Monday, December 28, 2009

Enlightenment in Holy City

Coming to home is like servicing your sluggish mind.home gives me peace,time to think on life with a larger perspective and lets me see through it in retrospect.we are all so busy in our professional lives that we tend to forget that we need some time to let the mind take its natural course of thinking and watching the thoughts switch between the abyss of the reality and meta state is like a blessing.

I like my birthplace Varanasi because of the spiritual vibe which is all present here.I like the peace and serenity prevailing on the banks of Ganges where i would always like to go and sit with a smoke or two and ponder about myself ,my identity while gazing at the stillness of the flowing river,absoluteness of the energy emanating from holy Ganges and the happiness radiating from the smile of person rowing the wooden boat on the river.

Being in Varanasi and experiencing the same vibe is a blessing for me.i can think about myself more clearly,i can attempt to answer those questions which i had always been delaying because of lack of peace,think about my future and past and derive important lessons from it.

It was one of those rare visits to ghats yesterday evening which gave me a great sense of peace and insight about myself.i was actually siting at the bank on the staircase of Shiva temple under a banyan tree chatting with my friend that something struck me and after digging a bit into it i realized that importance of character in a person's success in career.i am of the view that no matter how intelligent a person is but if he cannot display a consistent character,cannot meet the deadlines, cannot hold true t his promise,cannot accept and deliver responsibilities then he cannot win anybody's hear and will fail to impress just's not that i didn't knew this but this part of values is something which i know i had always been lacking and that has always reflected in my shoddy assignments,my outlook towards my MBA and i have to change myself and change for the good.

So i may say that i got my enlightenment and i have made my new year's resolution that i will not fail in any of my assignment deadlines ever,i will always deliver what i have promised,i will bring more quality to my assignments and i will show the highest level of my commitment to any responsibility i have agreed to.

I hope i stand by what i have just said..AMEN!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art of Living- A Blessing

I feel blessed after coming from Art of Living course. Though summing it up in few words would be unfair to it but if I have to use it I would say it to be marvelous, refreshing, rediscovery and invigorating.

I had never seen such a fun filled workshop like Art of Living. Before going to the workshop i had it my mind that the workshop is actually a meditation course where we would be taught breathing techniques but after coming to Vrindavan, my perception totally changed. The program was a mix of meditation techniques, some yoga asanas, streching exercises and loads and loads of fun filled activities. It was thrilling, engaging and very refreshing. In those 5 days our batch of 50 came too much close than we were till joining this program.

We now share a very good bonding, trust, respect and understanding of each other. Honestly this part of learning is the most helpful to me keeping other things at par because I believe the essence of a happy campus life is the strong bond between your colleagues with whom you sleep, eat and study. We were so close to each other that there was nothing called privacy except when you attend nature's call. I am serious. It was a bit of culture shock for most of the class as we have strict rules in the campus regarding the boys and girl’s hostel, timings etc and here we are totally on our won. Imagine a sight where all the boys and girls are in same room till 5am playing games and enjoying.

The workshop was a blessing in disguise as we were able to go to different temples like ISKON, Banke Bihari, do the boating in Yamuna River, visit Taj Mahal and best of all gorge on sumptuous food in Vrindavan which we were all craving because of pathetic campus mess.

ISKON was magical experience. No offense but I have never found myself so better, happy and joyous in visiting other temples than ISKON.we were literally dancing on the fusion tunes in the temples with people chanting Radhe Krishna rhymes. It was a transcendental and cosmic experience. I really felt one with god and danced like nobody was watching me.

And what to say about Tajmahal visit, I was simply struck in awe watching the magnificence and epitome of beauty. It was a marvellous.watching taj mahal made me doubtless of the fact that this is highest form of any material which anybody can gift to his loved ones. The place is so much romantic with yamuna flowing in its backyard, vast carefully manicured Shalimar gardens. The sight was splendid and it feasted my eyes. I now understand why it was once one of the 7 wonders of the world.

i am now at home unwinding and relaxing with home made food, my books and snail's pace of my activity. This 'nothing to do' feeling is really needed and it will rejuvenate me when I will join the campus on 1st Jan. as per now, its time to think about my new year's resolution.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best class in IBA today

I had the privilege of learning from one of the best teachers of marketing in the campus. Today we had a class at 11pm by him which was scheduled all of a sudden and only 9 people were selected for this class. Before the class nobody even had a faintest idea as to what the class was all about.

