Friday, April 8, 2011

How have I been??

It’s quite frustrating when u’ve taken so much pain in writing a real long blog but you can’t save it because u have written it in a different lappy and you can’t open it now because it doesn’t have a battery and whose charger doesn’t work in sockets of Singapore. I mean last weekend i actually sat down to write a very thoughtful blog and now am unsure if that will ever see the light of its frustrating me but never mind, I’ll just post some new incidents..

I have now completed close to 3weeks in Singapore and a lot many things have taken place in my life.

1. I made couple of good friends here.All Indian of course and males (much to my dismay).i think it’s pretty easy to make friends here because there is common thought which binds all singles and foreigners here.A feeling of insecurity and you don’t have to find a reason to get jolly well with people here.

2. I became a witness of the making of a history. India won the world cup 2nd time in its cricket history after 27years.its a very proud moment. I was really shocked so see so many Indians fans in Singapore and the all night maddening celebration which took place that night in Singapore. Young and old, everybody waving flags, singing anthem, honking horns and for whole was just amazing sight.

3. I shifted to a flat from my lovely business hotel room. I am going to stay here for another month and then i will shift to a flat living with an Indian family. That house has a very homely environment; it is very beautiful and very spacious. Most of all it is at the heart of city, in a posh area and will be very convenient from my office too.

4. I have got a good hold of the business where i am in, I am now able to understand my profile and also contribute in terms of the output according to the expectations of my boss.
5. Hey, i got my salary. First salary in dollars. Although it was only half month salary but i felt great. I paid my rent with that and i guess it should suffice me for my expense this month.

6. From a converted vegetarian (which i was in India, I reconverted to non-vegetarian in Singapore). The food is simply amazing here and if you are a non-veg then you've got variety of options. I literally eat non veg twice a day; I relish on them and drink 1litre of Australian milk too. Am not joking.

7. Tonight is the beginning of this weekend. I am looking forward to buy some necessities from Mustafa, Little India, catch up some sleep, got to East Coast Park, booze and party.FYI i am going to a party at Marina Bay tonight. It’s been a long time since i have been to any party. I hope it will be a fun time.

Have a great weekend!!

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