Friday, February 26, 2010

After Effects of MBA!!!!

i find it quite interesting to see how MBA students have started to implement the management concepts in their day to day life.uptil now i had an inkling that they could be used in the work but our students have out proved everybody and started to use it as their way of life.let me take you through some examples.

we had been given an case study in a subject on which we had to make a PPT after reading it.i did the entire thing from reading the stuff and making the PPTs.10mins before the presentation nobody in my team knew a thing about it.they went through their slides in the class and figured out right then as to what they need to speak.
now that's called the presentation preparation JUST IN TIME by reducing the presentation LEAD TIME significantly..i marvel at my team mates efficient use of time..

on a different note,i am flabbergasted and happy to know that one of my batchmates had the keen eye to observe the difficulties faced by students in getting the print outs timely in campus and usE this as providing a business solution.he simply bought a printer from market and installed in his we just have to go to his room and take printouts whenever we want.That's incredible news!!

exams time is closing in, live Project has to be started really soon,start getting serious for the University exams as well as Trimester exams,start dabbling in shares by following markets more closely also complete the assignments on time with quality..


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