Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trimestor III-Good n Bad!!

The new trimestor has begun and because of my holiday i have already missed enough classes which is sufficient to cost me much in terms of my attendence and study.The subjects this time are less analytical and more subjective which is a bad news for me since i hate writing essays which are not objectively evaluated but subjectively evluated.while there are few subjects which are really interesting with excellent faculties and i am really looking forward to learn a lot from these classes.

i would specifically like to mention a class called DAC-Decision analysis and cases.the course is taken by a proff who is an IIM-A passed out.i took a class from him yesterday and i would have to say that the guy is amazing while teaching.the subject is a great too.DAC is a subject which teaches you how to think while taking decisions,what should be the way the mind should work , what questions one shoud ask and how should one go about till finding the goal.but the good subject is complemented by excellent teacher.the beauty of his pedagogy is that he doesn't give you a ready to eat answer but his methodology is purely based on cases.he gives us the cases and lets the students discuss them in the class.inseatd of giving them clues he just drives the class and only speaks few words,WHY,HOW,SO,THEN,HOW COME,WHAT NEXT??????? etc etc..

we have also got started with Live Project where in we have to go to any company and we have to find a specific problems in that company and find a possible solution to overcome that problem.i appreciate this initiative by the management because this will give a vast practical learning for students and helps develop an inquisitive mind.i am looking to join this project as soon as possible but waiting to get this opportunity in a good company in relevant sector..

As of now,it's time i should end up with this post and start my prep for my certificate exam!!

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