Sunday, February 7, 2010

Himalayas-An Ode to Life

I am very ecstatic, joyous and very excited thinking about the very certain possibility of going for a weeklong trip towards the great himalayas.thinking about the word Himalayas always bring a chill down my spines and I don’t know why but I always feel a sense of restlessness and longing to visit these enigmatic mystic hallowed mountains. I am beginning o realize that my dream is going to be true...yippee...

I am finally going to be on my own into the wild, amidst the serene nature, being one with the nature, living with free thought and wandering like hippies for a good one week. I can’t even say the amount of excitement which I am holding into me.honestly, i had been looking for just this trip from last 2 years. I remember it was the summer of 2008 when I broke my ligament and was at home for a complete 1 month on bed rest and my peripatetic buddy Sid called me telling about his sojourn of Himachal Pradesh-Manali,Kasol,Leh and Laddakh.frankly I was feeling very helpless,frustative,jealous and sad that I could not go with them. But since that day the fire of going to visit hills had been burning inside me .and my dream is about to come true.
I can’t believe it. I really don’t know what excites me so much about the it the freedom, liberty of thought, the site of the puritanity of absolute beauty. think I should attribute the eagerness of mine to the great authors who have left a lasting impact on me.i would specifically like to dedicate my trip to few geniuses namely: don krakoer for writing the book INTO THE WILD &INTO THIN AIR,Chris Mccandles for being such a maverick, rebellious and an appreciator of nature,Henry William Thoreau-for giving humanity such a beautiful philosophy and perspective towards nature, my friend Sid-for being s much energetic,exporative in nature, willing to live life to its full and for being so much much different than others and the great Hinduism-for bringing and leaving such a great history of enigma, mysticism and theocraticism in the world we live in.i feel privileged today.

My idea of a nature trip is being alone, travelling a lot into the upper and upper reaches of mountains, watching the whole world(as we know it, no matter how we do) for hours and hours, listening to soulful and renditive music in my IPOD, scribbling my never ending thoughts in my notepad, drinking good wine, visiting the holy places like temples, meeting a lot of people from various walks of life and from diverse backgrounds because I believe that the more you know people is the more you now about yourself since they give you so diverse vision of lives that it changes you as a person and gives you a bountiful of experiences and of course reading a very good book on philosophy and ideology..

At this point of time I have to cut short my blog which would really never end had I got unrestrained time for my thoughts but I have to focus of my exams which are due from tomo.

Will keep updated once exams are over..

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