Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cornicopic Musings!

Life is so unpredictable and that's what makes it so exciting.each new mystery which it unfolds in front of you and lets you exasperate with awe and lets you linger with sheer pulse racing excitement I think this is the real beauty of life.
There was a time in my life when I used to feel myself so unlucky and now suddenly in twist of turn I have started to feel myself so lucky.what a strange coincidence ,isn’t it? But as they say, that’s life.And don’t you think that the luck factor which we say is also very relative.A simple example would suffice here I guess.If I want to compare my salary with my peers in my college and supposing that it is the big amount then you would call yourself lucky but if I compare my salary with my friends with whom I studied in Engg and taking into account where they are now, supposing that mine is into the lowest bracket, I call myself unlucky..So that’s very contextual and relative. But again we all inherently want to feel ourselves happy so the idea is that we should always look at the greener side of grass.And green is good right!!

Few random thoughts and events which I want to scribble down although they have no logical sequence.
I had planned to go to Goa with couple of my friends who were supposed to gather in Goa from Mumbai and Pune.I had my ticket done but at the last hour something didn’t consummate I we had to abandon the trip,am feeling very sorry about this and I will regret this cancellation of my program.

Yesterday I spent the whole day watching India-England world cup match and was delighted to see the nail biting competition between both the teams. Both the teams making a gross score of more than 700 runs on the field.That was amazing treat for Sunday.But I think that Indian bowling attack is very dismal and still lacks depth in its bowling and I think if there would be one reason why India won’t be in the finals it will be because of this only..They may have to face a big cost because of this.Although their batting attack is formidable.

One more interesting thing I noticed during the match. There was a very curious and interesting ad by Vodaphone about its zoo zoo.i am sure that McCan Ericson must have worked really hard to retain the image of zoo zoo which had its impact on its first edition of ad.Their ad really hit home by being distinguished from other ads and I am sure that it has left its impact on the minds of people..Commendable effort by Nirvana guys.It's time Taproot, Madison, Ogilvy & Mather, Bates141 n the likes work up their sleeves get into his act.

Okay so my parents have gone for a pilgrimage cum exploration trip in Gujarat for a long week.and I’m stranded in Noida having nothing much to do.That being said I have exactly 9days before I again leave for Varanasi. I have planned an agenda for me.I will read lots of books during this time, I will do aerobic exercises and lose weight, catch up with friends and my relatives in Gurgaon and around.

Today I am going to Noida to buy a jeans for me.I will be buying jeans after a long time of 2 years.For me buying clothes is a big issue.I find them waste of time and money.The only reason why I am buying jeans because my last Levi is so torn that I can’t really wear it outside my hostel..

So time to go!!!! 

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