Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just a bad day!!

yet another bad day today..i was knowing right from morning something's going to be wrong today and my intution was right.we had a group activity for organizational behaviour where we were exposed to a quiz and then dumb charade.we played pathetically all because of some goof ups and we ended up coming 4th group.such a loser were we..
the activities were divided in 3 1 st part we were supposed to nominate 1 person from our group and he had to speak on 1 minute keeping in mind 3keywords.i failed miserably on that.i could'nt even rememeber those words and i just got 3 marks.i have to improve my listening skills a lot.
then we had a marketing presentaion where we were grilled was failed show because :1)i was not prepared and confident enough about what i was speaking.2)i was not sure what exactly we were supoosed to speak and what should our PPT consist of.
as a result we ended up making something which was totally irrevelant.all hopes were broken,felt very dejected.
but i am waiting very eagerly for any other presentation so that next time i dont give any body any chance on any issues and we come home as a winner.people see me as a leader and i must show results in equal spirit.i have to work more hard.

mid terms are just next week and i still dont have any idea about what is accouinting and stats.those are the two areas where i need to work a lot.that being said,i have to give lots of effort,hard work and time apart from my regular a nutshell,stay awake for longer hours and give it to the best.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday or Satan day!!!

How bad can somebody’s Saturday be?i had witnessed the worst Saturday in the last few days.I had wasted my 1and half days and I already know that I am going to do nothing productive till Monday.

I couldn’t participate in SPANDAN only because I was supposed to undergo surgery but when I reached the hospital after taking the leave from college and abstaining myself from all the college activities ,in less than an hour I found myself left in the middle of nowhere.

I reached hospital only to discover that the doc who was supposed to operate on me had taken an urgent leave till dussehra without bothering to intimate the patients meaning thereby that I have to live with a metal screw half inside my left knee for few more days. Its tough to concentrate on things when you have seen this metal protruding outside your skin and still you have to walk, work ,do things, focus on your priorities. But you have to do it.

I felt so dejected and frustrated after coming back to college, I saw my friends busy since morning in organizing the event. Somebody is handling the guests and somebody is hosting the show and here is me who has just come back to hostel empty handed with nothing to do. The busy environment of the college is making me guilty all the more. It’s as if I am standing still in the middle of a busy railway station.
When I came to the function, the awards were being distributed.SPANDAN awards were held to recognize the achievements of individuals who had done something remarkable for the human society in terms of social work. It was a 3rd annual award. Now though I couldn’t see the whole function from the beginning but I observed something very clear from the perspective of a manager. The function was very loosely arranged with the least sense of formality. Volunteers were just roaming here and there randomly with everybody moving in a state of confusion. Absolute lack of coordination and planning.i believe the event should have been planned more in advance with delving into more details like how should the seating arrangements be, when should the lamp be lighted, by whom, who should preside, how should the events be scheduled in what order. It simply was lacking. And I was dismayed ,though know that it is easier said than done but I know that had I been there I would have given my inputs to make sure that they are all well in place.

Now the controversy part: the winner of the award was the founder of an MBA institution who had never taken any unethical and illegal means in setting it up. It’s a huge challenge and needs lots of will power and determination to go against the system. The attitude should be like a crusader and I respect him.

And there is another gentleman who is from Chennai, a businessman of high stature and very respectable in chennai.he has worked for a noble cause in which he would himself lift the dead bodies and burn or cremate them at his own cost on behalf of those people who cannot afford to do it or who are unable to do it for different reasons. He would go at length by going to USA and bring the dead body of somebody whose families are unable to get there. And mind it, he does it himself and at his own cost. He was given a memento for his invaluable work for society. He left his seminar in Chennai and came all the way to noida at his own expense just for this and this is the reward he got. He felt humiliated and frustrated and he left the function with a bad note.

What does it mean? What were the factors on which the participants’ were judged on? And does opening a college is a social cause at all? Can you judge somebody’s social work and create a merit? If the social work is for truest altruistic means and is done with utmost dedication, how can you just weigh it and proclaim that somebody’s work is better than other when both of them cherish the same sense of purpose and have the same feeling for the society.

