Friday, February 26, 2010

After Effects of MBA!!!!

i find it quite interesting to see how MBA students have started to implement the management concepts in their day to day life.uptil now i had an inkling that they could be used in the work but our students have out proved everybody and started to use it as their way of life.let me take you through some examples.

we had been given an case study in a subject on which we had to make a PPT after reading it.i did the entire thing from reading the stuff and making the PPTs.10mins before the presentation nobody in my team knew a thing about it.they went through their slides in the class and figured out right then as to what they need to speak.
now that's called the presentation preparation JUST IN TIME by reducing the presentation LEAD TIME significantly..i marvel at my team mates efficient use of time..

on a different note,i am flabbergasted and happy to know that one of my batchmates had the keen eye to observe the difficulties faced by students in getting the print outs timely in campus and usE this as providing a business solution.he simply bought a printer from market and installed in his we just have to go to his room and take printouts whenever we want.That's incredible news!!

exams time is closing in, live Project has to be started really soon,start getting serious for the University exams as well as Trimester exams,start dabbling in shares by following markets more closely also complete the assignments on time with quality..


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Amazing Proffesor!!

To be having a teacher who is an FMS MBA alumnus and its gold medalist,an McKinsey professional,a person who is widely traveled,thoroughly read,highly intellectual and having a brilliant sense of humor is like a boon to us.the kind of perspective,thoughts,insights,examples and experience which he brings to the class is just so amazing that i cant say..i was thrilled and constantly focussed unshakably during those rarely happens to be taught from a person of such stature and when he talks its very much obvious to be just silent and only and only hear..and what he said what something everything fully agrees..
i find him to be an,he knows so much.he is so convincing..why don't we have people like him around could they be like that??i don't know but i know one thing and that is i AM IMPRESSED.i am cent percent sure that nobody amongst us will be making a mistake to bunk his class. at least not me.he opened my eyes and filled me with so much of enthusiasm ..

i resolve today that i will try more harder to read more than i do,work more harder,think more creative and be more inquisitive!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trimestor III-Good n Bad!!

The new trimestor has begun and because of my holiday i have already missed enough classes which is sufficient to cost me much in terms of my attendence and study.The subjects this time are less analytical and more subjective which is a bad news for me since i hate writing essays which are not objectively evaluated but subjectively evluated.while there are few subjects which are really interesting with excellent faculties and i am really looking forward to learn a lot from these classes.

i would specifically like to mention a class called DAC-Decision analysis and cases.the course is taken by a proff who is an IIM-A passed out.i took a class from him yesterday and i would have to say that the guy is amazing while teaching.the subject is a great too.DAC is a subject which teaches you how to think while taking decisions,what should be the way the mind should work , what questions one shoud ask and how should one go about till finding the goal.but the good subject is complemented by excellent teacher.the beauty of his pedagogy is that he doesn't give you a ready to eat answer but his methodology is purely based on cases.he gives us the cases and lets the students discuss them in the class.inseatd of giving them clues he just drives the class and only speaks few words,WHY,HOW,SO,THEN,HOW COME,WHAT NEXT??????? etc etc..

we have also got started with Live Project where in we have to go to any company and we have to find a specific problems in that company and find a possible solution to overcome that problem.i appreciate this initiative by the management because this will give a vast practical learning for students and helps develop an inquisitive mind.i am looking to join this project as soon as possible but waiting to get this opportunity in a good company in relevant sector..

As of now,it's time i should end up with this post and start my prep for my certificate exam!!

Values-The Guiding Principle of Life

today I've learnt few valuable lessons:
1.Never make fun of anyone without being sure that you could go to the point of offending someone because when you make fun of others ,you are inviting others to make fun of you.and it may offend you as well.

2.A very important incident happened yesterday which made me realize for the first time unshakingly the importance of values.i realize they are so so much important in guiding a person's in his life.values are something which shapes his personality,creates impression upon others,develops a character and helps the person overcome the challenges in times of crisis.
i was a reading an article in newspaper in which i read being said by a business leader that 'values are something which defines what you do when nobody is watching you'.that is the real test of how much values you have.

I now understand that if a person has values and is resolute in trying times too then he will be a person of character,a personality to be admired.i make avow today that i will try my level best at all times to be a person to uphold highest moral principles no matter what i will abide by them.

3. Don't ever lie ,admit it as soon as possible ,no matter how hard it is because it may be tough for you to do it initially but once you develop a habit of it then you will be trusted by many.

I have no second opinions today that a person's identity,his character and ultimately his success is defined by how he acts and thinks in situations.

4.Be in the is hard i know but if you want to be successful then learn to be in the system and learn to accept the culture as early as possible. because a culture is a powerful force so instead of playing role of maverick be the one who lives life by'll succeed..try it once..and see the results!!

I would end this post by a quote which i read in an advertisement of Mercedes Benz "leadership is not a choice,but it's a responsibility".so if you too want to be a leader,then you may have to live a life which may be harder and tougher than others,but i assure you it's rewards will be very fulfilling!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Change is Good!!

