Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Don't I Blog!

Now first things first. I duly apologize for being such a lethargic and laggard in posting my blog. I have come t realize that the concept of blogging is slowly fading away with the advent of twitter and buzz.people don’t have time to type long, people don’t want to think for long, people don’t want to read for that long. The span of attention is remarkably reduced with so many things to attend to.and with globalization; the rate of value addition in products is an incredible. Well am also a victim of this and it's getting too hard for me to find out if I am feeling guilty about it or not. I think the quote would be best that when is Rome, do like Romans do. anyway, coming back to my point of actually getting the motivation to write this blog after a high period of hibernation. Let me give some reasons of absence in the order of their correctness.

1. I was a laggard.

2. I was writing too much in other formal and informal ways like making reports, writing assignmenst, sending numerous mails for my Inernships, some times doing this for others as well.

3. I was hooked to twitter and buzz (buzz, when did I accept that??)

4. I was reading fabulous book which is the biography of ANDY GROVE-the co-founder of Intel. This is an amazing book written by yet another eminent personality called Richard Tedlow.Richard is an intellectual and Harvard professor of business history and is an acclaimed anthropologist. the reason what hooked me to this book is that the book was not only a great insight about life and times of one of the greatest CEOs of this era but being the fact that the book started in the backdrop of height of Hitler’s dominance in europe, the communism, the after effects of the war ravaged Hungary from where Andy belonged, the difference between the communist eastern Europe and capitalist US, its education system, its philosophy of liberty and free spirit.. I found the very impressive, it’s writing style very superfluous, cogent and apt. the story is great by the way.

5. My grandmother expired am terribly pained with this news. I had to leave my classes and miss one important exam to be there and meet her for one last time. But god has its own plans. I could not meet her and she went to heaven before I came. I came here today itself trying to be a better person, more understanding and patient one.

6. I am stressed due to my not getting any internships when it’s just one month way. Hope the nonexistent readers forgive me for my sins.

Yours truly (am I serious)