I believe that SPANDAN should take a relook on its fundamental objectives and should take it to the next level next year with a higher order of purpose!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

will miss SPANDAN badly

My ligament tear is still not leaving me.i have to get a small surgery done tomo because the metal screw which is there in my leg has come to the skin surface and needs to be surgically removed.i have to stay in the hospital for the whole day that means missing the SPANDAN event which is scheduled for tomo. Almost half of the class in involved in some or the other kind of activities associated with that event. The event promises to deliver so much of experience in terms of public speaking, handling the delegations, chance of interacting with the corporate dignitaries and of course an opportunity to interact with so many intellectual people.

Now with my emergency operation to be done means I am about to miss all of that. This very feeling is making me so arresting and frustrated. I just can’t tell that I had been waiting for these opportunities to showcase my talents but with this operation (and hope it’s a final one) I have to take an off from tomo’s academic life.i am equally concerned because my parents sitting at home are more worried about it than I am, not to forget that the operation is going to cost some 10grands which is steep by any chance.i wished I could have contributed some part atleast,being a burden at this age on your parents is really painful.

Had a talk with my bhabhi yest and I was delighted to know that my cousin is going to be here in Delhi on Sunday for dussehra,hoping to have a get together on Sunday with all of them. Looking forward for a rocking dussehra but with a caution of finishing loads of assignments before the Tuesday deadline. That translates to the fact that my dussehra is complemented with my lappy most of the time.

This course is so much intensive that I hardly get time to study on my own let alone the newspapers and journals like Harvard business review. Insomnia is cluttering the mind most of the time but I believe this is the order of the day. People in B school are being prepared for this kind of life style which is very much aligned to corporate life, I am no different and I must accept that I should get used to it and as soon as I can.

One thing I am realizing here in IBA is that I am unlocking my hidden talents like strategy building, leading teams, and public speaking and most of all believing once that you are right and sticking to it no matter what the case.

Have to rush for my class, will be back soon with my experiences..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in narrow retrospect!!

It’s been really long time since I have written my blog. Honestly telling you I missed writing blog the most. That was one hobby which I developed when I was at home and I really loved. it was very consistent with my blogs back then and I realized the power of writing something. It gave me a sense of satisfaction that there is a medium where I can put down my thoughts and memories and can share it with people.i discovered that I am quite good in writing and I can express things more easily by writing than by saying. Though I still have to work on my grammar and my vocab but I believe that with time I will be better off.

Today evening I got my laptop and to prove how much I missed writing blogs, this is my first blog on the day of my laptop. So I will first try to recapitulate all those major events which took place within last few days, pardon me if I go at length delving on something particular and but it will be due to the fact that when I write I think freely.

I had given my CPIM exam last week for which I had been preparing from last 3 months. the exam was held in IMI.The weekend was a power packed for me because In those 2 days I did something unconventional which is unlike me.i stayed at a new found relative’s place.i hate pretending and being unnecessarily formal but at times you have to do. Went to Imi for my exam next day, must say that I was totally in awe when I visited IMI campus. It’s located in such peaceful location of Delhi with brick red buildings, lush green landscapes they were just awesome. Met my old buddy from pune in panipat.we boozed after such along time.completed all my assignments and finally after long time I found some time to do some self study. Otherwise during our normal days we are mostly busy doing our assignments and if time permits do some pre readings. Tomorrow is stats class and from last class’s experience I have vowed that no matter what I am not going to sit in that class without doing the pre reading because he teaches so fast that to grasp them one has to go through the basic funda of the contents.

We have an event called SPANDAN coming up this weekend.Spandan is an award ceremony for people who believe and have worked keeping some human values. For this event our college needed some volunteers for comparing, hosting and courting the visiting faculty.i desperately wanted to be a part of it but to a minor knee operation I will have to give it amiss am so saddened to know that I will not be there while lying idly in hospital bed. It’s frustrating at time when you see that some great opportunity is on your way and exactly when it’s knocking at your door, you have locked the door.

