Friday, January 15, 2010

An Evening Dedicated to Marketing

Today we had one of the most satisfying class in the campus. The credits for that goes entirely to the idea of our marketing proff.i have to say that I have found this professor trying hard to bring the creativity and innovativeness to make the subject more interesting, lively and more relevant. Never ever have I found the subject so engaging.

Following the same ideology he had given us the assignment.there were two groups who had to make a presentation on same topic, one had to speak for the topic and other group had to speak against the topic.

The result of the task was very fruitful because we all had brainstormed hard to get most out of the topic by presenting with the best possible examples. The class actually started from 7pm and ended till 12 in night. I liked the concept.

i have a very valid insinuation that this guy loves to see the outcome of the methodology of his teaching style. I noticed the smile on his face when the class ended and he just went out in the hall way staring at the students who were discussing and debating about the class. I just had a glimpse of him and I saw that smile of contentment which gave me enough reasons to believe that he wanted to see that outcome; it kind of gave him high and motivation.

I would also look forward for this kind of class. It is very inclusive in nature as the students get to learn through peer learning, learn presentation and debating skills, abilty to think critically and learn to work in teams.

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