He is leaving for IIM, Bangalore tomorrow for submitting a paper presentation and he will be visiting IBA Bangalore for presenting his business plan. So he decided that he should take a class with us before he goes for the final presentation. Instead of presentation he actually put forth a situation where we were made into focus groups and made to brainstorm for the business plan. We actually engaged in a very intellectually simulating and intense discussion about actually formulating a business plan. He is such a great discussion driver that he made us think hard about each and every subtle nuances and very beautifully contradict each other views. I had never had such a great class.
Imagine the class went up till 1AM and nobody even realized the time. The methodology he used is called BRAIN MAPPING. He had used the tag stickers and used the flowcharts and tree diagram to make a comprehensive plan. This gave us a real feel as to how to formulate an actual business plan and what are the fine details which could come into play.
I am feeling very happy and thoughtful after coming back from his lecture. Wishing such good surprises to shower us from time to time.

On another front, few guys from our batch have been selected to represent IIM-A for an event in january.IIMs had been Dream College for me and I always wanted to know how the life in IIMs would be. I can see my dream come true no matter in which ways. Can’t just wait to go there.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Victim of Emotional Exploitation

What would be the kind of feeling when you go to B school for an inter collegiate event with excitement and fervor only to feel your perceptions totally shattered. I woke up today at 6AM for the first time in my MBA ,braved the cold water and compromised my sleep only because I had one thing in my mind that I am going to go to a Business school for an event and I will be bringing accolades back home.

Please excuse me if I am sounding too critical and harsh but I cannot just describe my experiences in any other way than it rightly deserve. I had never ever visited any B school as unproffesional, informal and unorganized as this one. We reached the venue an hour before and nobody was there in the campus even to tell us where to wait. The MBA students were wearing low waist jeans, T shirts and some of them even had pony tails and it made me question if I have really come to an MBA college or some Bcom or Bba college.

You can now expect the quality of the students there. Absolute chaos and conundrum in organizing and handling the event, it reflected on their lack of planning. Funnily the teachers didn’t even know if students belonged to their college or not. That was just enough. The events were substandard and not even worth participating and they kept on delaying. We just got frustrated to such an extent that we decided that it's time we should take a leave and not demean our self anymore.interstingly,while we were moving out there was a huge drama outside the gate. The cops and municipal corporation people had come with their bulldozers to demolish the college (demolish, are you kidding me, its college right???) because there was supposed to be a flyover constructed over there.

But anyway it was a good and necessary lesson for us that next time we will decide and investigate well where we should go and where not.

The only thing we appreciate throughout our stay there were the chief guests there. I specifically mean one gentleman who was the Vice President of Bharti Walmart.his speech just moved me, it was so refreshingly inspiring. He gave some very deep insights about life, its treatment and our focus. Those words are still lingering in my ears and they really forced me to think about it. A very subtle and thoughtful dose of philosophy which I feasted on.

It’s time that I should now focus on my studies which I have been neglecting from quite some time now. We have a Corporate Finance quiz tomorrow and I am yet to begin...Time to get serious!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Age of Turbulence

I luckily had the opportunity to explore the labyrinths of our rich library due to the free schedule today. I had been contemplating from long ago that I don’t get enough time to do some serious reading and today I made sure that I would give my best attempt to quench my insatiable appetite for reading books. I don’t know why but when I see a rich library stacked with good books I get the feeling that I should leave all the worries of my life at one side and sit down in a comfortable place in a library with nobody to disturb me and read the books for hours and hours. I wish this could be true.

