Tuesday, May 26, 2009

chilling for this eve

so finally the d day arrived today.i had been waiting for exams to start from quite a long time.had been putting the days and night as one just to leave a mark on the exams this time.
today i have given my first exam.electronic measurement systems.
the name may look scary but the subject is actually just the repetition of what we all have been studying since 2nd year.
very much theoretical subject.i chipped in 3and 1/2 days for the final preparation and gave this paper today.paper was bit easy and very much predictable.mostly repeated questions and very much lengthy.but i still managed to complete it on time.phew!!
next paper is telecommunication network and management.it is again similar to computer networks which we did last sem.easy,theoretical and very subjective.you just have to boast about all networks an bull shit.
but i will not leave any room for losing marks.
i have to go to meet my friend from Delhi ,he just called me some time back and i don't want to disappoint him since that i know that today i can afford chilling but now tomo.
and today is the birthday of a good friend of mine.so ill have to make sure that i get a cake and have him cut it.he deserves cutting a cake at least ,so what we have exams.
may be ill try to call him to mg road or somewhere from where i can get a small cake and have a small celebration..
see ya!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

elated !!

hi all,
its 3 am in the morning and i am preparing for my exams in the courtyard of my PG.i like the place for studying during night because its open ,airy with cool breeze coming from time to time.
but today i had to wind up my books and come back to my room because instead of breezes suddenly it started windy.i am so exited,the weather has gone so good all of a sudden ,it has been a really good respite from the chilly summer we have been witnessing from lat few months.
i am lucky to being some of the few people who have experience the onset of this new season.
the sky has gone orange and there are signs of rain.
well,but i still have to control my excitement and focus on my studies.though feeling hungry and have promised my friend that we will go for breakfast at 4 am..the places are open at this odd hour here. open guys..pune has good places to chill at.
in the meanwhile,ill quickly check out my orkut community(the day i have joined it,feel irresistible to check it now and then) and then ill finish few remaining topics and then off for POHA..HE HE HAA HA HAAA..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sitting job

exams are nearing day by day.i have my final sem exams starting from 26th of this month.and with each day passing by i am getting more nervous with fear and tension trickling down my brains.no matter this is the time during the sem when i find my Grey cells most active.
actually from last few days i have been conditioned with this 'sitting job',
no its not what u are guessing.the fear and exam hysteria is looming all over the place so much so that i have literally locked up myself in my small cocoon(read room).
i hardly feel like doing any thing except burying myself in the books,though i have off late started finding enough time for lunch,cutting chai in supper and a sumptuous dinner).whow what a delight..

i know you may call me a geek this time but i don't mind accepting those adjectives because this sem the situation is not so blues..i saw my last sem result and it dashed all my hopes,how quixotic i was,i was under impression that since i am doing nothing except studying i must be sailing across wonderfully but the results brought out the truth.i merely afford to pass.i analyzed thoroughly and i understood that though i had given enough time for my prep but the way it should been was not right.i skipped some important topics,didn't made an meticulous schedule and i had no clear cut target.
i am trying hard this time not to repeat all my previous mistakes, just wish this time i achieve what i aspire.
you must be wondering what i have been doing all throughout the day in my room.well when i am bogged down by my studies i find my solace from business standard,my newly joined community on orkut,listening to my repeated collection on the ipod.
dude there are guys in my class i know they are so much focused that i believe that they wont be finding even time to think about 'solace'.
that's an adjective saved for me,a mediocre thinker.
have to go for dinner in some time and when i am back ill still have to finish a complete unit of microwave optics.
god give me enough motivation that i finish it off by tonight without thinking abt my 'solace'.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lines to live by!!

hi all ,so i am gain back with my philosophical distasteful blogs.i ha vent read any self help books nor have i conquered something great that i am a guy who would do much justice by preaching some important lessons which are required about life but i am very sure that if not much then i can still add some really important tips which are going to be very important things to achieve success in life.
i have also had a fair share of my experiences,struggles and with my experience i can safely say few things:
the single most important thing in life is :keep thinking,one should be a thinker,think about everything,increase your dimension of perspective regarding everything,analyze critically even the minutest things,bring the morality,ethics into the picture.

