Sunday, January 31, 2010

Connecting my Dots

There is one person in the corporate world whom i admire a lot.his name is Steve Jobs,the co-founder of Apple.i look upon him with a great reverence for his long term vision,his belief in himself inspite of so many odds,his dedication and integrity towards his job and the undying urge to always bring the best quality possible.he is my role model and i had recently read his speech in the farewell ceremony of Standford University,MBA.

Of all the great things which he delivered upon ,one thing which hit me was 'connecting the dots'.i may do in justice by wrongly quoting him that he said life is all about connecting your can move ahead in your life not by connecting dots into future but by connecting the dots from the past.

This bright sunny afternoon,sitting alone in my room i am trying to ponder over this word and pushing my self to relate to it.i found few diferences with my 'dots' and i would like to move forward in my life by connecting the dots into future.

I had been listening and reading all the time from everywhere that for a person to succced one must have a long term vision.i have also tried to do a justice to myself by charting a medium long term albeit with innumerable fallacies.i want to become a Business Process Consultant and that too by the age of how do i connect my dots?

I am currently standing at the starting line of the race and i know the finishing line.what is the shortest and surest way to reach there.i would like to start my career by doing a Summer Internship in Operations stream most preferably in a Manufacturing industry where i can learn the nuances of how the business processes work,how material flows,how they are scheduled and lot more.based on this training i want to bag my final placement in a relevant organization who should be a reputed one and one offers me a good learning opportunity.

My CPIM prep will go hand in hand and i am hoping that after having completed my CPIM certificate i may get a better work profile in a better company.i will work there for few years and learn different technologies like ERP,Project Management and Supply Chain.since SCM is my area of interest i am highly likely to pursue CSCP which will act as an ultimate driver in taking to my finishing line.

But as they say 'Man proposes,God disposes'.happens with me all the time.but i am content that atleast i am sure where do i want to go and what it takes to get there.

So thought for the day:keep yourself focussed and know that what you belive is what is truth!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Am I??

Who am I??What is my identity??What am I made for? How will I see myself when I will be on my deathbed and counting my breaths want to know this? I want to know how will I be remembered when I will not be on this planet earth.

And how will be my life till I die? Will I be serving somebody till I retire or will I be a person handling my own company? Life poses so many questions, isint it? Yet we rarely find time to think about them. Some people are so much entangled in their daily humdrum of lives they don’t want to think about them or maybe they want to ignore these questions deliberately thinking that the more you think the more worries you’ll have so let’s think less and carry worry less.

I don’t think like that at all. I believe that you must have a larger picture of your life in front of you...all the time...Always...I fail to find something interesting or purposeful if I can’t relate to something which fits in my larger picture in some way or the other...

I ask myself from time to time that what do I want to do in my life? But the more deeper I think the more obtruse the question becomes to me.i am looking for an answer which should be absolute...Which should be my ultimate purpose of life.i should live my life from then on with a single point focus with the 0%of doubtedness in mind, with an attitude and purpose so unflinching that I could fight anybody for that. Deep down when I shake myself and when i sit down to think about it then I realize that there is very strong and hidden emotion which stops me from thinking ahead...The emotion is fear...a fear of unknown ..A fear of discovery. A discovery of purpose so 'unsociety' that it’ll not be able to gather courage to accept it. But is it not true for anyone? Think it is...and I believe that the sole real of the fear is 'society’. we all are social animals and there are hardly few people on the earth who have the courage to pursue their dreams without being called names like 'rebel','maverick','iconoclast' etc’s because they feel that their purpose of life could be so radical and so unconventional that it would not be acceptable to the current society to which we subscribe to. So they give in to it.

So am I saying that I am also giving into them? Does it mean that I am going to live my life the way the 'society' wants me to? And am I happy about it? Or am I not? Or I don’t know?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amaethon 2010-Day 2

imagine you've been dreaming to just think about HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL and its students, how they'd be like, how they’d think and how they'd talk and you would only wonder that one day your could meet that person.IIMA brought my dream a reality. I can be quoted when I say that I had heard one of the best speeches of my life. I am talking about the 2 speakers whom I heard live in Amaethon.