Any which way, I picked up a book by Alan Greenspan called Age of Turbulence whose few pages I read while I was in a bookstore few days back. I just skimmed through first few pages and I decided that this is the exact book which I had been looking for. This is a very good book about the autobiography of the former Federal reserve Chairman of United States. He is revered in the international community and extolled in the hallowed clique of world’s leading economists for giving very accurate forecasting. He is the one who has saved the United States into going into recession and the 1992-93 economic slump. He had advised numerous us presidents and no wonder why he has served the fed chairman for 5 consecutive terms.

The book is detailed into two parts, in the first part he is talking mostly about himself, about his upbringing, his infatuation with music, passion for mathematics and knowing the world from the macro view and his intelligent discussions and life changing experience with the famous author Ayn Rand.Coincidentally I have also read the book of Ayn Rand and I am really floored by the ideas, thoughts and the eloquence of the writings of Ayn Rand.

From what I have deduced no matter how naïve, I have no doubts that Greenspan is the one the most progressive thinkers of 21st century.

I have borrowed the book from library and as I am writing this book this cover page of the book is staring at me which is neatly placed next to me and it is kind of tacitly saying to me to please read me. I can’t control my urge to dive into the realms of Age of Turbulence.

God please keep all the distractions away from me, atleast for today.i will write the full review after reading the book and i wish i do it soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

APICS-My Asset

There was a day when I was frantically searching on internet for some certifications regarding operations management desperately and there I got to learn about APICS course. After some time of goggling I came to the conclusion that APICS is one of the most sought of courses for OPS guys, somebody who wants to build a solid career in supply chain industry, some body who dreams of becoming a business process consultant, APICS is a surest way to reach there. Ever since then I had only been dreaming about doing APICS day in and day out. That day I had not even believed that I would someday come this far and so close of being in it.

today, on December 12th 2009 I wrote my second module of CPIM exam called MPR(MANUFACTURING PLANNING AND RESOURCE).when I think back about clearing the first module, when I tell people that that I am doing a course on supply chain and when I sit amongst the top notch business process consultants and the best minds and write my Apics exam then I feel very empowered, I feel very motivated, I feel that I am well on the way to be a member of that elite clique of supply chain professionals. As I was giving my 2nd exam today in IMI, i was having the same feeling. My vision, mission and my goal had become more clear, direct and objective. I felt more determined than ever, more resolute than ever and made me to accept that this exam had actually given me a better meaning of my life. I now know where I want to go, what to I want to do to reach there and when do I have to reach there.

Today, I know, and I dream of becoming of Business Process Consultant. I know it will take time it will be tough, I will meet with failures and sometimes I will feel very dejected but I will keep on walking. I may be late but one day I will reach there.

I want people to recognize me as a consultant. As I was answering those 75 questions based on supply chain I realized that I was damn engrossed in solving them, I could think of nothing else for those 3 hrs and when I finished my exam I felt a kind of competeness, a kind of high which is unexplainable, I realized that I too have the bent of bent which is needed for those people, I could think analytically and could implement those concepts.

From now on APICS is my way of life. I will eat, sleep, and drink APICS.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yamaha Factory Visit

Today we had a special chance to visit the Yamaha factory based in surajpur, was a very good experience and a great exposure for us. I would say that it was a treatise for people like me who have planned to take Operations management .I had a firsthand experience in seeing the actual assembly line of Yamaha bikes. Till now I had read about things like shop floor, assembly line, job shop, work in process, finished goods etc in the books and I had only been imagining as to how those things would actually be in the shop floor but the visit to Yamaha gave me the real view and it changed my perspective too.

I was totally mesmerized by watching the technology, aumomation, the precise and intricate planning of the whole factory. Each and everything is perfectly planned and quality is given the utmost priority.

The interior designing of the administrative building reminded me of old oriental style with the teak wood embedded and enveloped walls and brown wood furnitures.must be a Japanese style of architecture.

The shop floor was huge and impressive couldn’t digest the fact the factory had 2000employees working on a given day working on 2 shifts from 8AM till 2AM.People in the factory seemed to be very busy, focussed, happy and relaxed. The work culture is very open and fair to all. Everything right from the time taken by an employee to fix a screw till the no of bikes to be produced per time was programmed and they had quality checks in place at each and every part of the cell.

