Saturday, June 26, 2010

weekend getaway!!

allright,so after the long and seemingly never ending week i've come to the end of week and i could get no better a way to celebrate the joy of No work by unwinding myself at the amazing places at nasik.
nasik is a very peaceful small hamlet surrounded by mountains and peaks from all sides and demarking it as its periphery.the city is very small,very peaceful ,full of greenery,alive with nature,pleasant climate throughout the year round and most of all good people.if i would have to settle somewhere after my retirement then iit has got to be this place more so because of its proximity with the major cities.
i spend aa lovely saturday today at the spelendid mountain peak called trimbhakeshwar which is just alittle away from the city and then splurge on wines at a local vinery sipping various vines by watching beautiful scenic views ammidst sprinking was really a heady feeling which the wine was giving me .you find yourself so disconnected from all other worries and find yourself so soaked and immersed in the mellow trip which gets osmosized with the beutiful view which wines offered me.i got to learn the intricacies about the proces of vine manufacturing,processing,storing,drinking and ven storing it..i came back home after being a llot knowledable,happier,satisfiedd and relaxed.

there is only one regret that amidst all such merry making i am neglecting my book very rudely..this book which i bought after spending a good 800bucks stares at me every evening after i come from office and i am finding it real hard to keep myself stuck into it..

my summer internshiip is about to end after next the mean while i have to preaper the report,complete formalities and prepare for my mumbai visit.
i will be in mumbai for 2days and am planning to catch up with some old freinds and then ill be back to home for good 2 weeks.

lesson for today: drinking wine 1-2 glasses each day is good for health.happy that wining is endorsed by some good people and i can safely consume it..


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