Friday, January 15, 2010

Change is Good(or GOD)!!

I have just realized that i have not taken any break since last 15days ever since i have come to the campus from home. It’s because of different reasons, partly due to my exams, partly due to work, partly due to severe cold and partly due to no reason.

So now I am having a feeling that I might need a change in terms of food, ambience, air and people. I would say I would be lucky to have a friend coming over here in delhi.i am looking forward to meeting with him. He was my class mate in engg and though we were not that great buddies during college but strangely we both are getting well off late mainly because we both are now entering the same profession. So I am planning to see him tomorrow i.e. Saturday, have some good food and beers and come back to the campus happily.

On a different front, it’s official now that I am going to IIMA for that event.on one hand I am very excited and eager to see the life in IIMs and on other hand its bothering me and making me think as to how can I make a maximum impact there with my visit. My coll is spending so much money to send us for the event so it's pretty natural for them to expect some laurels by us. So I am going to leave no stone unturned to make this event a fruitful one.

I just received an email and it says that that I have to get my BE certificate submitted before 5 Feb meaning thereby I have to go to pune. Well I will now have to do some serious planning to make that possible and I see my plan of trekking with Sid lurching in danger.

God help me!

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