Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today I have learned a very important lesson in my life that I will never ever cheat anyone in my life. There is a saying that when you do something against the nature or society, there is a backlash from the same force who were you repelling which is newton's law of equal and opposite reaction.Same happened with me. Though I feel that I was waiting for the veracity of the saying which this lesson made me to believe.
I cheated somebody 2 years ago and tonight I repented for it, I was humiliated, embarrassed, had to apologize, had to beg and finally had to pay for my sins. I am not sad because I had to pay the penalty but because I am thinking that how could I do it. How could I be so unreasonable, so irrational and so mean? I have lost my character, morals; my principles have betrayed everything today. I have seen the power of truth today, that no matter how hard is the truth but in the end truth always wins.And if u stick by this principle to stand by truth you will always win.

It so happened that I was staying in paying guest house two years back. For some reasons I had to move to a flat when I had paid an advance rent of another month. I spoke to the landlord to reimburse my payment of one moth because I am not living there next moth but he refused saying that it is not his problem. All the conditions were already discussed and it has to be borne by me. I now accept that he was right then and I should have thought about it before or made my choices considering this thing. so what I did (which I now think that how cheap I was then that I thought so) was I decided that I will shift one day when he is not at home and I will also take his cot and a computer table so that I can compensate for my loss. Please somebody stone me to death, how could you even think so, you are so shameless, why; answer me why, why did you do this when you knew that it was not his problem.

Well anyway, I moved to new place thinking that I will never be caught. And the owner, when he came back, called me few times, but I hook up, so he charged the money for cot and table from guys in another room as that table was from their room. So they paid him 800bucks on my behalf while I ran way.
But here I was, today evening after good 2years they found me having coffee at a joint, and they called the owner too at that spot. I was manhandled a bit, was humiliated and finally I ended up paying fine. The worst thing, I didn’t even sell that cot and table, I donated to my old poor maid.

Today, when I am writing this, I am feeling so guilty that I cannot express. All I am thinking is what would have happened if I had just moved without taking anything. Life is about values have to build your principles and abide by them no matter what. There will be situations which will be little tempting, there will be situations when you will be forced to jeopardize your values, but if you stick by them long enough, that too shall pass.
I vow today that no matter what, I will never ever cheat anyone, no matter how harmless it is. If I owe somebody 5bucks and I don’t have at that time. I will tell him that ill pay him later, but I will pay him for sure. You should pay for your sins only then you learn from your mistakes and make a better person. You can assume or form any impression about me; I don’t care because I know that if I want somebody to form any impression about me that has to start from truth. Rest is immaterial. God please forgive me!!!

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