Sunday, May 3, 2009

A chapter is going to be over

so finally the feeling has started to sink that my days in pune are now numbered.
i had come here some 6 years ago for my is just now that i am almost done with my engg.6yrears,i now wonder, is so long..
i have so many memories of pune and i have become so much acquainted with the city that i feel as if i am not from somewhere else but i belong to this very what i cant speak Marathi but i really like this place...
while i was finishing my 12th,since then i had a dream to study here as i had heard a lot about this place like its night life,its youth crowd,cool climate and nice picnic spots (though college and academic was the last thing which ever ran across my mind,something i regret now).

i made some really wonderful freinds here,learnt a lot about sharing things,emotions,ups and downs..i am really going to miss this city and its going to give me a nostalgia later when i will be in noida.

actually i had never bothered to think much abt this city and i am kind of guy who is very flexible abt most of the things,and which city i am in is not a big deal for me,i will be able to manage wherever i stay.after all every place gives you new experiences,new things to learn ,the culture,people,food etc.but when you spend a really long time at a place and spend the golden days of your life-the college life,you sure is going to miss the place.
and now when i am 1month away to finish my engg,i have started to realize the same thing.

i have given final see offs to a lot of my freinds and i have seen them getting so emotional,but i ,somewhere down the line feel that this is not going to happen with me.i will also be emotional but not to the extent as my freinds were.
now i am at such point of my life where these things are really immaterial to me if i am required to live in chennai,ill still be happy.after all how does it matter wherever you live unless you have a family to take long as you are celibate,you must be flexible enough to accept new culture,food,people,surroundings IF sacrificing all that is nececcasy when it helps your will definately have a choice to stay put later when you are pretty settled in life.

i thnk that i will actually love noida apart from few concerns like the place itself(jokes apart),i mean the temp is so extreme most of the time,if its hot,it will be 50degress,if its cold,may be sub zero sometimes and moreover i am concerned because i have seen that the people there are little rude generally,actually i have been used to live in exceptionally polite environment.never mind!!
but the good thing is(which superimposes my trivial concerns) is that i will be closer to home(just one night away compared to 40hrs patience with pune and most of all finally i will be able to eat actual north indian food.

but ....west is the best!!!!

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