Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Amazing Proffesor!!

To be having a teacher who is an FMS MBA alumnus and its gold medalist,an McKinsey professional,a person who is widely traveled,thoroughly read,highly intellectual and having a brilliant sense of humor is like a boon to us.the kind of perspective,thoughts,insights,examples and experience which he brings to the class is just so amazing that i cant say..i was thrilled and constantly focussed unshakably during those rarely happens to be taught from a person of such stature and when he talks its very much obvious to be just silent and only and only hear..and what he said what something everything fully agrees..
i find him to be an,he knows so much.he is so convincing..why don't we have people like him around could they be like that??i don't know but i know one thing and that is i AM IMPRESSED.i am cent percent sure that nobody amongst us will be making a mistake to bunk his class. at least not me.he opened my eyes and filled me with so much of enthusiasm ..

i resolve today that i will try more harder to read more than i do,work more harder,think more creative and be more inquisitive!!

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