Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nostalgia sinking in

Now that the realization of the fact is sinking in that i ma a guest of this city for just a week, I am getting nostalgic now. I’ve spend a really great 2months here, made some real good freinds,started to like my work and the place that the time has come when i have to pack my bags and bid adieu to the city.
To be very fair and exact, these 2 months of stint in Bosch has been my first step in the real serious professional career, a kind of work and profile which is my career goal and the industry in which I try to seek into. This stepping stone has exposed me to numerous challenges, given my enormous learning and experience that I can’t say.
I have built a lot of confidence and knowledge of the subject matter that when i will go back to my campus I will really not regret about not getting myself paid even for a sec because what I have accumulated from here in this small time is just priceless and i am more than happy to my project guides for believing in me and giving me this opportunity and APICS certificate program which helped me a lot in getting myself recognized. The first advantage which APICS gave me was getting me this internship program because i was spotted by my guides because of this only.
My only wish and hope is that I should get a good job because of this certification and should complete my certification before finishing my post graduation here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

weekend getaway!!

allright,so after the long and seemingly never ending week i've come to the end of week and i could get no better a way to celebrate the joy of No work by unwinding myself at the amazing places at nasik.
nasik is a very peaceful small hamlet surrounded by mountains and peaks from all sides and demarking it as its periphery.the city is very small,very peaceful ,full of greenery,alive with nature,pleasant climate throughout the year round and most of all good people.if i would have to settle somewhere after my retirement then iit has got to be this place more so because of its proximity with the major cities.
i spend aa lovely saturday today at the spelendid mountain peak called trimbhakeshwar which is just alittle away from the city and then splurge on wines at a local vinery sipping various vines by watching beautiful scenic views ammidst sprinking was really a heady feeling which the wine was giving me .you find yourself so disconnected from all other worries and find yourself so soaked and immersed in the mellow trip which gets osmosized with the beutiful view which wines offered me.i got to learn the intricacies about the proces of vine manufacturing,processing,storing,drinking and ven storing it..i came back home after being a llot knowledable,happier,satisfiedd and relaxed.

there is only one regret that amidst all such merry making i am neglecting my book very rudely..this book which i bought after spending a good 800bucks stares at me every evening after i come from office and i am finding it real hard to keep myself stuck into it..

my summer internshiip is about to end after next the mean while i have to preaper the report,complete formalities and prepare for my mumbai visit.
i will be in mumbai for 2days and am planning to catch up with some old freinds and then ill be back to home for good 2 weeks.

lesson for today: drinking wine 1-2 glasses each day is good for health.happy that wining is endorsed by some good people and i can safely consume it..


Monday, June 21, 2010

Summers at Nasik!!

hi all,
curse me for being away for so one point of time i had really strted to find myself bit demotivated towards blogging but i dont know why this renewwed intesrest had made me blog after a long time.i hope this time i dont go hibernated for so llong.
i was in pune for last thres days due to my work.i had my APICS DSP exam on saturday and i had to take my transfer certificate from the college so i had to stay here till monday.i came to pune knwowing nothing as to where am i going to stay ,what am i going to do for netx threee days and how willl i be able to plan my weekend to the best because after this trip i dont know when next will i be able to come back here..but thankfully an by god's grace ive got all my things done at a very perfect pace without any stress.i stayed every night at a different place and i met with a lot fo freinds as i had expected before coming here,i di all my work again as i expected.and finally i am back to nasik tonight blogging at the comfort of my borrowed home for last1 and half months.
i might have not updated in my previous blogs but i am currenlty doing my summer internship at Robert Bosch at Nasik.i willbe here till this month end after then i plan to take a 2week long holiday and head back home,get rejuvenate by relishing home made food ,reading good books and trying vainly to get back in shape before i joing my MBA.the summer expereince here is good,the learning part is immense prom all rounds but i am missing my college life too.the junior batch has arrived and am very keen to meet them as well.ill keep updated but as of now ill have to say goodbye!!