Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World's AIDS Day @Ansal Plaza!!

Today is world’s Aids day. To support the cause of the AIDS patients, our college had taken a small initiative by organizing a street play which was held in a shopping mall in greater noida. The street play was focused on creating awareness amongst people about AIDS, what causes AIDS, how can we stop it and what are the common myths about it. I was the main protagonist PAPPU who was the aids patient.pappu is a small town boy who goes to city for higher studies, meets some wrong people and gets spoilt, induges in all unfair activities and contracts aids through aids worker. He is tested positive and later he dies. It was a very powerful character with mix of emotions from being a spoilt brat to a kid who dies of very young age.
The skit was very well organized and everybody put their best performance and people appreciated the show very much. I was personally approached by few people who congratulated me and told me that I put a very good show. Something I have a reason to be proud of. Now I explored other side of myself, a guy who can act well, a guy who can do a good show hosting and public speaking.
After the good show and the hard work we had put in for the numerous nights before the event ,we definitely needed a treat .and treat we got in mcD.some hopeless non veggies like me needed some more stuff and we headed to kfc..
Al in all it was a nice evening out with college mates!

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