This visit gave me a reality check and confirmed what I had been studying and imagining as to how the ideal factory would be.

Honestly I was actually getting Goosebumps by seeing the energy,life,noise,activity,humdrum in the work place ,I wish I would get a chance someday to work for a company like this.

I came back to my campus with loads of information in my mind, with a more clear understanding of the manufacturing plant, with a resolute will to make a career in Operations and a hungry soul craving for more.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NTPC Quiz-A Disaster!

I am feeling dejected, stripped down and made to look into the mirror. And I see myself nude, totally nude with bare feet on the ground embarrassed to see myselfself. This is the exact feeling which I am experiencing right now. Today I had gone for a quiz conducted by NTPC in its B school called Power Management Institute. There were 52 colleges who participated in the event having big shots like IMT, FMS, NSBIT, and LBSIM etc.
I had very great learning experience there, some good ones and some bad ones but one thing is certain that this experience has opened my eyes and made me realize today that where I am, who I am and where do I have to go. The exposure and the self check exercise were necessary and this event showed me my true picture undoubtedly.

The hard part: we couldn’t qualify the eliminations and we just sat amongst the audience to see the big guys take over the scene. The questions were challenging and very thoughtful .I realized the importance of reading newspapers and came to believe that there are enough reasons to always keep your eyes open and keep a check on what’s happening in the suroundings.the questions were bit tricky and they needed bit of hard thinking and analytical reasoning.
I remember a question which I would like to share with you.

Q: what web page does internet takes you when you type of us would stop thinking that since we haven’t ever tried opening that page so it’s out of question but wait a minute how many of us have ever tried to give a thought that what could be that site, or for that matter what page could ESCALATOR take you to..Easy if I give you clue but hard to reach to that clue. How abt some escalator company like OTIS???
You can give a shot, guy from IMT pressed buzzer and guess what, he said OTIS and bagged cool 10points.

So one thing I learnt that always use your mind which is free to use.You won’t lose anything after all, isint it.
Anyway it was nice experience because this was my first experience of a quiz at such level, nicely organized, good quiz master, extremely well thought out questions and splendid performance by the laudable participants. I was relieved from attending today's classes and had free breakfast and chicken curry in lunch. A nice respite from canteen food is always welcome.

Bad part: felt bad that I couldn’t even clear the qualifying round. Felt very bad when I was coming back from there. I was thinking all the time what will I say to my freinds, they must be expecting some good news. Can’t I win a quiz? I have to work hard, read newspapers and increase my retention power. That means I have to remember the things which I read like which product was released in market yesterday, who created the zoo zoo ad, which firm he belonged to and stuff like that.

All in all it gave me a good exposure and made me motivated to take part in quizzes and inter college events as much as possible. The real learning lies in these things. Looking forward for a better performance in Jagruti 09' on 19th and another event in Delhi Business School on 17th, 18th.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World's AIDS Day @Ansal Plaza!!

Today is world’s Aids day. To support the cause of the AIDS patients, our college had taken a small initiative by organizing a street play which was held in a shopping mall in greater noida. The street play was focused on creating awareness amongst people about AIDS, what causes AIDS, how can we stop it and what are the common myths about it. I was the main protagonist PAPPU who was the aids patient.pappu is a small town boy who goes to city for higher studies, meets some wrong people and gets spoilt, induges in all unfair activities and contracts aids through aids worker. He is tested positive and later he dies. It was a very powerful character with mix of emotions from being a spoilt brat to a kid who dies of very young age.
The skit was very well organized and everybody put their best performance and people appreciated the show very much. I was personally approached by few people who congratulated me and told me that I put a very good show. Something I have a reason to be proud of. Now I explored other side of myself, a guy who can act well, a guy who can do a good show hosting and public speaking.
After the good show and the hard work we had put in for the numerous nights before the event ,we definitely needed a treat .and treat we got in mcD.some hopeless non veggies like me needed some more stuff and we headed to kfc..
Al in all it was a nice evening out with college mates!