One was a guy from HBR who was the Executive Vice President of Godrej Agro vet and other was an environmentalist who had travelled all over the world and had very influential contacts from the likes of Jagdish Bhagwati of Columbia, Jairam Ramesh etc.

For two and half hours there was absolutely pin drop silence in the jam packed auditorium when these two people talked. One was a very cogent, loquacious and enchanting speaker while the other was very matter-of-fact, critical, objective and very much aggressive in his speech. I mean you get the best of both worlds. These two people made my day and I gathered enough courage to stand amongst the crowd of 1000 people and ask them a well thought question about environment.

On the other side, we had visited the new campus of IIM where they had an astronomy club located. We saw moon closely, hung out at its coolest joints like JOOS (an organic and healthy juice and sandwich bar made in Mediterranean style) and TANSTAAFL Cafe which had the world's best Double Cheese Egg Omelet and Coffee. By now I was totally in awe of the campus and its energy radiating all over.

Amaethon 2010-Day 1

day 2 was the day when we reached the campus of IIMA.we were escorted by a huge billboard of Amaethon 2010 and security cover guiding us to the famed Louis Kahn Plaza of IIM-A where the registration and other formalities were supposed to happen. We silently reached the LKP(as it's called) looking everywhere trying to see if this is the way the country's best MBA institute should like and to our amazement we found a huge gathering of MBA students there trying to form a line for their registration. It was an amazing and exciting scene to see a gathering of close to 1000 participants of same background from MDI,IIFT,SYMBI,IMT,NITIE etc. We all just saw each other and figured out tacitly that the next 3 days are going to be an awesome experience. We had somehow managed to finish with our acco, food and registration formalities by noon and hurriedly finished our lunch. By that time the whole process went so late that the speakers and chief guests had came to the venue and we had to leave our luggage at the PR desk and pace for the auditorium.

The keynote address was given the faculty advisor of IIMA and a senior corporate from DENA bank. I must say that the speech and presentation given by the gentlemen was very didactic and if I am being honest to myself it was bit boring and disappointing to some extent. We all had came to hear some inspiring and real things to which we all could relate to and here was this guy who was deep in delineation in the technicalities of his business unoblivious to the fact the audience was least interested. But it was very informative and I kept myself engaged throughout the speech by taking down important notes.

By evening during the high tea we took our bags and went to our allotted rooms. We were astonished to see the superb arrangement done for us as we had got acco in a vacant bungalow meant for the faculties which had all the facilities. I met some of my old engg buddies too who had got admission in different MBA colleges.a very good platform to network and i am glad that now I know a lots of students from different renowned colleges like symbi,IIFT etc!

Day 1 ended with exploring campus, gorging on good food, checking out beautiful babes and solving the case study which was due for the next day!!

Amaethon 2010-Day 0

i have came back from IIM-A today itelf after a week of very expereintial journey.3days in the country's most prestigious management instituiton was ablessing in disguise and i feel a much better person than i was before going there in terms of knowledge,the exposure ,the experience and the Managemnt world at large.

at this juncture i am feeling very tempted to blog about the events as vividly as i can so i would break this blog into 3parts dedicating each day to each blog.
this part of the my blog is the first day when i reached in ahmedabad and i wrote it the first below::

I have reached Ahmedabad today and the journey started with the most adventurous note. We almost missed our train and it was by sheer chance that we caught the train when the train was scheduled to depart. I learned a very important lesson albeit a hard way that there is difference between DELHI and NEW DELHI. But the journey was amazing so far. Since we will be given acco in campus only on the day of the vent so we are putting up in the hotel till today.

Pretty hectic day we had today .we travelled all the way to Gandhinagar to visit Akhshardham and came back to visit Iscon temple in the burning sun. We all had packed loads of woolen clothes anticipating the winter which is prevailing in delhi.roamed the entire Ahmedabad in evening from SG road, CG road but the best and most memorable day today was the visit to NID to see my dear sis.

