Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cornicopic Musings!

Life is so unpredictable and that's what makes it so exciting.each new mystery which it unfolds in front of you and lets you exasperate with awe and lets you linger with sheer pulse racing excitement I think this is the real beauty of life.
There was a time in my life when I used to feel myself so unlucky and now suddenly in twist of turn I have started to feel myself so lucky.what a strange coincidence ,isn’t it? But as they say, that’s life.And don’t you think that the luck factor which we say is also very relative.A simple example would suffice here I guess.If I want to compare my salary with my peers in my college and supposing that it is the big amount then you would call yourself lucky but if I compare my salary with my friends with whom I studied in Engg and taking into account where they are now, supposing that mine is into the lowest bracket, I call myself unlucky..So that’s very contextual and relative. But again we all inherently want to feel ourselves happy so the idea is that we should always look at the greener side of grass.And green is good right!!

Few random thoughts and events which I want to scribble down although they have no logical sequence.
I had planned to go to Goa with couple of my friends who were supposed to gather in Goa from Mumbai and Pune.I had my ticket done but at the last hour something didn’t consummate I we had to abandon the trip,am feeling very sorry about this and I will regret this cancellation of my program.

Yesterday I spent the whole day watching India-England world cup match and was delighted to see the nail biting competition between both the teams. Both the teams making a gross score of more than 700 runs on the field.That was amazing treat for Sunday.But I think that Indian bowling attack is very dismal and still lacks depth in its bowling and I think if there would be one reason why India won’t be in the finals it will be because of this only..They may have to face a big cost because of this.Although their batting attack is formidable.

One more interesting thing I noticed during the match. There was a very curious and interesting ad by Vodaphone about its zoo zoo.i am sure that McCan Ericson must have worked really hard to retain the image of zoo zoo which had its impact on its first edition of ad.Their ad really hit home by being distinguished from other ads and I am sure that it has left its impact on the minds of people..Commendable effort by Nirvana guys.It's time Taproot, Madison, Ogilvy & Mather, Bates141 n the likes work up their sleeves get into his act.

Okay so my parents have gone for a pilgrimage cum exploration trip in Gujarat for a long week.and I’m stranded in Noida having nothing much to do.That being said I have exactly 9days before I again leave for Varanasi. I have planned an agenda for me.I will read lots of books during this time, I will do aerobic exercises and lose weight, catch up with friends and my relatives in Gurgaon and around.

Today I am going to Noida to buy a jeans for me.I will be buying jeans after a long time of 2 years.For me buying clothes is a big issue.I find them waste of time and money.The only reason why I am buying jeans because my last Levi is so torn that I can’t really wear it outside my hostel..

So time to go!!!! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Flirting with Democracy

When I was a child reading history books I used to wonder about so many important events like inventions, discoveries and revolutions. Back then I used to think that when these things would have taken place people who were living in that era must have been so lucky to witness it. Never did I believe that someday I would also be a witness to a very important event which will go down the annals of history.

I am talking about the liberation of Egypt from the shackles of autocracy and achievement of democracy. The world over people are overjoyed by seeing this magnificent spectacle. This result is not an outcome of mass protest for 18days at Tahrir Square but it was breeding and gestating from last 30years since the Iranian revolution of 1979.The Black Friday of Iran was the demonstration of the power people have collectively shown.It is such tremendous force together that led to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak regime which was reigning since last 30years and leading Egypt towards high stagflation and corruption.

The event will create a domino effect and food for thought to other Middle East countries that are being inflicted from the tyranny of other autocrats.Israel is feeling very insecure and isolated.US will try its best to buy a good image in Middle East by trying to help Egyptians pressure Mubarak to descend. But the situation is still very tense and needs to be seen that the country finds a very smooth transition to democracy.People get representative public ofices, free and fair elections and economic growth. Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Freidman rightly said that it could end up like a failed democracy like Pakistan or the other situation could be it could end up as an unstable democracy like South Africa...This could be possible.But the real onus lies on Egyptian army. The army has very high degree of trust and support of common people. Infact army in Egypt is highly involved in community development. The army should see to it that Egypt gets precisely what it has desired, it gets for what there were several martyrs...

Long live Democracy...AMEN!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Best Birthday Gift !!

What better gift can anybody get on his birthday by getting a job.yes I am one of those lucky ones. On the eve of my birthday when I should have been partying I was busy from morning till 11pm in night giving interviews.but now I know that it was all worth it..It is the happiest day of my life. After a long wait of more than 2 years and unending struggle my job search has finally come to an end. I AM PLACED...yes that’s true.I've got a job now. All the hard work, all the struggles, all the frustrations has now disappeared. And I am really very very happy. I just can’t tell you.the feeling is yet to sink that I have got the job.

