Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. TIBA!!

a lot things have happened to me in last few days. I celebrated my 26th birthday on 1st Feb, 2010 which is a great achievement for me that I sustained for so long on earth. When I see myself, i find myself much mature and sensitive towards everything. I have developed my perspective in all the horizons. Honestly I feel older when I relate with a 26yr person still studying. Is that supposed be an age when people still study? God only knows.but I am enjoying my every moment and I am relishing the varied experiences life is throwing at me time and again. I had a very simple affair in coll as we didn’t have any celebration and if I am not wrong, this was one birthday which went without having me cut the cake...I lied to my parents about it too. But I was too diffident for engaging in this ceremony. I find it more ceremonial and a formality rather than an expression of joy. A m beginning to think, what’s the matter of joy in it...Okay u turned 26, so what? Have you changed the world...Did people find Henry Reardon or Howard Roark in you??No??Thats’s bad...Then please save your cake for a rainy day!!

On a different note, I won the coveted title of Mr.TIBA (Tiger of IBA) title. After fighting with 30 odd participants of my batch. The event lasted for 4gruelling days which comprised of aptitude test, business gk quiz, group discussionss, extempore, presentation and role play.

I am happy because I got a cash prize and a certificate. My sole reason of participating in this event was because I love quizzing and debating...the event served my purpose equally well and I am satisfied. Even if I had not won it would have hardly mattered to me because I enjoyed what I had thought so..but it's never bad to have money when you're always living on the thin line of being broke.atleast I won’t have to shell out any penny from my wallet in giving my bday treat which is due..

Exams are approaching soon and I have vowed to myself that would not settle down for anything less than A+ in four subjects. I have to cut down on my 'intellectually exciting time passes' by focusing and devoting more time to my studies..

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