My blog is especially intended to write about my experience in NID for an hour. I must say that I had never seen such a cool campus like this ever in my life. The campus life is just so different and so lively that you would not believe it at first sight. As I was taking the walk inside the campus i was like… what!!!

You would see the students smoking inside the campus with long deadlocks, curly hairs with very funky dressing sense. Wherever you will go you will see everybody busy with their work, somebody is making some very weirdo piece of art which will probably make likes of Salvatore Dali envy. And I am not kidding. You would have to see that designs to believe it.I must give my hats off to these guys for their creativity.i mean how crazy could you think that.

And about the campus life,it was just buzzing with the electric vibes emanating in the students.some one is deeply engrossed in sketching some digital degisns in the Apple MAC in information centre ,some one is working on some textile thing in the 24hrs open workshop while someone is stairing at the broken arch of the tree trying to get some idea.i was floored by the beautiful library.i’d never seen library like was totally transparent with glass walls surrounding it from all sides overlooking their beautiful garden.

From what i sensed in that one hour I realized one thing which I would say without second doubts is that NID MEANS LIBERTY and I mean can think of all kinds of things and they would happen out there.
After all ,how many of us would believe that you can find it very normal for students and faculty sitting under the tree and sharing joints of pot ,a faculty marrying a student 8years younger to her.there was a good mixture of international students as well due to their ongoing international exchange terms of achievemnets and accolades,the insitute had garnered every right for it's reverence.students of NID have desgined logos of Doordarshan,Tata Chemicals,IIM-B,ONGC n the likes while some students have got the rare opportunity to showcase their designs in Annual Fashion India Week and some have gone to intern in Europe's best design institutes.i can go on an on talking about their achievements but my subconsious is repriminding me of the space this platform deserves.

while i was returning from the campus i was having a mixed feeling of satisfaction,remorse,motivation,energy and vibrance..looking forward for great next day!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Do I Blog???

I had heard from a friend claiming to me that people who blog are the ones who are lonely and do not have anybody to share their feelings,i seriously disagree from this point but I couldn’t really tell him what is the reason about my blogging and though it has been weeks since this incident happened but this question has been haunting me time and again and I am always trying to reason it out that why do I blog. So I thought what will be an idea than to write a blog as to why do I blog.

Below are some of the reasons:

I blog because I like writing and I believe that this is a tool where you can freeze your thoughts and ideas. More over when you try to pen down your ideas you will realize that you get more clarity in your ideas and emotions and hence you get a better understanding of yourself.
I would always like to see myself in retrospect and also how I have changed as a person from time to time. Your personality is largely a reflection of your thoughts, ideas, behavior, thinking patters and your views towards anything. Since I blog and these blogs are a permanent way of storing my ideas so I can always come back to read my blogs say after a year or so and I can know how much I have changed and for the good or for bad.

One reason which stands apart from anything which I undoubtedly believe is that by blogging you become good writer, you can put down your thoughts very well, you develop versatility in your writing styles, you become more confident in writing and your vocabulary becomes better with time.
An elongation of the above point also reiterates the fact that when you write clearly then it automatically reflects on your speaking and you become very loquacious speaker, you develop a habit of reading different literature because you want to explore different ways of writing and different topics to think and write which eventually increases your knowledge base and you become a more better person than before.

I guess the reasons I mentioned above would be sufficient enough to justify why do I blog. All I wish is that I become a better writer and become more flexible in my writing style.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

APICS- An Admission

I love my weekends and this Saturday was more lovely more me than any other days to come .yesterday when I was writing my blog ,I had no faintest idea that next night when ill be writing the blog I’ll be so,its official-I have cleared my APICS MPR exam is very relieving because i was very much concerned about the result and more so because I had heard some bad news from my freinds.Though the result of my passing is very narrow and i have somehow managed to clear this module with 301 as my score while the passing is 300 out of 330.

