Thursday, May 14, 2009

sitting job

exams are nearing day by day.i have my final sem exams starting from 26th of this month.and with each day passing by i am getting more nervous with fear and tension trickling down my matter this is the time during the sem when i find my Grey cells most active.
actually from last few days i have been conditioned with this 'sitting job',
no its not what u are guessing.the fear and exam hysteria is looming all over the place so much so that i have literally locked up myself in my small cocoon(read room).
i hardly feel like doing any thing except burying myself in the books,though i have off late started finding enough time for lunch,cutting chai in supper and a sumptuous dinner).whow what a delight..

i know you may call me a geek this time but i don't mind accepting those adjectives because this sem the situation is not so blues..i saw my last sem result and it dashed all my hopes,how quixotic i was,i was under impression that since i am doing nothing except studying i must be sailing across wonderfully but the results brought out the truth.i merely afford to pass.i analyzed thoroughly and i understood that though i had given enough time for my prep but the way it should been was not right.i skipped some important topics,didn't made an meticulous schedule and i had no clear cut target.
i am trying hard this time not to repeat all my previous mistakes, just wish this time i achieve what i aspire.
you must be wondering what i have been doing all throughout the day in my room.well when i am bogged down by my studies i find my solace from business standard,my newly joined community on orkut,listening to my repeated collection on the ipod.
dude there are guys in my class i know they are so much focused that i believe that they wont be finding even time to think about 'solace'.
that's an adjective saved for me,a mediocre thinker.
have to go for dinner in some time and when i am back ill still have to finish a complete unit of microwave optics.
god give me enough motivation that i finish it off by tonight without thinking abt my 'solace'.

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