Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lines to live by!!

hi all ,so i am gain back with my philosophical distasteful blogs.i ha vent read any self help books nor have i conquered something great that i am a guy who would do much justice by preaching some important lessons which are required about life but i am very sure that if not much then i can still add some really important tips which are going to be very important things to achieve success in life.
i have also had a fair share of my experiences,struggles and with my experience i can safely say few things:
the single most important thing in life is :keep thinking,one should be a thinker,think about everything,increase your dimension of perspective regarding everything,analyze critically even the minutest things,bring the morality,ethics into the picture.

always think positive,be a fighter,when you are in hard times,most people give up because they cannot sustain the uncomfortable environment as they are not used to it.but if you stick by it little long enough,u will sail through it very easily.
try to keep your default mind mode into introspection mode.it helps because it helps you make better judgments.

over few days i am quite concerned with few issues.
by now you all know that i have got admitted to an average level B-school.the admission criterion was not very rigid which translated into the fact that anyone with an average IQ can get admission very easily so i have to be prepared that i am mostly going to be with mediocre guys.the big question is how do i bring the best of my skills even while surrounding with those people.there will be instances when the people who try to dissuade me or demotivate me which will make me to re look on my aggressiveness and speed of execution.so how do i ignore all of that ,keep myself cool and maintain focus.

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