Saturday, September 12, 2009

life @ IBA!!!!

well,never ever believed that i will get so much busy in my MBA that i will find it hard to even write a blog.i was at home for close to two and half months which is supposedly my longest holiday ever.and after such a great vacation i have finally joined my dream course MBA.its been 2 Weeks since i have joined my campus and trust me the journey till now has been absolutely amazing and very fulfilling.i am feeling so complete here that i cannot just say.the campus is small but very well managed with all the amenities and infrastructure.we have close to 300 people living together in the campus with so many things happening all around at all times that you don't just get enough time even to think and time flies away.

i had been longing to share my experience on this blog from a long time but because we haven't been provided with the laptops still i could not get net connection.the first week was very new for us and a lot of emotions and activities were going through with everything new and fresh experience but the teachers ,seniors and my fellow batch mates made the whole experience very easy for me.everybody from seniors,faculty and my batch mates are very friendly and cooperative here.we have excellent teachers here who have fair share of industry experience under their belt and thus the kind of knowledge and their experience they bring into the classroom is just outstanding ,not to mention the energy and the kind of brainstorming we have in our class.

unlike engineering,here the teaching style is very different,not being a pedagogical one but very active and mutual participative.having 1-1/2 hours for each lecture,everybody gets an ample amount time to share their opinions and they are welcomed to do so..the class participation usually goes with lots of brainstorming,arguments,counter arguments ,case studies .and believe me it is so much fun and experiential that u don't realize that u need ur much needed sleep when u have just slept for 4 hours previous night completing your assignment.

life at IBA is just doesn't end,its always on the move and fast.we have classes from 9.30 in morning which generally goes till 5pm.then group meetings with seniors for groups follows or we discuss our assignments with our class groups or if somebody feels like just taking a change (only if time permits) they visit nearby hangout places.dinner is usually at 9 and after then presentations by seniors for the all in all,we are busy till 12in night.but that's not the end..after then we have to complete our class assignments for next day,do pre reading,post reading and sleep(if u find time) it scaring to you??

well it did to me too when i was also going thru the post of seniors before joining but honestly telling you that with so many people as friends we have here all the time it is just so much of fun and lively that work is never boring and pressure.i am loving my stay at campus.

as for teachers,we have some amazing faculty out here,some of them are who actually bring case studies from the morning's newspaper,such is their level of commitment to teaching and exposure.i am really blessed with having such friendly and cooperative faculty here,they are ever approachable in their faculty blocks and even be reached at 2am for any experience can be complete without Ragging..the dreaded work..

before coming here ,even i had some reservations about this thing but trust me i found not even an R of ragging,seniors are very warm and friendly,some mild intros followed and we all are looking forward for having a wonderful time in freshers party.
coming back to academic talk,i must confess that i never received so much of exposure from my engg what i have got here even during my 2 weeks with such eminent personalities coming here for guest lectures every weekend.we get real feel of corporate world,all because of the hard work and dedication of our seniors and dedicated faculty behind this.we have seminars here,students are given responsibilities of clubs,groups and this experience and lessons which we get from this can not be taught in books and is possible only if you live in a residential B school.

piece of advice i would like to give,be proactive,participate as much as you can,never lose your focus,do pre readings before class,try to push limits and most of all try to imbibe all good things from everywhere.this 2 years will never be back.not everybody gets into IIMs but thats not the end of world,people who have reached there have lived through difficulty and challenged everytihing.if you want to make a difference too,don't bother about what you've got,think how can you turn it into an opportunity.

i hope i can be more regular blogging,but for few days it will be tough as i have my CPIM exam coming soon and need to prioritize lots of things..catch you all soon.!!!

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