Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday or Satan day!!!

How bad can somebody’s Saturday be?i had witnessed the worst Saturday in the last few days.I had wasted my 1and half days and I already know that I am going to do nothing productive till Monday.

I couldn’t participate in SPANDAN only because I was supposed to undergo surgery but when I reached the hospital after taking the leave from college and abstaining myself from all the college activities ,in less than an hour I found myself left in the middle of nowhere.

I reached hospital only to discover that the doc who was supposed to operate on me had taken an urgent leave till dussehra without bothering to intimate the patients meaning thereby that I have to live with a metal screw half inside my left knee for few more days. Its tough to concentrate on things when you have seen this metal protruding outside your skin and still you have to walk, work ,do things, focus on your priorities. But you have to do it.

I felt so dejected and frustrated after coming back to college, I saw my friends busy since morning in organizing the event. Somebody is handling the guests and somebody is hosting the show and here is me who has just come back to hostel empty handed with nothing to do. The busy environment of the college is making me guilty all the more. It’s as if I am standing still in the middle of a busy railway station.
When I came to the function, the awards were being distributed.SPANDAN awards were held to recognize the achievements of individuals who had done something remarkable for the human society in terms of social work. It was a 3rd annual award. Now though I couldn’t see the whole function from the beginning but I observed something very clear from the perspective of a manager. The function was very loosely arranged with the least sense of formality. Volunteers were just roaming here and there randomly with everybody moving in a state of confusion. Absolute lack of coordination and planning.i believe the event should have been planned more in advance with delving into more details like how should the seating arrangements be, when should the lamp be lighted, by whom, who should preside, how should the events be scheduled in what order. It simply was lacking. And I was dismayed ,though know that it is easier said than done but I know that had I been there I would have given my inputs to make sure that they are all well in place.

Now the controversy part: the winner of the award was the founder of an MBA institution who had never taken any unethical and illegal means in setting it up. It’s a huge challenge and needs lots of will power and determination to go against the system. The attitude should be like a crusader and I respect him.

And there is another gentleman who is from Chennai, a businessman of high stature and very respectable in chennai.he has worked for a noble cause in which he would himself lift the dead bodies and burn or cremate them at his own cost on behalf of those people who cannot afford to do it or who are unable to do it for different reasons. He would go at length by going to USA and bring the dead body of somebody whose families are unable to get there. And mind it, he does it himself and at his own cost. He was given a memento for his invaluable work for society. He left his seminar in Chennai and came all the way to noida at his own expense just for this and this is the reward he got. He felt humiliated and frustrated and he left the function with a bad note.

What does it mean? What were the factors on which the participants’ were judged on? And does opening a college is a social cause at all? Can you judge somebody’s social work and create a merit? If the social work is for truest altruistic means and is done with utmost dedication, how can you just weigh it and proclaim that somebody’s work is better than other when both of them cherish the same sense of purpose and have the same feeling for the society.

I believe that SPANDAN should take a relook on its fundamental objectives and should take it to the next level next year with a higher order of purpose!!

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