Monday, December 28, 2009

Enlightenment in Holy City

Coming to home is like servicing your sluggish mind.home gives me peace,time to think on life with a larger perspective and lets me see through it in retrospect.we are all so busy in our professional lives that we tend to forget that we need some time to let the mind take its natural course of thinking and watching the thoughts switch between the abyss of the reality and meta state is like a blessing.

I like my birthplace Varanasi because of the spiritual vibe which is all present here.I like the peace and serenity prevailing on the banks of Ganges where i would always like to go and sit with a smoke or two and ponder about myself ,my identity while gazing at the stillness of the flowing river,absoluteness of the energy emanating from holy Ganges and the happiness radiating from the smile of person rowing the wooden boat on the river.

Being in Varanasi and experiencing the same vibe is a blessing for me.i can think about myself more clearly,i can attempt to answer those questions which i had always been delaying because of lack of peace,think about my future and past and derive important lessons from it.

It was one of those rare visits to ghats yesterday evening which gave me a great sense of peace and insight about myself.i was actually siting at the bank on the staircase of Shiva temple under a banyan tree chatting with my friend that something struck me and after digging a bit into it i realized that importance of character in a person's success in career.i am of the view that no matter how intelligent a person is but if he cannot display a consistent character,cannot meet the deadlines, cannot hold true t his promise,cannot accept and deliver responsibilities then he cannot win anybody's hear and will fail to impress just's not that i didn't knew this but this part of values is something which i know i had always been lacking and that has always reflected in my shoddy assignments,my outlook towards my MBA and i have to change myself and change for the good.

So i may say that i got my enlightenment and i have made my new year's resolution that i will not fail in any of my assignment deadlines ever,i will always deliver what i have promised,i will bring more quality to my assignments and i will show the highest level of my commitment to any responsibility i have agreed to.

I hope i stand by what i have just said..AMEN!!

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