Saturday, February 20, 2010

Change is Good!!

A lot of things have taken place since i last posted a blog.I had come back from an amazing Himalayan Road trip yesterday.i will be posting a blog exclusively for that very soon.our end terms of 2nd tri sem is over and i am relieved.the college annual fest Spardha has kicked off with a good start.
there was a bomb blast in Pune's German Bakery ,a place which i used to hand out a lot.May god give peace to their souls.
my APICS DSP exam is on 12th march for which i have not studied a bit so i will have to focus all my energies now n the prep otherwise it will be too late.after the long holiday i have to get used to this college rigour soon because the next term has already started and i am looking forward for a good trimestor score this time..

hope all gets well!!

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