Wednesday, May 6, 2009

is there a code!!

i had been giving too much thought on the morality,principles and the action which is chosen because of the both.
a person who is intellectually mature will have his own code of conduct which will be based on his principles which are again guided by his rational reasoning,and all this is based on the very premise of his perspective towards the society.even if one chooses his code of conduct there still will be conflict between the actions which which is needed to get the things done and the code of this morals.
how does one respond to it and how should one find out what is the right course of action.
for instance if you know that an favorable outcome of some act is very important and vital for you but because of misfortune the ball is not in your court and there is an option to get the ball in your court by paying bribe( a harmless bribe) then should one do it.
bribe is itself a crude form of cheating and you have denied it all through your will have to lose your ego,your attitude,your pride and you will have to talk to him in his code ,in his language to get that thing done.though you feel so guilty from inside by breaking your principles so much so that you crave for the answer which gives you the solution.

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