Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nostalgia sinking in

Now that the realization of the fact is sinking in that i ma a guest of this city for just a week, I am getting nostalgic now. I’ve spend a really great 2months here, made some real good freinds,started to like my work and the place that the time has come when i have to pack my bags and bid adieu to the city.
To be very fair and exact, these 2 months of stint in Bosch has been my first step in the real serious professional career, a kind of work and profile which is my career goal and the industry in which I try to seek into. This stepping stone has exposed me to numerous challenges, given my enormous learning and experience that I can’t say.
I have built a lot of confidence and knowledge of the subject matter that when i will go back to my campus I will really not regret about not getting myself paid even for a sec because what I have accumulated from here in this small time is just priceless and i am more than happy to my project guides for believing in me and giving me this opportunity and APICS certificate program which helped me a lot in getting myself recognized. The first advantage which APICS gave me was getting me this internship program because i was spotted by my guides because of this only.
My only wish and hope is that I should get a good job because of this certification and should complete my certification before finishing my post graduation here.

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