots of emotions and feelings squandering my mind as the days are passing over.1 year back at this time i did not even had the faintest idea where i am going for my Mba.

those days were so tough for me with tensions of all sorts looming in my mind about my future.each day was different and with each day i was fighting for paving my way for securing a seat in Mba.
and it is now that my dream for Mba has come true and in some days ill just pack my back and start my struggle for getting the top placements like just everyone else.things have been so different and has changed so fast that it had hardly left me any time to think about it.

but the feeling right now is very different and i assume this feeling will be the same with the people who are exactly at my position.people who have done nothing substantial and ground breaking in graduation,people who took their engg casually,could not get a bright career at start,realized the reality little late and fought with the time and gave their best with what resources they had,landed in a fairly descent Mba coll,believing that they are different from others and they have the capability to outperform others, believing that they have the so called 'outliers' traits,willing to put in the hard work and trying to best use their little time to undo all the odd deeds,people who have fire in their bellies,but surrounded with normal and average IQ people and still determined to prove the worth...this is what i mean by how i think and what's giving me mixed emotions..

at one time i see that after endless and frantic days of filling zillions of admissions forms,giving so many group discussions and interviews its satisfying and encouraging that some college has given me the chance and realized my potential but on the other side i am nervous by thinking will i be able to deliver what i am thinking,will i be able to make myself counted among the best students in IBA,will i become a better man and prepare myself to start a successful corporate life..
will i be able to deliver and fulfil the expectations of my parents and relatives who are counting so much on me when i will be encircled and living with people who are just about average students ,studying by just average teachers and an normal environment..

i think its just a part of negative wave which passes within my mind occasionally because the bottom line which i know is that no atmosphere can be challenging if you don't see it that way and to see it that way you have to be extremely focussed and must be willing to work hard no matter what comes in between..

someone rightly said "winners never quit,quitters never win".

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