Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yamaha Factory Visit

Today we had a special chance to visit the Yamaha factory based in surajpur, was a very good experience and a great exposure for us. I would say that it was a treatise for people like me who have planned to take Operations management .I had a firsthand experience in seeing the actual assembly line of Yamaha bikes. Till now I had read about things like shop floor, assembly line, job shop, work in process, finished goods etc in the books and I had only been imagining as to how those things would actually be in the shop floor but the visit to Yamaha gave me the real view and it changed my perspective too.

I was totally mesmerized by watching the technology, aumomation, the precise and intricate planning of the whole factory. Each and everything is perfectly planned and quality is given the utmost priority.

The interior designing of the administrative building reminded me of old oriental style with the teak wood embedded and enveloped walls and brown wood furnitures.must be a Japanese style of architecture.

The shop floor was huge and impressive couldn’t digest the fact the factory had 2000employees working on a given day working on 2 shifts from 8AM till 2AM.People in the factory seemed to be very busy, focussed, happy and relaxed. The work culture is very open and fair to all. Everything right from the time taken by an employee to fix a screw till the no of bikes to be produced per time was programmed and they had quality checks in place at each and every part of the cell.

This visit gave me a reality check and confirmed what I had been studying and imagining as to how the ideal factory would be.

Honestly I was actually getting Goosebumps by seeing the energy,life,noise,activity,humdrum in the work place ,I wish I would get a chance someday to work for a company like this.

I came back to my campus with loads of information in my mind, with a more clear understanding of the manufacturing plant, with a resolute will to make a career in Operations and a hungry soul craving for more.

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