Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Do I Blog???

I had heard from a friend claiming to me that people who blog are the ones who are lonely and do not have anybody to share their feelings,i seriously disagree from this point but I couldn’t really tell him what is the reason about my blogging and though it has been weeks since this incident happened but this question has been haunting me time and again and I am always trying to reason it out that why do I blog. So I thought what will be an idea than to write a blog as to why do I blog.

Below are some of the reasons:

I blog because I like writing and I believe that this is a tool where you can freeze your thoughts and ideas. More over when you try to pen down your ideas you will realize that you get more clarity in your ideas and emotions and hence you get a better understanding of yourself.
I would always like to see myself in retrospect and also how I have changed as a person from time to time. Your personality is largely a reflection of your thoughts, ideas, behavior, thinking patters and your views towards anything. Since I blog and these blogs are a permanent way of storing my ideas so I can always come back to read my blogs say after a year or so and I can know how much I have changed and for the good or for bad.

One reason which stands apart from anything which I undoubtedly believe is that by blogging you become good writer, you can put down your thoughts very well, you develop versatility in your writing styles, you become more confident in writing and your vocabulary becomes better with time.
An elongation of the above point also reiterates the fact that when you write clearly then it automatically reflects on your speaking and you become very loquacious speaker, you develop a habit of reading different literature because you want to explore different ways of writing and different topics to think and write which eventually increases your knowledge base and you become a more better person than before.

I guess the reasons I mentioned above would be sufficient enough to justify why do I blog. All I wish is that I become a better writer and become more flexible in my writing style.


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