Saturday, January 16, 2010

APICS- An Admission

I love my weekends and this Saturday was more lovely more me than any other days to come .yesterday when I was writing my blog ,I had no faintest idea that next night when ill be writing the blog I’ll be so,its official-I have cleared my APICS MPR exam is very relieving because i was very much concerned about the result and more so because I had heard some bad news from my freinds.Though the result of my passing is very narrow and i have somehow managed to clear this module with 301 as my score while the passing is 300 out of 330.

This means that I have to give some real good time from now on for my next module so that i don’t leave any room for any mistake. I know my dad's is under too much pressure due to various financial commitments and I have no other option than to make his money worth by any which ways. Having this fact very much clear and embedded in my mind I know one thing for sure-failure is just not an option for me. Period!

I have to work hard. I have to slog more. I have to sleep less and I have every right to crib about all the constraints life poses but I’ll do it and ill pass the exam.

I am one step closer to my goal and at this juncture when I am about to begin with my next module I am totally free from any doubts that APICS is really a very coveted certificate and is renowned in all leading companies like TCS,cognizant,IBM,Infosys n the likes. Just wishing where my future takes me with it.

Tomorrow is Sunday and after a long time I will actually be relishing my holiday. So I am thinking how should I be looking at my thing is clear is that I am not going to waste it just like any other day. This is the time when one can use the most to utilize in his hobbies and do something which rejuvenates one. So my plan is that I will read a lot till noon, finish my assignments and then chill for a while in the evenings.

Time to take a look at the course outline for next APICS outline..

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