Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amaethon 2010-Day 2

imagine you've been dreaming to just think about HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL and its students, how they'd be like, how they’d think and how they'd talk and you would only wonder that one day your could meet that person.IIMA brought my dream a reality. I can be quoted when I say that I had heard one of the best speeches of my life. I am talking about the 2 speakers whom I heard live in Amaethon.

One was a guy from HBR who was the Executive Vice President of Godrej Agro vet and other was an environmentalist who had travelled all over the world and had very influential contacts from the likes of Jagdish Bhagwati of Columbia, Jairam Ramesh etc.

For two and half hours there was absolutely pin drop silence in the jam packed auditorium when these two people talked. One was a very cogent, loquacious and enchanting speaker while the other was very matter-of-fact, critical, objective and very much aggressive in his speech. I mean you get the best of both worlds. These two people made my day and I gathered enough courage to stand amongst the crowd of 1000 people and ask them a well thought question about environment.

On the other side, we had visited the new campus of IIM where they had an astronomy club located. We saw moon closely, hung out at its coolest joints like JOOS (an organic and healthy juice and sandwich bar made in Mediterranean style) and TANSTAAFL Cafe which had the world's best Double Cheese Egg Omelet and Coffee. By now I was totally in awe of the campus and its energy radiating all over.

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