Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in narrow retrospect!!

It’s been really long time since I have written my blog. Honestly telling you I missed writing blog the most. That was one hobby which I developed when I was at home and I really loved. it was very consistent with my blogs back then and I realized the power of writing something. It gave me a sense of satisfaction that there is a medium where I can put down my thoughts and memories and can share it with people.i discovered that I am quite good in writing and I can express things more easily by writing than by saying. Though I still have to work on my grammar and my vocab but I believe that with time I will be better off.

Today evening I got my laptop and to prove how much I missed writing blogs, this is my first blog on the day of my laptop. So I will first try to recapitulate all those major events which took place within last few days, pardon me if I go at length delving on something particular and but it will be due to the fact that when I write I think freely.

I had given my CPIM exam last week for which I had been preparing from last 3 months. the exam was held in IMI.The weekend was a power packed for me because In those 2 days I did something unconventional which is unlike me.i stayed at a new found relative’s place.i hate pretending and being unnecessarily formal but at times you have to do. Went to Imi for my exam next day, must say that I was totally in awe when I visited IMI campus. It’s located in such peaceful location of Delhi with brick red buildings, lush green landscapes they were just awesome. Met my old buddy from pune in panipat.we boozed after such along time.completed all my assignments and finally after long time I found some time to do some self study. Otherwise during our normal days we are mostly busy doing our assignments and if time permits do some pre readings. Tomorrow is stats class and from last class’s experience I have vowed that no matter what I am not going to sit in that class without doing the pre reading because he teaches so fast that to grasp them one has to go through the basic funda of the contents.

We have an event called SPANDAN coming up this weekend.Spandan is an award ceremony for people who believe and have worked keeping some human values. For this event our college needed some volunteers for comparing, hosting and courting the visiting faculty.i desperately wanted to be a part of it but to a minor knee operation I will have to give it amiss am so saddened to know that I will not be there while lying idly in hospital bed. It’s frustrating at time when you see that some great opportunity is on your way and exactly when it’s knocking at your door, you have locked the door.

On a good note, today we had a presentation on Lee Iacocca in Understanding Behavior class. Each group had to present their case and guess what; we were classified to be the best among all. The prof complemented me especially for giving the presentation and handling those terse questions so well.i am so satisfied. One thing I always know and believe that when you are there at the podium presenting something ,understand the fact that you are the best and the people who are sitting listening to you are just dumb, they don’t know a thing and you’ll have to teach them like you’ll teach the laymen and trust me in each and every presentation ,you’ll be the winner.i must give credit to this skill to my friend from MIT.he was just awesome in presenting his case, no matter what our work was but he always knew that he will present thing in such a way that they will be impressed.
Have to again go back to finishing my accounts assignment, regret why I dint go for any accounts classes during my holidays, had I have attended classes I would have been at the forefront of the class.

Will keep the updates coming!!!

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