This means that I have to give some real good time from now on for my next module so that i don’t leave any room for any mistake. I know my dad's is under too much pressure due to various financial commitments and I have no other option than to make his money worth by any which ways. Having this fact very much clear and embedded in my mind I know one thing for sure-failure is just not an option for me. Period!

I have to work hard. I have to slog more. I have to sleep less and I have every right to crib about all the constraints life poses but I’ll do it and ill pass the exam.

I am one step closer to my goal and at this juncture when I am about to begin with my next module I am totally free from any doubts that APICS is really a very coveted certificate and is renowned in all leading companies like TCS,cognizant,IBM,Infosys n the likes. Just wishing where my future takes me with it.

Tomorrow is Sunday and after a long time I will actually be relishing my holiday. So I am thinking how should I be looking at my thing is clear is that I am not going to waste it just like any other day. This is the time when one can use the most to utilize in his hobbies and do something which rejuvenates one. So my plan is that I will read a lot till noon, finish my assignments and then chill for a while in the evenings.

Time to take a look at the course outline for next APICS outline..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Change is Good(or GOD)!!

I have just realized that i have not taken any break since last 15days ever since i have come to the campus from home. It’s because of different reasons, partly due to my exams, partly due to work, partly due to severe cold and partly due to no reason.

So now I am having a feeling that I might need a change in terms of food, ambience, air and people. I would say I would be lucky to have a friend coming over here in delhi.i am looking forward to meeting with him. He was my class mate in engg and though we were not that great buddies during college but strangely we both are getting well off late mainly because we both are now entering the same profession. So I am planning to see him tomorrow i.e. Saturday, have some good food and beers and come back to the campus happily.

On a different front, it’s official now that I am going to IIMA for that event.on one hand I am very excited and eager to see the life in IIMs and on other hand its bothering me and making me think as to how can I make a maximum impact there with my visit. My coll is spending so much money to send us for the event so it's pretty natural for them to expect some laurels by us. So I am going to leave no stone unturned to make this event a fruitful one.

I just received an email and it says that that I have to get my BE certificate submitted before 5 Feb meaning thereby I have to go to pune. Well I will now have to do some serious planning to make that possible and I see my plan of trekking with Sid lurching in danger.

God help me!

An Evening Dedicated to Marketing

Today we had one of the most satisfying class in the campus. The credits for that goes entirely to the idea of our marketing proff.i have to say that I have found this professor trying hard to bring the creativity and innovativeness to make the subject more interesting, lively and more relevant. Never ever have I found the subject so engaging.

Following the same ideology he had given us the assignment.there were two groups who had to make a presentation on same topic, one had to speak for the topic and other group had to speak against the topic.

The result of the task was very fruitful because we all had brainstormed hard to get most out of the topic by presenting with the best possible examples. The class actually started from 7pm and ended till 12 in night. I liked the concept.

i have a very valid insinuation that this guy loves to see the outcome of the methodology of his teaching style. I noticed the smile on his face when the class ended and he just went out in the hall way staring at the students who were discussing and debating about the class. I just had a glimpse of him and I saw that smile of contentment which gave me enough reasons to believe that he wanted to see that outcome; it kind of gave him high and motivation.

I would also look forward for this kind of class. It is very inclusive in nature as the students get to learn through peer learning, learn presentation and debating skills, abilty to think critically and learn to work in teams.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

SUNDAY -A Learning Day

Today i woke up at 7.30 am in the chilly winter in spite of being Sunday. I hate getting up early on sundays.But we had to because we had an upgrade course of Art of Living and we were supposed to be there. Those who would be there they will be awarded the certificates for successful completion of the course. Now without going into many intricacies, I want to cite an experience.

we were given a group assignment where each group members were given only 30RS each and they had to go to the market and convert it into 300 within 3 hrs.That was no way an easy job considering the fact that we had not even a faintest idea as to what are we going to do. But we used the idea that we would make flags and selling in the market. We tried it and we finally got a net profit of 535 at the cost of 80bucks.that was a great achievement i would say. It taught us a great many lessons as to how to approach customers, how should we start conversation. That was a very necessary experience very vital for any MBA student. This exercise teaches to keep aside your ego and become street smart.

