Friday, September 25, 2009

will miss SPANDAN badly

My ligament tear is still not leaving me.i have to get a small surgery done tomo because the metal screw which is there in my leg has come to the skin surface and needs to be surgically removed.i have to stay in the hospital for the whole day that means missing the SPANDAN event which is scheduled for tomo. Almost half of the class in involved in some or the other kind of activities associated with that event. The event promises to deliver so much of experience in terms of public speaking, handling the delegations, chance of interacting with the corporate dignitaries and of course an opportunity to interact with so many intellectual people.

Now with my emergency operation to be done means I am about to miss all of that. This very feeling is making me so arresting and frustrated. I just can’t tell that I had been waiting for these opportunities to showcase my talents but with this operation (and hope it’s a final one) I have to take an off from tomo’s academic life.i am equally concerned because my parents sitting at home are more worried about it than I am, not to forget that the operation is going to cost some 10grands which is steep by any chance.i wished I could have contributed some part atleast,being a burden at this age on your parents is really painful.

Had a talk with my bhabhi yest and I was delighted to know that my cousin is going to be here in Delhi on Sunday for dussehra,hoping to have a get together on Sunday with all of them. Looking forward for a rocking dussehra but with a caution of finishing loads of assignments before the Tuesday deadline. That translates to the fact that my dussehra is complemented with my lappy most of the time.

This course is so much intensive that I hardly get time to study on my own let alone the newspapers and journals like Harvard business review. Insomnia is cluttering the mind most of the time but I believe this is the order of the day. People in B school are being prepared for this kind of life style which is very much aligned to corporate life, I am no different and I must accept that I should get used to it and as soon as I can.

One thing I am realizing here in IBA is that I am unlocking my hidden talents like strategy building, leading teams, and public speaking and most of all believing once that you are right and sticking to it no matter what the case.

Have to rush for my class, will be back soon with my experiences..

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