Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art of Living- A Blessing

I feel blessed after coming from Art of Living course. Though summing it up in few words would be unfair to it but if I have to use it I would say it to be marvelous, refreshing, rediscovery and invigorating.

I had never seen such a fun filled workshop like Art of Living. Before going to the workshop i had it my mind that the workshop is actually a meditation course where we would be taught breathing techniques but after coming to Vrindavan, my perception totally changed. The program was a mix of meditation techniques, some yoga asanas, streching exercises and loads and loads of fun filled activities. It was thrilling, engaging and very refreshing. In those 5 days our batch of 50 came too much close than we were till joining this program.

We now share a very good bonding, trust, respect and understanding of each other. Honestly this part of learning is the most helpful to me keeping other things at par because I believe the essence of a happy campus life is the strong bond between your colleagues with whom you sleep, eat and study. We were so close to each other that there was nothing called privacy except when you attend nature's call. I am serious. It was a bit of culture shock for most of the class as we have strict rules in the campus regarding the boys and girl’s hostel, timings etc and here we are totally on our won. Imagine a sight where all the boys and girls are in same room till 5am playing games and enjoying.

The workshop was a blessing in disguise as we were able to go to different temples like ISKON, Banke Bihari, do the boating in Yamuna River, visit Taj Mahal and best of all gorge on sumptuous food in Vrindavan which we were all craving because of pathetic campus mess.

ISKON was magical experience. No offense but I have never found myself so better, happy and joyous in visiting other temples than ISKON.we were literally dancing on the fusion tunes in the temples with people chanting Radhe Krishna rhymes. It was a transcendental and cosmic experience. I really felt one with god and danced like nobody was watching me.

And what to say about Tajmahal visit, I was simply struck in awe watching the magnificence and epitome of beauty. It was a marvellous.watching taj mahal made me doubtless of the fact that this is highest form of any material which anybody can gift to his loved ones. The place is so much romantic with yamuna flowing in its backyard, vast carefully manicured Shalimar gardens. The sight was splendid and it feasted my eyes. I now understand why it was once one of the 7 wonders of the world.

i am now at home unwinding and relaxing with home made food, my books and snail's pace of my activity. This 'nothing to do' feeling is really needed and it will rejuvenate me when I will join the campus on 1st Jan. as per now, its time to think about my new year's resolution.

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