always think positive,be a fighter,when you are in hard times,most people give up because they cannot sustain the uncomfortable environment as they are not used to it.but if you stick by it little long enough,u will sail through it very easily.
try to keep your default mind mode into introspection mode.it helps because it helps you make better judgments.

over few days i am quite concerned with few issues.
by now you all know that i have got admitted to an average level B-school.the admission criterion was not very rigid which translated into the fact that anyone with an average IQ can get admission very easily so i have to be prepared that i am mostly going to be with mediocre guys.the big question is how do i bring the best of my skills even while surrounding with those people.there will be instances when the people who try to dissuade me or demotivate me which will make me to re look on my aggressiveness and speed of execution.so how do i ignore all of that ,keep myself cool and maintain focus.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

jogging at nda

it has been almost 18months since i had run on the ground.i am an enthusiast runner,and i love jogging at NDA hills which is my favorite place.i remember those days when i used to go there every evening religiously to jog,be it sun down time or dark.i just loved going there and running.it is such a lovely place that i cant tell you.the road is a long and winding one which leads to national defense academy ,which is built on the hills away from the hustle bustle of the city.one side of the road is walled by the beautiful hills covered with greenery and other side of the road is a deep ravine.the place offers a spectacular view of the entire city.i actually run and get lost in the wild,it is so mesmerizing that i just forget that i am running.

but last year i met with an accident and my knee ligament had to be reconstructed.i could hardly walk and that too with the help of crutches.my doc advised me that i should go easy on these activities for about a year.since then i was so much desperate to go to nda and start running.running gives me a kind of high,i like getting exasperated ,sweating like anything because when i come home and take shower i feel so much relaxed.
so finally today i dared to go there again after such long time,i really enjoyed it.the place has also changed a lot.earlier that place used to be a dating place for couples and it kept me out of boredom while jogging,but today i saw the place almost empty.and the hills have also been encroached by private developers,i wonder the beauty wont be lost some day by these buildings.
all i wish is i keep myself motivated and charged up.

is there a code!!

i had been giving too much thought on the morality,principles and the action which is chosen because of the both.
a person who is intellectually mature will have his own code of conduct which will be based on his principles which are again guided by his rational reasoning,and all this is based on the very premise of his perspective towards the society.even if one chooses his code of conduct there still will be conflict between the actions which which is needed to get the things done and the code of this morals.
how does one respond to it and how should one find out what is the right course of action.
for instance if you know that an favorable outcome of some act is very important and vital for you but because of misfortune the ball is not in your court and there is an option to get the ball in your court by paying bribe( a harmless bribe) then should one do it.
bribe is itself a crude form of cheating and you have denied it all through your life.you will have to lose your ego,your attitude,your pride and you will have to talk to him in his code ,in his language to get that thing done.though you feel so guilty from inside by breaking your principles so much so that you crave for the answer which gives you the solution.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today I have learned a very important lesson in my life that I will never ever cheat anyone in my life. There is a saying that when you do something against the nature or society, there is a backlash from the same force who were you repelling which is newton's law of equal and opposite reaction.Same happened with me. Though I feel that I was waiting for the veracity of the saying which this lesson made me to believe.
I cheated somebody 2 years ago and tonight I repented for it, I was humiliated, embarrassed, had to apologize, had to beg and finally had to pay for my sins. I am not sad because I had to pay the penalty but because I am thinking that how could I do it. How could I be so unreasonable, so irrational and so mean? I have lost my character, morals; my principles have betrayed everything today. I have seen the power of truth today, that no matter how hard is the truth but in the end truth always wins.And if u stick by this principle to stand by truth you will always win.