On a good note, today we had a presentation on Lee Iacocca in Understanding Behavior class. Each group had to present their case and guess what; we were classified to be the best among all. The prof complemented me especially for giving the presentation and handling those terse questions so well.i am so satisfied. One thing I always know and believe that when you are there at the podium presenting something ,understand the fact that you are the best and the people who are sitting listening to you are just dumb, they don’t know a thing and you’ll have to teach them like you’ll teach the laymen and trust me in each and every presentation ,you’ll be the winner.i must give credit to this skill to my friend from MIT.he was just awesome in presenting his case, no matter what our work was but he always knew that he will present thing in such a way that they will be impressed.
Have to again go back to finishing my accounts assignment, regret why I dint go for any accounts classes during my holidays, had I have attended classes I would have been at the forefront of the class.

Will keep the updates coming!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

life @ IBA!!!!

well,never ever believed that i will get so much busy in my MBA that i will find it hard to even write a blog.i was at home for close to two and half months which is supposedly my longest holiday ever.and after such a great vacation i have finally joined my dream course MBA.its been 2 Weeks since i have joined my campus and trust me the journey till now has been absolutely amazing and very fulfilling.i am feeling so complete here that i cannot just say.the campus is small but very well managed with all the amenities and infrastructure.we have close to 300 people living together in the campus with so many things happening all around at all times that you don't just get enough time even to think and time flies away.

i had been longing to share my experience on this blog from a long time but because we haven't been provided with the laptops still i could not get net connection.the first week was very new for us and a lot of emotions and activities were going through with everything new and fresh experience but the teachers ,seniors and my fellow batch mates made the whole experience very easy for me.everybody from seniors,faculty and my batch mates are very friendly and cooperative here.we have excellent teachers here who have fair share of industry experience under their belt and thus the kind of knowledge and their experience they bring into the classroom is just outstanding ,not to mention the energy and the kind of brainstorming we have in our class.

unlike engineering,here the teaching style is very different,not being a pedagogical one but very active and mutual participative.having 1-1/2 hours for each lecture,everybody gets an ample amount time to share their opinions and they are welcomed to do so..the class participation usually goes with lots of brainstorming,arguments,counter arguments ,case studies .and believe me it is so much fun and experiential that u don't realize that u need ur much needed sleep when u have just slept for 4 hours previous night completing your assignment.

life at IBA is just doesn't end,its always on the move and fast.we have classes from 9.30 in morning which generally goes till 5pm.then group meetings with seniors for groups follows or we discuss our assignments with our class groups or if somebody feels like just taking a change (only if time permits) they visit nearby hangout places.dinner is usually at 9 and after then presentations by seniors for the all in all,we are busy till 12in night.but that's not the end..after then we have to complete our class assignments for next day,do pre reading,post reading and sleep(if u find time) it scaring to you??

well it did to me too when i was also going thru the post of seniors before joining but honestly telling you that with so many people as friends we have here all the time it is just so much of fun and lively that work is never boring and pressure.i am loving my stay at campus.

as for teachers,we have some amazing faculty out here,some of them are who actually bring case studies from the morning's newspaper,such is their level of commitment to teaching and exposure.i am really blessed with having such friendly and cooperative faculty here,they are ever approachable in their faculty blocks and even be reached at 2am for any experience can be complete without Ragging..the dreaded work..

before coming here ,even i had some reservations about this thing but trust me i found not even an R of ragging,seniors are very warm and friendly,some mild intros followed and we all are looking forward for having a wonderful time in freshers party.
coming back to academic talk,i must confess that i never received so much of exposure from my engg what i have got here even during my 2 weeks with such eminent personalities coming here for guest lectures every weekend.we get real feel of corporate world,all because of the hard work and dedication of our seniors and dedicated faculty behind this.we have seminars here,students are given responsibilities of clubs,groups and this experience and lessons which we get from this can not be taught in books and is possible only if you live in a residential B school.

piece of advice i would like to give,be proactive,participate as much as you can,never lose your focus,do pre readings before class,try to push limits and most of all try to imbibe all good things from everywhere.this 2 years will never be back.not everybody gets into IIMs but thats not the end of world,people who have reached there have lived through difficulty and challenged everytihing.if you want to make a difference too,don't bother about what you've got,think how can you turn it into an opportunity.

i hope i can be more regular blogging,but for few days it will be tough as i have my CPIM exam coming soon and need to prioritize lots of things..catch you all soon.!!!