A lot of things have taken place since i last posted a blog.I had come back from an amazing Himalayan Road trip yesterday.i will be posting a blog exclusively for that very soon.our end terms of 2nd tri sem is over and i am relieved.the college annual fest Spardha has kicked off with a good start.
there was a bomb blast in Pune's German Bakery ,a place which i used to hand out a lot.May god give peace to their souls.
my APICS DSP exam is on 12th march for which i have not studied a bit so i will have to focus all my energies now n the prep otherwise it will be too late.after the long holiday i have to get used to this college rigour soon because the next term has already started and i am looking forward for a good trimestor score this time..

hope all gets well!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Himalayas-An Ode to Life

I am very ecstatic, joyous and very excited thinking about the very certain possibility of going for a weeklong trip towards the great himalayas.thinking about the word Himalayas always bring a chill down my spines and I don’t know why but I always feel a sense of restlessness and longing to visit these enigmatic mystic hallowed mountains. I am beginning o realize that my dream is going to be true...yippee...

I am finally going to be on my own into the wild, amidst the serene nature, being one with the nature, living with free thought and wandering like hippies for a good one week. I can’t even say the amount of excitement which I am holding into me.honestly, i had been looking for just this trip from last 2 years. I remember it was the summer of 2008 when I broke my ligament and was at home for a complete 1 month on bed rest and my peripatetic buddy Sid called me telling about his sojourn of Himachal Pradesh-Manali,Kasol,Leh and Laddakh.frankly I was feeling very helpless,frustative,jealous and sad that I could not go with them. But since that day the fire of going to visit hills had been burning inside me .and my dream is about to come true.
I can’t believe it. I really don’t know what excites me so much about the it the freedom, liberty of thought, the site of the puritanity of absolute beauty. think I should attribute the eagerness of mine to the great authors who have left a lasting impact on me.i would specifically like to dedicate my trip to few geniuses namely: don krakoer for writing the book INTO THE WILD &INTO THIN AIR,Chris Mccandles for being such a maverick, rebellious and an appreciator of nature,Henry William Thoreau-for giving humanity such a beautiful philosophy and perspective towards nature, my friend Sid-for being s much energetic,exporative in nature, willing to live life to its full and for being so much much different than others and the great Hinduism-for bringing and leaving such a great history of enigma, mysticism and theocraticism in the world we live in.i feel privileged today.

My idea of a nature trip is being alone, travelling a lot into the upper and upper reaches of mountains, watching the whole world(as we know it, no matter how we do) for hours and hours, listening to soulful and renditive music in my IPOD, scribbling my never ending thoughts in my notepad, drinking good wine, visiting the holy places like temples, meeting a lot of people from various walks of life and from diverse backgrounds because I believe that the more you know people is the more you now about yourself since they give you so diverse vision of lives that it changes you as a person and gives you a bountiful of experiences and of course reading a very good book on philosophy and ideology..

At this point of time I have to cut short my blog which would really never end had I got unrestrained time for my thoughts but I have to focus of my exams which are due from tomo.

Will keep updated once exams are over..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. TIBA!!

a lot things have happened to me in last few days. I celebrated my 26th birthday on 1st Feb, 2010 which is a great achievement for me that I sustained for so long on earth. When I see myself, i find myself much mature and sensitive towards everything. I have developed my perspective in all the horizons. Honestly I feel older when I relate with a 26yr person still studying. Is that supposed be an age when people still study? God only knows.but I am enjoying my every moment and I am relishing the varied experiences life is throwing at me time and again. I had a very simple affair in coll as we didn’t have any celebration and if I am not wrong, this was one birthday which went without having me cut the cake...I lied to my parents about it too. But I was too diffident for engaging in this ceremony. I find it more ceremonial and a formality rather than an expression of joy. A m beginning to think, what’s the matter of joy in it...Okay u turned 26, so what? Have you changed the world...Did people find Henry Reardon or Howard Roark in you??No??Thats’s bad...Then please save your cake for a rainy day!!

On a different note, I won the coveted title of Mr.TIBA (Tiger of IBA) title. After fighting with 30 odd participants of my batch. The event lasted for 4gruelling days which comprised of aptitude test, business gk quiz, group discussionss, extempore, presentation and role play.

I am happy because I got a cash prize and a certificate. My sole reason of participating in this event was because I love quizzing and debating...the event served my purpose equally well and I am satisfied. Even if I had not won it would have hardly mattered to me because I enjoyed what I had thought so..but it's never bad to have money when you're always living on the thin line of being broke.atleast I won’t have to shell out any penny from my wallet in giving my bday treat which is due..

Exams are approaching soon and I have vowed to myself that would not settle down for anything less than A+ in four subjects. I have to cut down on my 'intellectually exciting time passes' by focusing and devoting more time to my studies..