Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Year That Was

Times are so so much different that it sometimes seems like you were there at one time and then it’s like the time was here at one time.The bifurcation of static and dynamic just gets slimmer.

I remember last year 31st dec I was in my 6*10 feet room alone preparing for my MBA, and at the time when clock struck 12 I was sitting at my chair watching through my windows the beautiful crackers lit up in the sky and I was just thinking that am I one with this happiness of the dawn of this new year. Is this really a new year for me? I found my answer to be partially yes and partially no. Right at that moment I didn’t even had the faintest idea where I would be sitting next year at the same time.

Today at the beginning of 2010 I can vouch that I am not partially but completely sure that this year is definitely a new year and a new beginning for me.I am having an opportunity of seeing the things in retrospect and I see so many changes in myself in last one year..Changes in myself, in my lifestyle, in my thinking, my ideologies, my environment and my life as a whole.

2009 was a hard and tough year for me.i had to say good bye to all my good friends and live in a solitary confinement for a whole year living amidst my books and broken ligament. I learnt a lot of things during that one year. It taught me to be patient, be optimist, focus on my priorities and believe in myself. I am a happy man now. I am a better man now. I see my actions falling in line with my goals and I am a much more confident person.

I wish 2010 will bring me a lot of success, experience, learning and peace.

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