The whole day was very engaging right from morning till 9pm which consisted of our skits, dances performances, rock satsang etc.i loved the day but i miss my sleep too. One thing which is satisfying to know is that people liked my dance and the movie which i made about AOL since i have toiled for nights to make that happen.

Its 2AM and i am going to do some marketing pre reading.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Musing @ Odd Hours

So here I go with my second blog of this year. I have just done with my exams. Exams are becoming kind of boredom exercise for me as sems are passing by and as I am beginning to realize the fact that the grades, CGPA does not matter in the long run. They are just relative scores to keep you slogging and keep moving.

think I have not done enough justice to my exams this time because I had missed very important classes during my absence which cost me heavily as a result I was blank in the QT paper. I feel so bad because that is my domain, that is the sector where I am going to go in future and I should have a good command in this area at least and ironically this is the one where I am most clueless. It was like when I got my paper in my hand, the paper was staring at me and I was staring at paper. Finally both of them shied away and we somehow parted our uncomfortable brief association soon.

On Sunday we have the concluding session of Art of Living program. Our group has been instructed to prepare a dance performance. I have to admit the fact that I have never danced or made any synchronous physical movement in my life which would be termed as gracious except the PT class in my boarding school (and it depends upon reader to judge how gracious it could be).and the worst part is that the whole class is excited about the fact that they want to see my dance performance. I have only a day left to practice and perform and only god knows how I am going to deliver that.

Its 6am in the morning and I am still not asleep. I have started to realize over the time that if I start to get the feeling that I am not working harder or I am becoming too lazy or I am losing my ability to push harder than i try to stretch my night longer till morning no matter how unproductive and useless I am and guess what, I feel good.

Actually I feel proud and kind of happy that I am only one who is awake and when ill sleep in the class tomo It would give an immense pride to tell my colleagues the reason why I am dozing in the class. By the way when I am saying that I could be unproductive while waking up till now,i am gradually beginning to feel unsure about this statement.

My understanding of what is 'productive' and what is 'unproductive' is now changing. I may say that you are not necessarily unproductive if you are not doing any geeky things. But who will tell my brain who has been so much accustomed to the 'GEEKY orientation that it feels emotional dissonance from time to time and i have to try to reason(albeit a bit biased) and make myself believe that if i am not reading the book then it doesn’t mean i am not learning things..Start to love things which are away from book. Make yourself more accommodative.

I am wondering how smoothly my thoughts are flowing at this hour.


Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Year That Was

Times are so so much different that it sometimes seems like you were there at one time and then it’s like the time was here at one time.The bifurcation of static and dynamic just gets slimmer.

I remember last year 31st dec I was in my 6*10 feet room alone preparing for my MBA, and at the time when clock struck 12 I was sitting at my chair watching through my windows the beautiful crackers lit up in the sky and I was just thinking that am I one with this happiness of the dawn of this new year. Is this really a new year for me? I found my answer to be partially yes and partially no. Right at that moment I didn’t even had the faintest idea where I would be sitting next year at the same time.

Today at the beginning of 2010 I can vouch that I am not partially but completely sure that this year is definitely a new year and a new beginning for me.I am having an opportunity of seeing the things in retrospect and I see so many changes in myself in last one year..Changes in myself, in my lifestyle, in my thinking, my ideologies, my environment and my life as a whole.

2009 was a hard and tough year for me.i had to say good bye to all my good friends and live in a solitary confinement for a whole year living amidst my books and broken ligament. I learnt a lot of things during that one year. It taught me to be patient, be optimist, focus on my priorities and believe in myself. I am a happy man now. I am a better man now. I see my actions falling in line with my goals and I am a much more confident person.

I wish 2010 will bring me a lot of success, experience, learning and peace.