Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Age of Turbulence

I luckily had the opportunity to explore the labyrinths of our rich library due to the free schedule today. I had been contemplating from long ago that I don’t get enough time to do some serious reading and today I made sure that I would give my best attempt to quench my insatiable appetite for reading books. I don’t know why but when I see a rich library stacked with good books I get the feeling that I should leave all the worries of my life at one side and sit down in a comfortable place in a library with nobody to disturb me and read the books for hours and hours. I wish this could be true.

Any which way, I picked up a book by Alan Greenspan called Age of Turbulence whose few pages I read while I was in a bookstore few days back. I just skimmed through first few pages and I decided that this is the exact book which I had been looking for. This is a very good book about the autobiography of the former Federal reserve Chairman of United States. He is revered in the international community and extolled in the hallowed clique of world’s leading economists for giving very accurate forecasting. He is the one who has saved the United States into going into recession and the 1992-93 economic slump. He had advised numerous us presidents and no wonder why he has served the fed chairman for 5 consecutive terms.

The book is detailed into two parts, in the first part he is talking mostly about himself, about his upbringing, his infatuation with music, passion for mathematics and knowing the world from the macro view and his intelligent discussions and life changing experience with the famous author Ayn Rand.Coincidentally I have also read the book of Ayn Rand and I am really floored by the ideas, thoughts and the eloquence of the writings of Ayn Rand.

From what I have deduced no matter how naïve, I have no doubts that Greenspan is the one the most progressive thinkers of 21st century.

I have borrowed the book from library and as I am writing this book this cover page of the book is staring at me which is neatly placed next to me and it is kind of tacitly saying to me to please read me. I can’t control my urge to dive into the realms of Age of Turbulence.

God please keep all the distractions away from me, atleast for today.i will write the full review after reading the book and i wish i do it soon.

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