Getting a big brand, a good profile and a handsome salary is always dream and I am no exception. Guess what happens when you wake up and realize that it is no longer a dream. It is a reality. You are now what you have been striving for. I can now proudly say this to my friends, my relatives and to myself. Nothing more is so important really feels so good I never the last couple of months I started getting very desperate and tensed for this.and my last blog is an example of this..I started losing hope and was even willing to settle down at a lower salary but I think destiny was on my side this time.When I say that I was destined to get this job am really true saying that I was pure lucky.Don't believe me, read out below.

I was to appear for an interview in a company called Sheila Foams which was offering me 16,000 per month. I saw my mail night before my interview that I have been shortlisted by HCL but the interview is on 1st Feb. which coincidentally falls on the same date and same time as Sheila Foams. But in HCL JD they did not mention that they were offering SCM profile infact they mentioned they needed people for marketing but with Engg background.though I was allowed to sit for interview but I was reluctant to join for marketing profile irrespective of what the package was I decided to give HCL interview a miss and appear for Sheila foams. Coincidentally the interview at Sheila foams got over bit early and when I checked out in HCL I found that the GD round is already over and they are not entertaining any more people. I tried to get in touch with HR and my PlaceCom head but at both the times I was refused was told that they have stopped the process and I can’t go now.nevertheless I thought lest just drop in there and meet other people from our college there..I went there I tried to convince the HR several times.but I failed.after numerous efforts and continuous pestering she allowed me but now the problem was that there was only me left for GD so GD round could not take place hence she allowed me to appear for personal interview directly. Lucky me!

 Round 1:
I was 2nd time lucky here I went inside for interview facing a panel of 4interviewers looking very serious and intimidating.they started asking me questions from my Engg after seeing that I am an electronics engineer..They asked me things like VSAT, satellite communication process, GSM, CDMA etc etc.luckily one of the other interviewer was also APICS CPIM certified and he asked me lot of questions on SCM.much to his surprise I was able to answer those questions very well and with confidence..He seemed quite impressed.

After short listing people based on GD and technical interview from a pool of 80studenst from 5 different colleges they shortlisted only 3 people and I was 1 amongst them. This time the lady recruiter told us clearly about the profile. She said that though they had initially not offered this profile but now after seeing our interest in SCM they want us to be a part of their strategic sourcing team. It’s a pure end to end global procurement part of their SCM profile.they briefed us about the profile and I was extremely impressed because I wanted profile exactly like this since it was complementing my interest in APICS as well. I was 3rd time lucky here. They asked if we had any questions. I asked them a lot of questions and I realized that they found me very curious and quite well read on the subject matter. She said that they want each 3 of us to think if we are interested in the profile, and once we are decided then they will take a 1 on 1 interview for each of us.

This time the interview was much more technical, intense and more was a pure global procurement live case study interview.and they asked me to give them a logical flow about my approach towards solving the case. I started by going very fast.the interviewer seemed unimpressed. She reminded me that till so far she found me the most impressive guy but I am ruining her perceptions by being so fast and overlooking important details. I got alarmed. My blood flow was racing fast. I tried to calm down. I started thinking and gave them logical answer slowly and slowly guess this time they liked my approach and they kept on interrupting me and giving me some hints and suggestions. I refined my points and again presented them.this whole interview lasted for 1.5hours.finally when they were exhausted with their questions.they told me to go out and wait. Then came the last and final HR round. It was more of a formality and she just asked me simple questions about my background, family, strengths, weakness, willing to relocate type of stuff.when she was finally done I asked her when should I get the result..In the passing by remark, it slipped out from her mouth by mistake that she will be sending me offer letter to my PlaceCom head tomorrow morning.

Well that was the end of the day. I was happy yet one time I was feeling that I am selected and happy thoughts were rushing inside me and at other side I was tensed and thinking what if they reject me, what if they don’t send me offer letter..Honestly speaking I couldn’t sleep that whole night.
Next morning I went to my placement head and asked her to send the mail to the company was when I was having my lunch; I got a Sms from my placement head to come to her cabin. To see my reaction he tried to play with me and told me bluntly that they have rejected me because I couldn’t clear some of their was worthwhile seeing my face. I was totally dumb struck, and confounded. But just as I was about to break into tears she loudly screamed that I am Selected. I saw that mail and must have read each and every line for at least 10times for my surety.

I came outside the office and immediately called my mom and told her that mom I have got my birthday gift.she was so happy. Her only son had got a job which she could proudly boast about.and as they say, the rest is history.

PS: The joining letter is still due and I am awaiting further details like my salary breakup, location and joining date. Assuming that the confirmation mail is proof that I am placed I am making a sin of being overjoyed.god please don’t spoil my party. I deserve it very badly.