It so happened that I was staying in paying guest house two years back. For some reasons I had to move to a flat when I had paid an advance rent of another month. I spoke to the landlord to reimburse my payment of one moth because I am not living there next moth but he refused saying that it is not his problem. All the conditions were already discussed and it has to be borne by me. I now accept that he was right then and I should have thought about it before or made my choices considering this thing. so what I did (which I now think that how cheap I was then that I thought so) was I decided that I will shift one day when he is not at home and I will also take his cot and a computer table so that I can compensate for my loss. Please somebody stone me to death, how could you even think so, you are so shameless, why; answer me why, why did you do this when you knew that it was not his problem.

Well anyway, I moved to new place thinking that I will never be caught. And the owner, when he came back, called me few times, but I hook up, so he charged the money for cot and table from guys in another room as that table was from their room. So they paid him 800bucks on my behalf while I ran way.
But here I was, today evening after good 2years they found me having coffee at a joint, and they called the owner too at that spot. I was manhandled a bit, was humiliated and finally I ended up paying fine. The worst thing, I didn’t even sell that cot and table, I donated to my old poor maid.

Today, when I am writing this, I am feeling so guilty that I cannot express. All I am thinking is what would have happened if I had just moved without taking anything. Life is about values saurabh.you have to build your principles and abide by them no matter what. There will be situations which will be little tempting, there will be situations when you will be forced to jeopardize your values, but if you stick by them long enough, that too shall pass.
I vow today that no matter what, I will never ever cheat anyone, no matter how harmless it is. If I owe somebody 5bucks and I don’t have at that time. I will tell him that ill pay him later, but I will pay him for sure. You should pay for your sins only then you learn from your mistakes and make a better person. You can assume or form any impression about me; I don’t care because I know that if I want somebody to form any impression about me that has to start from truth. Rest is immaterial. God please forgive me!!!

A chapter is going to be over

so finally the feeling has started to sink that my days in pune are now numbered.
i had come here some 6 years ago for my engineering.it is just now that i am almost done with my engg.6yrears,i now wonder, is so long..
i have so many memories of pune and i have become so much acquainted with the city that i feel as if i am not from somewhere else but i belong to this very city.so what i cant speak Marathi but i really like this place...
while i was finishing my 12th,since then i had a dream to study here as i had heard a lot about this place like its night life,its youth crowd,cool climate and nice picnic spots (though college and academic was the last thing which ever ran across my mind,something i regret now).

i made some really wonderful freinds here,learnt a lot about sharing things,emotions,ups and downs..i am really going to miss this city and its going to give me a nostalgia later when i will be in noida.

actually i had never bothered to think much abt this city and i am kind of guy who is very flexible abt most of the things,and which city i am in is not a big deal for me,i will be able to manage wherever i stay.after all every place gives you new experiences,new things to learn ,the culture,people,food etc.but when you spend a really long time at a place and spend the golden days of your life-the college life,you sure is going to miss the place.
and now when i am 1month away to finish my engg,i have started to realize the same thing.

i have given final see offs to a lot of my freinds and i have seen them getting so emotional,but i ,somewhere down the line feel that this is not going to happen with me.i will also be emotional but not to the extent as my freinds were.
now i am at such point of my life where these things are really immaterial to me.trust me if i am required to live in chennai,ill still be happy.after all how does it matter wherever you live unless you have a family to take care.as long as you are celibate,you must be flexible enough to accept new culture,food,people,surroundings IF sacrificing all that is nececcasy when it helps your career.you will definately have a choice to stay put later when you are pretty settled in life.

i thnk that i will actually love noida apart from few concerns like the place itself(jokes apart),i mean the temp is so extreme most of the time,if its hot,it will be 50degress,if its cold,may be sub zero sometimes and moreover i am concerned because i have seen that the people there are little rude generally,actually i have been used to live in exceptionally polite environment.never mind!!
but the good thing is(which superimposes my trivial concerns) is that i will be closer to home(just one night away compared to 40hrs patience with pune and most of all finally i will be able to eat actual north indian food.

but ....west is the best!!!!