Monday, June 21, 2010

Summers at Nasik!!

hi all,
curse me for being away for so one point of time i had really strted to find myself bit demotivated towards blogging but i dont know why this renewwed intesrest had made me blog after a long time.i hope this time i dont go hibernated for so llong.
i was in pune for last thres days due to my work.i had my APICS DSP exam on saturday and i had to take my transfer certificate from the college so i had to stay here till monday.i came to pune knwowing nothing as to where am i going to stay ,what am i going to do for netx threee days and how willl i be able to plan my weekend to the best because after this trip i dont know when next will i be able to come back here..but thankfully an by god's grace ive got all my things done at a very perfect pace without any stress.i stayed every night at a different place and i met with a lot fo freinds as i had expected before coming here,i di all my work again as i expected.and finally i am back to nasik tonight blogging at the comfort of my borrowed home for last1 and half months.
i might have not updated in my previous blogs but i am currenlty doing my summer internship at Robert Bosch at Nasik.i willbe here till this month end after then i plan to take a 2week long holiday and head back home,get rejuvenate by relishing home made food ,reading good books and trying vainly to get back in shape before i joing my MBA.the summer expereince here is good,the learning part is immense prom all rounds but i am missing my college life too.the junior batch has arrived and am very keen to meet them as well.ill keep updated but as of now ill have to say goodbye!!

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