Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Victim of Emotional Exploitation

What would be the kind of feeling when you go to B school for an inter collegiate event with excitement and fervor only to feel your perceptions totally shattered. I woke up today at 6AM for the first time in my MBA ,braved the cold water and compromised my sleep only because I had one thing in my mind that I am going to go to a Business school for an event and I will be bringing accolades back home.

Please excuse me if I am sounding too critical and harsh but I cannot just describe my experiences in any other way than it rightly deserve. I had never ever visited any B school as unproffesional, informal and unorganized as this one. We reached the venue an hour before and nobody was there in the campus even to tell us where to wait. The MBA students were wearing low waist jeans, T shirts and some of them even had pony tails and it made me question if I have really come to an MBA college or some Bcom or Bba college.

You can now expect the quality of the students there. Absolute chaos and conundrum in organizing and handling the event, it reflected on their lack of planning. Funnily the teachers didn’t even know if students belonged to their college or not. That was just enough. The events were substandard and not even worth participating and they kept on delaying. We just got frustrated to such an extent that we decided that it's time we should take a leave and not demean our self anymore.interstingly,while we were moving out there was a huge drama outside the gate. The cops and municipal corporation people had come with their bulldozers to demolish the college (demolish, are you kidding me, its college right???) because there was supposed to be a flyover constructed over there.

But anyway it was a good and necessary lesson for us that next time we will decide and investigate well where we should go and where not.

The only thing we appreciate throughout our stay there were the chief guests there. I specifically mean one gentleman who was the Vice President of Bharti Walmart.his speech just moved me, it was so refreshingly inspiring. He gave some very deep insights about life, its treatment and our focus. Those words are still lingering in my ears and they really forced me to think about it. A very subtle and thoughtful dose of philosophy which I feasted on.

It’s time that I should now focus on my studies which I have been neglecting from quite some time now. We have a Corporate Finance quiz tomorrow and I am yet to begin...Time to get serious!!

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