Sunday, May 17, 2009

elated !!

hi all,
its 3 am in the morning and i am preparing for my exams in the courtyard of my PG.i like the place for studying during night because its open ,airy with cool breeze coming from time to time.
but today i had to wind up my books and come back to my room because instead of breezes suddenly it started windy.i am so exited,the weather has gone so good all of a sudden ,it has been a really good respite from the chilly summer we have been witnessing from lat few months.
i am lucky to being some of the few people who have experience the onset of this new season.
the sky has gone orange and there are signs of rain.
well,but i still have to control my excitement and focus on my studies.though feeling hungry and have promised my friend that we will go for breakfast at 4 am..the places are open at this odd hour here. open guys..pune has good places to chill at.
in the meanwhile,ill quickly check out my orkut community(the day i have joined it,feel irresistible to check it now and then) and then ill finish few remaining topics and then off for POHA..HE HE HAA HA HAAA..

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